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  1. Going to be very interesting next year to see if USC will need to change a bit to the style in the bigten or if the bigten gonna need to change to factor in USC. Outside of ohio state and michigan, every other big ten member today is gonna struggle mightily to play the TOP and field position game against an offense that regularly puts up 40+. Sure, some winter games late season will slow USC down but if I was a betting man, something tells me they're going to transition to bigten play just fine. tOSU ran this league for 10 years straight mainly due to having way more talent + world class coaching... jury out on riley given this past year but they are going to have some skill players at their disposal (along with oregon and washington) that would destroy the schedule we just played this year
  2. ignore this post, i just cant use the mobile version anymore i guess.
  3. Sorry, for whatever reason I cannot select multiple quotes from different pages in this thread like before... I assumed this post of yours was painting nebraska as the number 1 defense with a turd sandwich for an offense. I sincerely hope he doesn't go to usc, but if it happens, i cant necessarily fault the guy. Heavy socal/southwest ties, fertile af recruiting ground with really no peers in LA, national title contention potential is significantly higher there. He turned this dumpster fire of a defense around quickly, coaches like that are typically very confident they can do the same at a place like USC with easier access to better players and also that Big10 money
  4. Someone should rename this thread to USC lol... yah it would f'n suck- silver lining, in the long run this is a good sign you have quality coaches in your progrum. I can't recall many big names coming after frosty/riley/bo while they were here. I guess tuioti going to oregon probably the biggest one? s#!tty yet good problem to have if you're rhule
  5. Hate to break it to ya man, he didn’t have the number 1 defense here last year. And also hate to break it you, if money is in the same realm he’d be foolish not to go to usc. as far as attention goes- it’s easy for you to say he’s getting all he needs here. Let’s be real- usc provides a platform that is easily tenfold the exposure he currently gets here at lincoln
  6. How is this any worse than today when its more like 3 programs competing for a national title while the remaining 77 P5 teams are geared towards conf title/individual seasonal success? CFB has always been about a handful of teams, if that, competing for the title each year-- NIL doesnt change this. hopefully the 12 team playoff does shake things up, a bit
  7. lol, i have family that lived in pender and went up there a few times. Nothing like a man made s#!tty creek for entertainment
  8. I don't believe in curses, I believe we made this s#!tty bed that we have to sleep in every night. HOWEVER, if there was an event that started the curse, it isnt Solich firing. Its the god damn flea kicker catch between frosty and davidson against missouri in 97. While we won the title that year, that play zapped every single source of good luck/good will out of progrum for good in order to make that happen and keep the 97 season alive. Its the only way to explain the title that never was in 99 and the decline from elite that we witnessed beginning in the last month of 2001. Everyone knows curses abide by Newton's 3rd law of physics. A curse this vicious couldve only been born by something magnificent and extraordinary- that fateful evening in columbia in 97 cursed us all to this day
  9. At this moment, yah I never want to see one again. It was a disaster this year, we don’t have big bodied receivers to consistently block in the open, so y did we continue to call it late in season in critical situations? we sucked a$$ executing it under frosty as well with 2AMs errant throws to the flats and relatively smaller receivers. just because it’s a basic play design that teams use for consistent success, doesn’t it mean it’s a for sure thing as evidenced here across 2 coaches
  10. Yeah. By like October if a play clearly just isn’t meant to be run by the talent I have on hand, yeah, I def wanna scrap it for something that yields a better result
  11. By far my favorite husker squad that didn’t finish top 5
  12. You'd think we could get creative and cook up a screen for bonner given his skillset.
  13. Please, no more screens. If I have to witness another screen where bullock gets lit up on his block and its a 3 yard loss i might not be able to take it. Or at least get rid of the wr screen- seems like every other progrum has figured out how to sprinkle that in, EXCEPT us for years now
  14. How crazy is that lol. Is it ok to be both very optimistic about our future but pissed off as hell about the opportunity we just “fumbled” away to go 8-4/9-3 in year 1?
