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  1. 343# OL. Yes please! I hope he can move his feet. I love what this staff is doing on paper. I’m actually thinking betting six wins. Yikes.
  2. I say an "A" for now but subject to change. I love the fact that he finds the hidden gems and has a history of developing players and getting them in the league. He also has a history of getting teams to play like well a team. His recruiting is good on paper right now. I love the idea of a fullback and actual power game of some sorts. I hope this 3-3-5 defense is attacking and starts to hit the QB again and again. He knows what he wants from the OLine and that is refreshing. I am betting the under on six wins, but I believe winning is coming once the foundation is set.
  3. Isn’t Eckler the one who got hit in the nuts by an errant pass while at NU?
  4. I’m waiting for Trev to ask for my donation AND my NIL donation for tickets. I guess NU can’t pass the buckets around the stadium like they do for the Red Cross, and then funnel it to 1890 NIL.
  5. It’s also a 60+ hour work week. Prepare on Saturdays too. Sporting/academic/fine art crap is thrown in. Not complaining but it’s not a 9-5, ham and egger job that some make it out to be.
  6. My fear is Iowa lines up and blows undersized defenders off the ball. I’ve seen it too much. I’ll trust the new DC knows what he’s doing and what conference he works in.
  7. I met Torres taking a tour of the stadium. My in-laws are from Texas and he stopped and chatted for a few minutes. Nice kid. Hope he stays.
  8. Doesn’t seem like we are getting any DT looks. Any thoughts on that? Beefing up the DE? I’m island hopping and good WI-FI for me is spotty at best. I am amazed at how this staff is getting recruits to look at NU though.
  9. Please tell me he attacks, attacks, attacks as his philosophy. So sick of watching the stand around and watch defense. I want hit the RB on the way the QB.
  10. I was shocked to see it but if he can coach some nastiness into ‘em…let’s make some pancakes! I’m hoping for some downhill run blocking and hitting in the future.
  11. I don’t think to many outside of Nebraska give a crap what happens to the former interim coach at NU. It may hurt NU recruiting in the short term, but Rhule seems connected. Hopefully MJ will speak positively about NU if a recruit speaks to him. Rhule will clean house and build up a strong foundation of being a fundamentally sound football team (hopefully).
  12. I was hoping MJ was strangling Frost for leaving such a mess.
  13. Sold me that he wants to win the trenches and develop talent. Music to my ears.
  14. Nebraska has a lot more talent compared to Baylor/Temple at the time. Just a thought
  15. When asked about the blackshirts, he said he would give them back and someone else would deal with it. Didn’t sound like he was staying.
  16. At least the MJ should-be-the-coach guys will be silent.
  17. Keep giving him multiple fronts. Make the Oline guess. Cover the TE.
  18. I will not miss the fair catch when there is some room to run with the new coaching staff gets here.
  19. History of rebuilding. I’m N.
  20. You won’t miss much this year. I think I’d be thankful if I didn’t have to watch this crap show.
  21. College and pros are apples and oranges. He rebuilt two teams in college. It’s what NU needs now.
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