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  1. I have zero hope Frost can get the job done. I wanted to believe that he could do it but he can’t.
  2. NU should steamroll NW. NU is better across the board. I’m going to the game so expect another Hail Mary game.
  3. I’d like to see more of Smothers on those running plays.
  4. NU will find a way to implode. It’s what they do. This feels like they sell out to stop the run and MSU TE runs free all game. Plus we are treated to more Missed FGs and weird penalties.
  5. If only we knew football like the great otter pop. I know they could not line up and stop a bad Illinois team. They could barely stop Buffalo. They couldn’t stop OU when they needed to. Before Trev makes Chinander the interim coach (which is what I was replying to), he needs to quit blowing the 3rd and forever. Shut down an offense…other than Fordham. History points to the fact his defense isn’t a shut D. I never excused the offense or special teams, but I was hoping for more (considering the experience) from the D than rushing three on obvious pass downs. If he’s your guy, great but you don’t need to be a douche canoe about it. You have an opinion. Time will tell if he keeps crapping the bed.
  6. I’m more interested to see if the offense keeps trying to run the ball, use the clock, and get first downs, or if they are going to hurry up and do the 3 and out offense.
  7. Week in week out, he doesn’t get it done. Dude.
  8. I still want him gone. Hate the lack of pressure on QBs week in and week out.
  9. Lost $$ today. Maybe there is hope for this team
  10. Lack of fundamentals, coaching, and athleticism sums up the answer to those two questions.
  11. Pellini squared. He’s a royal tool. I think he is a good coach but not the face for this program.
  12. After the OU game, add a DC on the change wish list.
  13. The special teams are atrocious. The Oline doesn’t block. No offensive identity. O pass rush. I’m taking OU and the points all day long.
  14. I learned AM can pitch while running the option and can pitch the ball forward with accuracy. (Wish they would block for the guy)
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