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  1. 3 hours ago, admo said:

    @The Dude I agree with you about quarterback.  I feel very confident in CT. 


    Also agree with you on addressing the kicking/punting/ST game.  Looking good there.


    My biggest concern is Inside Linebacker depth, and replacing the production of JoJo Doman.


    No matter what anyone says, G Nelson is a DE and not a linebacker.  I have watched the games over and over.  He only lines up against an Offensive Tackle.  Don't watch games like Purdue, Minnesota, Wisconsin because you won't notice contributions there.


    The top 3 tacklers from last year - Reimer, Henrich, Doman.  It's not even close after that.  And LR and HH have to provide coverage in the flat (Like JoJo did as well).  Can they take the punishment each week and remain healthy?  I worry there isn't a lot of depth to keep them healthy and fresh. They are the most important part of the defense (DLine gums up the line, ILB have to make the plays.  That is Chins defense.  If they are being blocked or miss a tackle, safeties have to get involved there.  And we've seen how that hasn't gone very well)

    Be it injury or what Ruud hasn’t developed much depth there. Too many flyers. Too many skinny bodies. Flat out projecting guys wrong at ILB/OLB. He got lucky with Reimer. Not a good recruiter. Pretty meh on him. 

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  2. 8 minutes ago, MyBloodIsRed16 said:

    I'm aware.  I believe in Jim Miller's case he took something that wasn't banned but after taking it your body converts it to a banned substance that shows in your blood.   But in Nouilli's case I thought I remembered him being mentioned one time as someone dealing with mental health issues so my guess we be narcotics not PEDs

    Probably a prohormone. Still sold today online. 

  3. 12 minutes ago, MyBloodIsRed16 said:

    If it was roids this reminds me of when Jim Miller For the Bears got suspended for PEDs.  If you seen the guy in person or play it's laughable.  

    PEDs are widely used by a large sect of college/NFL players. It is not a few guys. It is the baseline to compete. Genetic reaction is the largest indicator of how well steroids will make you look/compete. Sleep, nutrition, & training to a smaller portion matter as well. For everyone, they are not miracles. It’s variable. 


    all PEDs are not steroids either. 

    stuff in high stimulant pre workout like DMHA/DMAA, a CNS stimulant much more powerful than caffeine is banned under NCAA rules and some FDA rules. But still sold. Things commonly sold as selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMs are also PEDs but are not all are steroids. Rather, are lumped into that category. Deer velvet antler extract is another one I can think of that is banned. A natural HGH raiser. Famously used by the alabama football team. Also legal to take and sold online & in trace amounts in preworkouts such as bucked up. 

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  4. 49 minutes ago, lo country said:

    I'd have to think roids. Maybe an opiate for some pain.  Can't imagine herb would get a full year.  Sucks that if it was legit meds from Germany, there couldn't be some grace shown.  A year is severe IMO.  but then again, I do not know what the circumstances were.  Can we please bring Frank back on staff, even as a consultant, and break the curse.  

    Drug testing as a whole seems dumb. Everyone is doing roids in college/pros. Seems like self sabotage. I would prefer as hush hush don’t ask policy myself. 

  5. 49 minutes ago, ZRod said:

    Longer term though wouldn't it makes sense to protect our reserves so they're available when the rest of the world's are depleted? We'll never be able to stop needing oil, it's used for literally everything in your life. Plastics for cars, appliances, tools, medical devices. Waxes, lubricants, and other resins. Asphalt! You name it, it probably has a byproduct of oil in it.

    5 dollar an hour gas mixed with mega inflation is killing Americans. Buying oil & gas from hostile countries is funding the killing of Americans. Europe buying gas from Russia is killing Ukrainians and holding the continent hostage. Well that and shutting down coal and nuclear plants. Why not use the resource now?

    If we are going to be in the future that desperate for oil then our current way of life (and likely billions) will be dead anyhow. 

  6. 1 minute ago, teachercd said:

    Oh yeah, I have seen "Two Girls, One Cup" too!


    I watched a stoning, a burning and a beheading.  Unreal stuff.

    Well, we can't do that...because of, well.

    Parents didn’t and probably don’t understand what a child can find on the internet. Even with basic google searches. It’s horrific. I think quite a bit of our dull to violence comes from stuff such as this. 

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  7. 8 minutes ago, teachercd said:

    Have you ever watched one of the stonings, my god, it is more brutal than I ever could have imagined.  

    I have not and do not wish to. As a child with access to the internet in late elementary/middle school I saw plenty of shocking/disturbing things already. I don’t plan on seeing that again. 

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  8. 2 minutes ago, teachercd said:

    Does anyone else see this war ending with Russia getting the land/sea areas that it wanted AND supplying China with more oil than ever AND being super stingy with oil towards Europe and Europe shifting back to coal at a high rate AND US gas prices staying sky high because of all of this?

    If only the United States had vast oil fields on her own soil we could supply and drill from until electric vehicles, renewable energies, & the electric grid became worth a s#!t…wouldn’t that be nice? Greedy bastards. 

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  9. 1 minute ago, Moiraine said:



    To play devil’s advocate (yes I think they should remove those others if they removed Trump’s), we’re supposed to be able to assume the POTUS has the U.S.’s best interests at heart, which is why so many are duped by Trump. That’s more dangerous than Twitter accounts that the huge majority know are going to be filled with B.S. 

    Russia started a literal genocide of Ukraine & masked them as nazi’s needing liberation. The Taliban stones LGBTQIA+ members, enforces daily crimes against women, & forces everyone to uniformly fall under a brutal form of Sharia law because sky daddy told them so. Both parties are directly responsible for mass murder of innocents. Donald trump is a narcissist and moron. As are most of his followers. But he is not even close to the playing field as these two. 

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  10. It’s pretty amazing to me who is allowed to have a Twitter account. Literal Taliban members have Twitter. Russia is still allowed to spread propaganda from its own verified accounts. But Donald Trump cannot be on Twitter. Or at least previously had not been allowed. This is a clown world. 


    Not sure if that’s a verified/legit account but there are many who still exist. 

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  11. 50 minutes ago, Mavric said:

    Seeing Mavrick Noonan, Barry Jackson, Hayden Moore and Omarion Miller floated around quite a bit in the last few days....

    Omarion Miller I am less confident about but I think those are all solid guesses. I would guess Hayden moore, jackson, & then Noonan in that order but I don’t think it matters 

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