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  1. I've heard that theory too, think it was on one of the husker podcasts. If this has any truth to it, shame on us. Coming off a 3-9 season, 5 years without qualifying for a bowl, and having a clear talent discrepancy from some of the top teams in our conference and a clear couple level discrepancy from some in the SEC, we are in ZERO position to be selective with 4 star talent. If this is truly the case then we suck
  2. I don’t think you’re in the minority at all. Daniels was a loss but outside of that I feel like we’ve upgraded in the athleticism department and heavily in the depth department. I’ll be disappointed if we’re not vastly improved and it shows up on the stat sheet (more sacks, hurries and TfLs)
  3. *The best 49th team in the country of all time!!!
  4. yup, damned if u do damned if u dont... frosty got heat for saying too much and now getting local heat for not saying enough, go figure frankly, media days is such a joke of an event. Zero upside all risk for a misspeak from coaches. seems like an event conferences put on to appease B- journalists so they can have "access" to the teams He reminds me of a s#!tty professor who achieved tenure and now is even s#!ttier knowing he prolly wont get forced out
  5. Yep, pretty sure we had like a 5 year step up program in place where we got more and more each year and then around 2016ish (could be off) we got our full share of revenue. I dont recall what rutgers and maryland had but I imagine they had a similar plan in place Optics wise, its a horrendous look. Do I care? meh, not really, we werent hurting for money. Is somewhat hypocritical tho
  6. someone call up those parents of the players to slap a lawsuit on the big10 seeking our full share we never got when we joined
  7. The comment about whipple coming over here sounds like a biased assessment from a kirk ferentz assistant coach who's been there for 20 years. Assistant coaches move around all the time, feel like this day in age, anything beyond 2-3 years seems rare unless they're a shoe in to be the next coach or moving up within a progrum. The living in the past comment is an oversimplification and ive grown tired of hearing it. I think a more plausible explanation is that for the past 4 years the vast majority of our coaching staff had minimal qualifications to hold the jobs they did and the product on the field reflected that... Our previous co-oc and wR coach was a god damn financial advisor before coming here. How many of our assistants had never held a P5 assistant role before? Frosty was given a budget commensurate with a top 20 job and largely spent that money on his buddies that were barely qualified beyond a group of 5 level. And again, im tired of the "we have the better recruiting rankings" over the big 10 west including wisconsin and iowa... this isnt true- so many of our class rankings the past 10 years were inflated by skill position players that barely stepped foot on campus. Iowa and wisconsin out here recruiting 4 and 5* guys on the lines that for the most part stay with their progrum. Our players arent living in the past. Our players just arent at the level of wiisconsin and iowa to win consistently. Our only difference makers on offense under frosty was an undersize wide out that we ran at running back and an oft injured qb who made horrendous decisions consistently in the passing game. I couldn't tell you who our biggest difference maker was on defense. We havent had a dude that can get to the qb since randy gregory. Football today is pretty much decided by pressuring the qb and having playmakers to put up points. We havent had this defensively since 09-2010, we havent had it offensively since glimpses of t martinez and the rex/ameer years and we havent put both together on the field at the same time since 2001.
  8. My point was more addressing a previous post saying only 2 teams with 4 losses were in the top 25. That wasn't true, there were actually 4: Iowa, Oregon, Arkansas, and Utah. Obviously context matters but i dont agree saying a 4 loss team wouldnt be top 25 when literally 16% of the top 25 last year had 4 losses. Seeing how we play: Oklahoma, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa- all teams who are consistently top 25, I would think we would need to beat at least one of these teams to not have more than 4 losses- I'd say a 4 loss resume that includes a win over one of these would surely land us top 25. Also, some of your years pointed out are a bit borderline. We ended the 2006 season ranked in the top 25 and slipped right outside of it due to a bowl game loss to auburn that happened after losin gin the big 12 title game. 2014 and 2016 we had horrific losses, on national tv, in the last few weeks of the season. Storylines matter, if frosty puts together a 8-4 campaign that doesnt have a horrific blow out in november, and includes a win or 2 over the progrums listed above, we are 100% going to be top 25
  9. Having more starters on the ST units doesnt address an inept punter unable to kick the ball to its intended place. Having more starters on the ST doesnt address not proper lane coverage on kick offs. I hope having a dedicated ST coach will positively influence the talent, gameplan and execution of said plays/gameplan much more than throwing out first stringers.
