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  1. Our special teams were great At being s#!tty
  2. Curious, what marker are we using to claim we had a top 20 offense? Feels like both yardage and scoring we were nowhere close to this kind of ranking
  3. The o line was pretty embarrassing throughout the year, that being said, I actually put more of the scoring/redzone troubles on frosty/lubick and QB play moreso than the O line. Clearly we could move the ball despite some s#!t a$$ O line fundamentals yet couldnt do s#!t to punch it in for 7. Too many head-scratching play calls/formations within the 10 yard line (100% on coaching) and too many errant throws and missed reads for wide open TD throws (2AM) I'm really looking forward to some sound qb play for what feels like the first time in close to 14 years
  4. Seeing how I can't recall the last time we went through a season without some kind of injury to the qb spot, the more the merrier. Off the top of my head, I think maybe armstrongs 2nd year he went every game without an injury and other than that, maybe all the way back to a ganz year? Point being, unless whipple truly shifts this offense to a pocket centric qb, both qbs stand a very high chance of playing time and starting games.
  5. Ironic, good ole Bob could use that same quote to describe his piss poor conference self-imploding under his leadership. Why they letting a D2 commissioner have a say in anything? let the big boys decide
  6. Feels like the vast majority of you are just b!^@hing that bowl season sucks because your team sucks and wasn’t in a bowl. bowl season has always been cluttered with s#!t games and maybe a handful worth watching. Playoffs have not made this better or worse i support the move to expand playoffs. Theoretically it should make the conf title games more meaningful. Under today’s circumstances, they rarely are. to posters calling out players not wanting it or not being a team sport anymore. What a load of s#!t… I saw plenty more of kids giving it their all vs those half assing it or opting out this bowl season. nothing’s perfect, sure things can be better. But let’s not take our frustration of being one of 2 teams (with Kansas) without a bowl appearance the last 5 years and misdirect it a b!^@h fest as the why CFB is dead
  7. Our o line sucked a$$ and cost us many games 2AM was great at times and pitiful at others. Purdue comes to mind, cant put inexcusable and careless play from 2AM on our o line both of these above can be true and exist independently of the other
  8. lol, i mean sure the past 2 decades def were rough compared to the previous 2 before it. But, outside of the cally years, last year and a half of bo, year 3 of riley, and frosty not stacking wins last 2 years, weve had some solid success.
  9. lol, i was mocking all of those other posters that spreading doom n gloom on said hires before said hires were even made. i know its been a tough few years but common people, be a little optimistic before we even know what the final out come is! but sure ill take a twinkle
  10. Definitely agree it was a wasted opportunity. Optimistic tho its a potential preview of whats on the horizon. As a progrum we've done some very dumb s#!t collectively over the past 6-8 years yet probably most concerning to me is the significant decline in talent we were placing in the draft. Still a lot of room for improvement but 6 guys potentially drafted into the league that all play high demand positions in the NFL right now is promising. Hopefully just the start of a trend like this that can continue to increase. Definitely a shame we didnt stack more W's and take advantage of said talent
  11. Hey guys, I just wanna let you know that I'm convinced we're absolutely rat f'd on the last remaining staff hires and want to start a discussion on it. I mean common, its gonna be a train wreck. I dont even know who the last hires will be but i know damn well im already pissed about it
  12. lol, why are you clicking into the thread if you dont want the thread to exist
  13. He simply hasn't had the resources and pedigree at his disposal, always punching in a weight class above him. Imagine what he'll do here
  14. Why people keep bringing up Ed O? Isnt his background on the defensive side of the ball? I must be missing something why some are clamoring for him given its the offensive side we need to address
  15. I think its time both sides move on. Guys a gamer, kept us in a lot of games but also had his fair share of gaffes in big moments. I think mario v really f'd this kid over- his mechanics/play has not improved one bit since he arrived here. His inconsistent reads/missed throws coupled with his terrible play in the red zone lead me to wanting a new qb. Perhaps we're worse off, but i for one have seen enough for 4 years already to tell me not to expect much different in a potential 5th year, a 5th year mind you coming off a pretty significant surgery to his throwing shoulder. We were going into the transfer pool regardless- glass half full, maybe we get some stronger consideration from a solid transfer knowing they dont have to beat out a 5th year starter
  16. Well, partly due to I do crave a change of scenery at qb. 2AM great talent, but there's just something off between what this offense needs and what he's capable of from making the right read and delivering a consistent ball when it matters. Not all on him, plenty thats broken with this team, but i just dont expect anything different results wise from him that we havent seen in 4 years, not even taking into account what he's gonna be post shoulder surgery. Other part is at least we now know where he stands and he didnt drag this out. I think we were raiding the transfer market regardless but perhaps this actually increases our odds of getting a difference maker to consider us knowing they dont have to beat out a 5 year incumbent starter
  17. You might be right, I could look like an idiot a year from now and reminiscing on what coulda been. That being said, i didn't really see a drop off at all against iowa. Still moments the offense looked great, and long stretches it looked inept AF. Not sold that smothers is the guy and that in and of itself is unsettling. Probably near impossible to find a qb better than 2am in the portal knowing theres quite a few schools more attractive than us in the market for a qb. Still more concerned about fixing the OL and extension having a run game to lean on coupled with needed ST improvements. If none of this is addressed positively it really doesnt matter who the qb is
  18. What a relief. Guy played with a ton of heart and through a lot of BS but its time to move on to a new chapter for both sides. best of luck 2AM!
  19. lol, dude, can you at least wait until after we find out who the coaches are to lose your s#!t over it. For f#&%s sake, some of you guys have the patience and temperament like my 3 year old, and some posters even worse. Writing off the decisions before we even know who the hires are and expressing such a level of frustration when we dont know s#!t is somehow comical, worrisome, and amusing to me all at the same time.
  20. Probably a bit better- for the most part tho, we played the same teams outside of Ohio state (we'll get to see how iowa handles michigan this weekend). They didnt have an oklahoma non con on the schedule but we also lucked out in playing against rattler as their offense was almost as inept as ours. Still not creating enough turnovers and pushed around too easily by the minnesotas of the world for my liking.
  21. All I've asked Santa for this year is a god damn pass rusher. We fix the sack/qb pressure equation the TOs are bound to follow closely behind
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