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  1. I agree. NU needs to disrupt and not be soft. I'd blitz someone every play.
  2. Run the ball on 3rd and 2, Langsdorf. Sheesh.
  3. Will miss Carter's blocking. The good thing is they have two weeks to get some guys some reps and get them mentally prepped for the tough part of the schedule. .
  4. The DEs go AWOL at times. They get little pressure and do not contain particularly well. NU was fortunate that Illinois made some dumb penalties at key times in the game. It was nice to see NU run at a team and wear them out. How NU could do so well verse UCLA in special teams and then be so average this season is an amazing transformation. ‚ÄčAnother win makes them bowl eligible!
  5. If the masses need more support, tell them to wear a bra. Some people choose to rise above the situation and make their life better. ‚ÄčOthers want someone else to pay for them for the rest of their lives and act like poor victims who no one likes. PLENTY of scholarships and opportunities if someone is willing to look for it and actually apply themselves. I worked in admissions at a major university while getting my education. It would amaze most people how many scholarships go unclaimed. I can see protesting the flag as a way to make a statement, but if they would watch Saving Private Ryan and Pearl Harbor, they may learn something about what being a hero is and why this country is great. They may learn that this country is bigger than they are and how privileged they are to live here. I doubt it, but I hope the light bulb would go on.
  6. I was merely pointing out the lack of impact that our DEs make on a continual basis. Try not to be a douche when you have an opinion. but do these other teams routinely get the pressure from 4? This is where reading comes in. Its a critical part. I didnt say that getting pressure with 4 is impossible. Or that it doesnt happen. I said that it doesnt happen routinely. Unless you have that elite NFL ready pass rusher, which less than a handful of teams do. But there are so many dynamics at play that have slowed pass rushing since the days of Wisrom Tomich Harris Jones Alberts Hill flying upfield collapsing pockets. QBs have become light years more athletic and rogue pass rushing is a thing of the past in college football. If you wanna be good. Lots of attention put on spacin and rush lanes over just simply getting there. The qb run element and quick playactions utilizing pulling pass pros that play havoc with secondary keys. Hot reads and option routes much more utilized. Its just a lot harder to do. And, like i said earlier. Its 5 on 4. Sometimes 6. So its never gonna be just easy peasy unless its some ungodly mismatch. Now. Do i wamt better? Yes. Of course. Never be satisfied. But my point is, the 4 man pass rush always seems to be low hanging fruit.
  7. The Dline is athletically challenged with the exception of Collins. The other DT is young. It's rare NU's DE beats his guy and makes a play on the QB. They simply do not have the speed to win the matchups on throwing downs. I see DE's for other teams push the pocket in college and not get stonewalled. I imagine I will see it with better talent from NU. I think the problem is a result of poor recruiting from the previous staff. A quality JUCO would be a welcome addition next year.
  8. I will take a stab at it. Our front four doesn't get a ton of pressure usually. Banker wants to limit the big plays by playing off. Keep everything in front of them. I'd like to see Banker bring the cbs up and back them off and make it a guessing game for the QB.
  9. I'm truly shocked. NU better wake up and start competing.
  10. I watched them play Duke and was not impressed with NW. They seemed slow at the skill positions. Of course, I just watched the speed of Oregon so that contributed to it I'm sure. They like to run the crossing routes and Wr sweeps. End contain will be important for the running game and keeping their QB from leaking out. He did that against Duke. It seemed they only got decent runs when they actually got to the perimeter. They seemed rather small too. I was thinking NU should just lean on them for 4 quarters and they will tire out. I'm pretty confident that NU blows them out. Haven't felt that way in a while.
  11. Banderas always seems a step or two slow to me.
  12. Didn't think they could keep up with the speed, but sure glad I wrong. GBR!
  13. Looks like a bed wetting on national TV again. sigh
  14. I dont see NU competing with their speed. Hope I'm wrong. Pound the ball!!
  15. This works if the people behind you don't get overly excited in the moment and knock them off the seat that they are standing on. Been there done that.. My preference is to have them stand on the standing person's seat and I can hold the back of their shirts so they don't fall. My kids are more excited when NU does well. They want to high five and jump in excitement too. Hard to manage that when they are standing behind me. Just need them to keep growing taller! Having kids, I understand your dilemma. One solution would be for your kids to stand on YOUR seat behind you
  16. I dont like people to stand because my kids cannot see the game. There is the danger if they stand on the standing person's seat that they lop off and get hurt. (One guy, who decided to stand up during defense, objected to him standing on his seat because my kids shoes got his seat wet last...well sit on your seat you knucklehead and you wont have the problem...My boys have the right to see the plays and not your hairy...) Plus children's legs get tired before most adults do (unless their elderly). Sometimes we have to think of others and their needs first. I know it is difficult for some.
  17. Yep, Power football for sixty minutes and they can win. Keep the Ducks offense off the field and do not let them get in rhythm. Langsdorf needs to have the OL lean on their D and just pound them. My fear is he will panic and start going for the big play, and NU will get lots of quick three and outs. Then Oregon will roll NU. Their speed will be hard to match. The thought of Banderas running sideline to sideline make me want to start drinking now.
  18. The offense has no real identity. I swear they are throwing darts at a board for the play call. Once TA goes, I think NU will have a passing identity. The D line is not getting a push and good passing teams will torch them. The Wyoming QB was hurt which explains the turnovers. Banderas is too slow. Put him at END next week. Recruiting better bring in some quicker DEs.
  19. I'm probably in the minority on this, but if NU could run the ball down a team's throat and not have TA pass much, I am all in favor of it. TA will NEVER be an Eli Manning so let us all hope NU plays to his strengths. Tommy left, Tommy right. Tommy up the gut. I am glad NU did not decide to get fancy and go into Dan Marino mode. Hopefully the next round of QB recruits fit what MR wants to do from a passing perspective.
  20. I think the buy in will be greater this year and will show on the field. 7-8 wins. My concerns are with Armstrong and his decision making. Langsdorf doing a lot of "TA can be Dan Marino" type series (3 and outs). Banker being predictable, predictable, and more predictable. Not attacking and getting heat on their QB. My hope is MR saw how good TA can be on the ground and infuse that into the play calling. More motion and wham blocks by Wrs..
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