  10. This isn't necessarily true. Iowa finished in the top 25 last year with 4 losses and zero notable wins when it was all said and done. a 9-4 nebraska team is 100% ending int he top 25 so long as those 4 losses arent all in november... IE, if we somehow start 8-0 and crater in november and lose 4 in a row, sure perhaps we drop out. But if we go 2-2 or 1-3 and end up 9-4, I think without a doubt we are top 25 headed into a bowl game
  11. too late, ive already pledged my allegiance to the new king of lincoln, Mark Constantine Whipple the IV
  12. lol, when did saban ever say this? He was against the kick off fair catch rule when it was changed a few years ago
  13. Sure, I love hitting the hopium pipe, bout to do it right now actually, but I think what you said at the end plus considering last year's games doesn't make it as steep of a climb as you think: Schedule 2+ wins as you said would put us at 5 wins (based off winning 3 last year) I'm of the belief a Bill Busch presence can make an immediate impact and perhaps games like michigan st and illinois r wins without special teams blunders... that gets us to 7) To get to 9- that is really where we're gonna see the improvement or not. Do we beat ourselves against Purdue and can we just be not dumb against minnesota (ie losing to them when all they could do was run with one guy). These 2 happening gets us to the 9 level. Let's say the coaching changes and transfers really gel and we take a michigan state esque leap like they did last year? Then all of a sudden a beating an iowa and/or wisconsin becomes believable (we were in both of those games late last year). Do I think all of this is going to happen? Naw, def not, we'll prolly piss away a game we shouldnt. But I don't think a 9 win campaign is that far fetched if we see a clear upgrade in some of the above
  14. If the year unfolds as you've documented I dont see frosty getting another shot. Ending the year with 4 losses, extending the losing streak against iowa and wisconsin, to me, shows zero progress and the Mickey Joseph era prolly begins come the first week of December
  15. im gonna go out on a limb and say we finish tied 1st or 2nd in the west and it comes down to a head2head tiebreak for conf title game entry. With both wisconsin and iowa needing to play ohio state, that seems like a 1 win advantage for us absolutely critical that all conf games besides wisconsin/iowa/michigan we walk away with a win.... Northwestern, illinois, rutgers and indiana need to be convincing wins. Purdue and minnesota, its about time we wake the f#&% up as a program and not have an embarrassing stumble against these 2.... and then we need to go 1-2 at a minimum against Michigan, wisc and iowa... im optimistic we can go 2-1 with the most likely loss being michigan... shoulda beaten them last year... hopefully a more competent offense and special teams play turns those MSU/Mich type losses into big wins for the progrum this year. No one in the west looks that great this year, its for the taking. Easier schedule plus position coaches that actually have a D1 track record and seem to drive accountability can equate to a massive uptick
  16. I don't disagree with the on the field assessment of Callahan. Lets not forget he and his staff were the reason we got the likes of suh and some pretty legit recruits. Off the field tho-- man, his presence and delivery could not have been a poorer fit given who we were at the time and the rich history that seemingly was chucked out the window immediately. Outside of the crap press conferences, i feel like him burning bridges with past players and coaches was a major reason we cratered the way we did... lost our way in certain respects
  17. I hope there's a day in the future where ND has zero options because all the conferences are set and ND has minimal opponents to schedule of substance. The arrogance and entitlement for a progrum who hasn't done s#!t nationally in close to 40 years outside of constant embarrassments in big games is rather annoying
  18. Good idea, throwin Tommie on there too. Thinking of adding a couple bouncers and having them throw out Billy C and riley out the door and depict them mid air
  19. True, however, we'd prolly be in the big 10 championship game and fringe playoff contender, I wouldn't be sitting for 5 weeks anyways if that were to happen
  20. funny what one year can do. This time last year harbaugh was on a hotter seat than frost coaching a progrum that really hadnt done anything of substance in the big 10 or national level for just as long as we've been inept. Its a shame we didnt close out that game at home against them Not to mention they've had a significantly higher recruiting profile year of year for quite some time and not much to show for it. we r due for some big time wins my hit list is: 1. wisconsin 2. iowa 3. michigan if we pull off all 3 this year and win double digit games i think im gonna have to do a husker rendition of this iconic painting in the form of an a$$ tat. Gotta source some characters, thinking the following make the list: Dr. Tom Herbie Bo Frosty suh a jovial trent alberts Who else should make the cut?
  21. I assume you're referencing the beatdown at the hands of miami? had i been there in person, I too would have needed to black out by the end of the 1st quarter to stomach that lol. I was at the ucla game in 2012 at the rose bowl, that too deserved black out status with how we blew that one Yeah this game feeling wise would seem to be more like a bowl game experience at a big city. No home fans or campus but you're there for the game and different vibe to it before and after
  22. I could see this game being a fun thing to do if you were already planning a trip to Ireland/Europe and this could be a fun thing to do while you're there. That being said, to me what makes going to a college game a blast is like 50% of the game itself. The tailgating, the unique experience and traditions each schools and programs have, checking out a new college town or coming back to lincoln to revel in the gameday experience is the other 50%. I'd rather take the money required to make this trip and just go to 2 games in the states instead
  23. Well, the good news is this narrative probably would have been the case had this just been an away game at northwestern anyways
  24. Can I just say I can't wait for a nice socal trip in mid november for an away game? Sounds great
  25. I've found that we dont really like anything unless its an 11+ win season
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