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  1. That's the talk around the salt water aquarium shop.
  2. This. Just have the committee watch the teams' scrimmage games and decide who the best four *seem* to be and have them play.
  3. Iowa is about as far west as the Midwest goes. Nebraska, the Dakota's, Kansas, and Oklahoma are Plains states.
  4. Ohio State has won 4. A few of the states you listed aren't Midwestern (neither is Nebraska).
  5. What a weird thing to think about or find sexually arousing.
  6. A fine attempt at an allusion! However, Richard wasn't saying that it was, as he was speaking, the winter of their discontent. He was saying that the winter was now being supplanted by summer with the rightful installation of a new king and was making a Sun/son pun. So instead try: Now is the winter of our discontent Made glorious summer by this son of York Wood River. Lit lesson for the day.
  7. I hate blocking! Back in caveman times, people just ran after the antelope, and it's not like the antelope had blockers! The quarterback should have to run for his life because no gazelle could throw to keep himself from getting beat to death with a caveman rock! I also think kicking is dumb.
  8. This would be a major bummer. I like his excitement and energy when games are going well, and I like his candor when things are not. I'd say that he's the reason I've kept listening to most games this season: "Ohhh What is Davison going to say about this???"
  9. Thats a horrible thing to say about Obama.
  10. Maybe he'll be met midfield with a box full of the contents of his desk.
  11. I learned that I feel bad for Iowa having to be saddled with us as a "rival." Sorry.
  12. This one makes me sad... I think he did think he could win. I think he bought into the hype that was being spread: that he had never had the facilities or the backing to really put together a cracker jack team. So, he comes to UNL, has all the resources he could imagine, and still loses. This is what he's been doing his entire life, is finally given almost everything he probably ever felt he was lacking at other colleges, and still ended up .500. That has to be really just crushing. It's just a really sad story. I truly believe he thought he could win here.
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