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  1. Warrior

    B1G Looking to Change CCG Criteria?

    Change Divisions and the 8 game BIG schedule sounds like the best way to keep competitive balance in the BIG as well as on par with the other P5 schools.
  2. Warrior

    First-Year Coaching Grades

    If it was 2nd half only I would have said B+, but the totality of the season is a C+ for me. Having said that it's a C+ that surely would have been a F if not for Frost and his Coaches leadership! We've all been there as a student and the next semester is much better!
  3. Warrior

    Let Us Pray!

    We get better & better
  4. Warrior

    Huskerboard members game list

    1997 Oklahoma (avatar was my ticket stub) 2016 Tennessee Music City Bowl
  5. Warrior

    Do We Win Out?

    We can and I think we will. If we don't it still has been a long time since I've felt this good about the direction of the program.
  6. Ok 2-7 at a group of five school vs power 5 MR was never at a group of 5 school to compare..
  7. Frost is still an over 500 coach with an 0-6 start.. Reilly isn't over 500 and wont be for a long time even if you add his wins from his new team in Texas.. Edit My apologies Reilly is at .504 177-174 Frost is at .612 19-12
  8. Warrior

    Call your shot: How many wins left?

    I think getting the first one will get something going. I optimistically said 5. Iowa being the only one I felt like was a stretch, but at that point if win 4 out of the previous 5 who knows with the Hawkeyes.
  9. Warrior

    2018 Season Record

    Thanks for posting that. while 28 seems low I don't foresee a lot of the teams ahead of us in that 5 win category. Many of those schools are already bowl eligible or close. Just a thought I know we need our 1st W and I'm hoping it comes this weekend!
  10. Warrior

    2018 Season Record

    If we win 5 games would there be a chance of a Bowl Game based on Graduation Rate? I think with improvement being shown it would be a case where I like the idea of another 10-15 practices for this group.
  11. Warrior

    QB Transfers

    No the loophole in the new rule is that they can leave now and this year counts as the red shirt or sitting out year.
  12. Warrior

    QB Transfers

    42-4 combined records as starting QB's, I'm sure either one feels like they can compete with AM. The difference is Frost doesn't need the quick fix he will be given time. I was trying to put something worth discussing on the board as opposed to the Hundreds of the sky is falling Threads!
  13. Warrior

    QB Transfers

    I know at one time Some conferences (ACC) had a no transfer within the Conference rule. I'm not sure if that still applies, but that would cut this list in half.
  14. Warrior

    QB Transfers

    Some excellent points. I think CFB Coaches are going to have to push the play four and Red Shirt within recruiting. That may be a way to appease the talent as well as fan bases. Look at the future concept.
  15. Warrior

    QB Transfers

    So How do we create Depth at that position? If we recruit someone with Stars the other guy Transfers... This is crazy... This has been created by the new rules on Red Shirts and Grad Transfers..