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  1. Hope he's not just wanting follows on twitter
  2. Wadleys comments on the heals of alot of other former players bashing Iowa has to have current commits ready to bail and look at other options
  3. With all the bad Iowa publicity going on right now I wonder if the door can open back up for us here
  4. Might of been just saw it on twitter and was impressed
  5. Saw a clip of him banging his head off the backboard tonight blocking a shot. Freak athlete
  6. I believe the game is in Shenandoah frost is taking pictures with fans. Shaking hands, kissing babies. He's the real deal folks
  7. Just got a picture of the coaches at a BB game watching him tonight. Seal the deal
  8. Frost beckton Rudd seeing him tonight
  9. That was an interview with a Texas writer I believe. Alot of time here.
  10. Wandale is the obvious choice. Gates needs to get alot bigger I think it may take a year for him. I think benhart and Nelson have a shot at playing early.
  11. Wandale Benhart Hannah D Chase Heinrich G Nelson (effort machine, could be a monster) Sleeper- farmer
  12. There's no link to his ESPN page #69 on there
  13. Lsu providence Syracuse (to bc rpi boost for nu as well) Georgia temple all lost. Very good bubble night for Nebraska Florida st also on the ropes currently
  14. Jimbo and A&M offered last night. Big time recruit
  15. Huge move into the top 100 in ESPN rankings. Sorry if somebody already noted that
  16. He can't be much smaller than the honey badger tyrann matheau. If your good you are good
  17. Have to wonder if Darlington back to qb is a thought. He was a highly recruited dual threat out of hs. He now has a offense that suits his skillset
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