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  1. Ah, s#!t, so we still get to relentlessly debate who gets to wear a different color practice jersey, how and when; and now we also get to relentlessly debate who gets to wear a single digit jersey, how and when? Rhule must be a frequent visitor to this board and figured the banter went stale and is doing his part to throw us a bone
  2. I think the longer this drags out the better for us. We're trending upwards relative to that last inept staff. Can't imagine him taking longer to decide is a plus for USC who is already flying high. That being said, a player of his caliber stands to benefit greatly from committing early so he can peer recruit. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I have no idea wtf im talking about and should probably be spending my time on more productive things in life than trying to analyze and base my happiness off the decision of a 17 year old.
  3. Well, if we're being honest, Billy C's 4* loaded roster was probably our best team (09) this century outside of the 00-01 squads.
  4. Even when announces he's going elsewhere today, it is still incredibly early in this cycle and things can change. Fact of the matter is, there's so much broken with this program that even a raiola caliber guy wouldn't change things on his own... would he speed up the rebuild? sure... but we need to rebuild the lines and overall system to consistently get back to where we should be. If we see a clear improvement in trajectory this fall and raiola goes elsewhere, there is still a chance we can flip this kid to stay home. Particularly if mizzou is the pick, they're about to become even more irrelevant a year from now in the SEC. It sucks seeing a homegrown guy with potential go elsewhere but thats simply the risk u run when trying to get a guy like raiola.
  5. The failures of recruiting, developing and retaining HS talent is def top of the list, I was referencing the WR room in particular with my comment that it doesn't even crack the top of what's wrong. I think our s#!t OL development and complete whiff of recruiting and development of the DL had a much larger impact on our ineptitude than the WR did. I'd prolly list out as follows: 1. Lack of OL development and depth 2. Complete lack of depth and development of the DL 3. Lack of QB development (2AM should've improved a lot more than he did here and we had no one behind him) 4. RB lack of depth and development 5. WR lack of development
  6. I don’t disagree with this. Tho despite splitting time at rb he was still pretty solid at wr and put up stats for us. Had he not had to double time he could’ve very easily approached the 100 reception mark he did at Kentucky. i guess my larger point is I think this topic is overblown. The lack of wr hs recruits who panned out doesn’t even crack the top 5 of what’s been broken under frost and needs to improve.
  7. I wouldn’t say it’s been an abject failure. Wandale was a pretty high draft pick and logged some solid minutes with the giants this year. Sure he finished at Kentucky but he was a frost guy and maybe woulda stuck around full time if we didn’t run him into the ground playing rb. HS wr recruiting needs to get better for sure, we can’t always rely on the transfer portal. But it’s also worth saying the lack of wr success is also a by product of having a s#!t o line and no consistent running game.
  8. Right, so where did I say 2am was the problem? You seem to have added your own adjective to my statement and then called me out for said adjective lol. Frosty's offesne was too 2am centric, that is fact. That statement can also be true without placing blame on 2am
  9. pretty mind boggling on paper and a quick glance. Not too surprising though considering: Under frosty the offense was pretty much 2AM centric, outside of a few guys (some mentioned below), no one was really featured besides him Stanley morgan doesnt hit this list being from a previous staff but he did well early on Spielman had moments and then obviously left early Austin Allen doesnt register on this list but was a featured guy for frosty Due to Wan'Dale and JD leaving, probably overly reliant on transfer portal to fill gap and guys like Toure/Palmer dont hit this list yet put up great stats. More of a systemic issue of frost- poor red zone execution: Frosty & 2am had no issue getting yards but the mix of 2am's deficiencies coupled with a s#!t o line and questionable redzone calling= leaving stats on the table Outside of a few stretches of games here and there, I feel like we havent had a runnning back who could confidently score at the goalline since ameer and he wasnt even a classic power back
  10. I think Purdy is still able to explore transferring due to a coaching change. Dont quote me on that but feel like ive heard that a few times from local reporters as of late given the question around how large the roster is currently and needing to cut down to 85.
  11. This prolly doesn't need to be said but there is a stark difference between the caliber of player Raiola is vs. the caliber of player 2AM was coming out of high school. One was a top 200 recruit the other is the clear #1 recruit in his entire class. Sure, rushing qbs to play typically isn't the best route if there are experienced, more mature options in the qb room. That doesn't apply to the #1 qb in the country, barring injury, theres no way in hell hes not the starter day 1 if he commits here.
  12. I was more referencing your comment about gaining relevance and national spotlight. Even If michigan and penn st havent consistently been at the top like ohio state, they're still national brands/playoff contenders who will draw a huge audience and wins against them would surely catapult us to playoffs if we take care of the lesser games.
  13. I think we are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the new recruiting landscape within our conference, moreso than most of our peers in the big10. The sleepy games is a fair point, the middle-bottom of the SEC much stronger than middle -bottom big10. But if we just handle our business for once and make those sleepy games near auto wins we'll have plenty of chances in the national spotlight against notable brands ie osu, mich, usc, penn st
  14. Is the question which conference would I rather be in or which conference is better? If its which one I'd rather be in- Big10 and its not even close. We'd be such an outcast in the SEC and have even lower odds of competing consistently for a playoff spot. An opportunity to rekindle some old rivalries would be fun but not at the expense of having to compete with all those historical programs and tougher recruiting battles If its which one is better, its SEC and its not even close.
  15. I know , didnt have the heart to say outside of prolly 2-3 guys for the x spot the rest is a complete guessing game at this point
  16. Sure thing: WRs: Washington, Fleeks, Kemp, Brown, Hill, IGC, Hardy, Betts, Bonner, Jones, Coleman, Doss, Turner, Lloyd, Charles, Bell
  17. This is largely a by-product of the extra year they granted due to COVID. In a few years when every single student athlete is no longer in college/eligibility remaining then it should return closer to normal.
  18. I'm sure all of this would do wonders for Title IX rules and requirements
  19. Eh, I think this is a bit of a stretch. Outside of the husker fan base, and natural bias that applies to any fan base, many would rattle off 01 Miami being on that level and rightfully so. 2019 LSU is getting thrown around a lot, hard to argue against that squad. While it might be tough to say which bama squad of Sabans run was the best- your description of "being more physical" and setting the tone 100% applies to the bulk of his teams. Particularly the late 00s-early 10's squads- BAma was 100% built on nasty lines, deep rb rooms and a suffocating defense.
  20. Could care less on the appearance. Care more about it actually showing up on the field again
  21. I think the simple answer is he probably has limited options right now with the surgery situation and is probably better off returning in the spring, getting back into shape, going for the job and if he doesnt get it then perhaps transfer again.
  22. Eh, returning starter until proven otherwise I think has already been shot down. Doesn't add up for a staff to explicitly tell CT he's the starter and to recruit a P5 qb with plenty of options to be starter to simply be #2 on the depth chart. Loved what CT did this past year and if he can come back next year healthy and win the job im all for it. But if Sims comes in and his athleticism edge fits better with what Rhule wants to do than I am 100% behind the staff if hes the guy
  23. Because of the title of this thread, every time I see if it pop up to the top of the board I immediately assume someone from the husker family has passed away lol.
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