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  1. That was a pretty dumb move to start. They did it to themselves.
  2. Chop that s#!t off and get a robo thumb! We need to win dammit.
  3. I would bet 3 of them aren’t on the roster next year.
  4. If minnesota gives us this one and keeps the Dakota kid I’ll call that a fair trade
  5. And they were 79th in PPG. The stat that matters the most. With a four year QB.
  6. Going from dreadful to bad is still improvement!
  7. And they were so good all of them but one got fired
  8. I know. I meant more so with a first year head coach. And then they go into the fire in 2024. Im in wait and see mode. I think Lincoln Riley will be hard to replace.
  9. This wouldn’t bother me too much if we lost him given we land Coleman & others
  10. Let’s see how they do this year before we label them that. They will likely struggle in the SEC.
  11. Think we are very much out here
  12. Not going to iowa and late offer. Apparently gonna play TE. oh well.
  13. NW is gonna be bad. If we struggle or lose good luck to Scott.
  14. I still think Johnson will be your first back out there. Proved himself last year.
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