  15. We didn't abandon the run but we sure as hell abandoned a RB run first offense. Our QBs need to cut their rushing attempts by half, imo. Seemingly every year since 2010 this board b!^@hes about qb health and injuries yet every season we rinse and repeat and have an offense built around qb run as our first option who inevitably doesnt move the same come oct/nov, or play at all, because they get the s#!t beat out of them every week Ive posted ad nauseum on these threads about how our rushing stats were a mirage this year. You take away the massive runs Sims, HH and purdy had on broken plays and our numbers look average at best. You look at RB avg per rush across the big ten and we ranked towards the bottom middle of the conference.
  16. There is no way in hell we land either player based off the schools listed already in the mix.
  17. At least 09 was just a single second away from doing so
  18. 09 had an equally inept offense and that defense not only kept the team in games, but won games and wrecked game plans on the other side. Suh def the headliner but also had crick and turner. Will Compton at linebacker and prince at Cb were nfl guys- the guys behind them were no ordinary guys either- many of them would be number 1 on the depth chart the past few years. stats wise isn’t fair. This defense was a menace in the era when spread really took over in the big 12. everyone remembers the Texas and Colorado games where Suh was a force, let’s not forget Missouri in the rain and the menace he was. the biggest thing the defense this year was missing was A DUDE who can single handily ruin the day for the other team. 09 had that plus more experience/talent at every level compared to this year 2010 was pretty similar to above but swap out Suh for lavonte. One of the biggest wishes I have ever had for husker football was to see those 2 on the field in the same year, we just missed it by a season but hot damn that would’ve been fun to watch both Suh and lavonte do their thing. You couple that with the offense we had in 2010 and I honestly think we’d be in the title hunt
  19. Hot damn, I'm sold. Can you just join rhules staff in place of weger and help satt on the recruiting trail?
  20. lol, well when you put it that way, it sounds dumb. But just to play devils advocate- Im a qb, couldn't tell ya exactly what strengths this progrum is looking for. You wanna be a power run team and protect the ball yet the qb is taking the lion share of the rushing attempts and getting beat the hell up. If I have any aspirations of going to the nfl, this isnt an ideal scenario. If im a RB- you havent had a rb drafted in close to 10 years now- I look at your neighbors up north in wisconsin and other big ten programs that do that on an annual basis- why am i committing to a place who has devalued the running back across 2 coaching staffs? WR- Who exactly has gotten drafted? 2 WRs who spent the majority of their careers elsewhere? What I see on the field this year is question marks at QB, the guy who gets me the ball. If im on the fence, i sure as hell am not going to a place where theres a question if I can even get the ball delivered to me. Obviously extremes, but yeah, i think it would help us tremendously if we could sell something based off what is seen on the field to recruits.
  21. To me, having a label helps tremendously in what Rhule is selling to recruits and transfer portal guys. He had the luxury last offseason of selling the dream and he did a damn good job getting some high quality talent to come to Lincoln. If I'm an offensive skill player recruit in 2025, surely I have some questions as to what I'm committing to when I just witnessed a full season of question marks. Your short list is spot on. If I may counter the running the ball point- we're still way too over reliant on qb runs. If you remove the massive qb runs we had on broken pass plays (there were quite a few) our rushing totals dont look so great. If you look at our average yards per rush, essentially 9 progrums in the big ten fared better per rush. I feel like 80% of the past decade we've been boom or bust with the qb play and this reliance has to end. Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 2.20.39 PM Medium.heic
  22. You think when its all said and done this thread will rival the sock puppet or fizzle out well short of that kind of fame.
  23. Isn't it knife to the heart season 8? And blow jobs? hey, all of a sudden im feeling a bit better about things
  24. Helped us in the long run for sure (experience for young guys). Next year should be fun. Sincerely hope we're sitting at 6-1 or 7-0 heading into our final 5 game stretch against tOSU, UCLA, USC, Wiscy, Iowa....
  25. Youre 100% right on frosty, that was always my biggest gripe about his tenure. He did himself a disservice by having a whole staff that was void of big time P5 experience. I had hope rhule's staff would be slightly different given most have experience to hang their hat on (beside mcguire and weger). I never know what rumors to believe or not but how this season played out gives some credibility to the rumor that satt was never rhules first choice and ideally he would've had Jake Peetz in the fold.
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