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  1. why not

    WR Bo Hines [North Carolina State Commit]

    Why is someone from North Carolina playing in a Best of the Midwest camp? Is there a Midwest connection or just an extremely liberal definition of Midwest?
  2. why not

    SIGNED S Tre'Vell Dixon

    If Dixon ends up at WR, NU will have 5 scholarship WRs that played QB in HS (Bell, Turner, Evans, and Moore being the other four). Does anybody think Beck & Co will ever draw up some creative plays to utilize any of the QB skills we will have at WR?
  3. why not

    SIGNED S Tre'Vell Dixon

    The reason why we have good depth at WR, is because we have a solid starting group and young guys. Definition of depth. If you move all the young guys to DB, there is no long depth and in 3 years, we will have no one to play the position. Plus, you need 2 safeties on the field for a game and need 3-4 WR. We have a solid group of starting receivers plus a solid group waiting behind them. Dixon would be a third stringer, if he was lucky, at WR. Whereas at safety he would be able to compete for playing time immeadiately. Our wide receivers are stacked on a great offense, we are hurting at safety on a weak, unproven defense. He is needed more at safety, he may start at WR but I wouldn't be surprised if he jumps to safety because of the lack of depth there. After a redshirt year, you don't think he could compete for a back-up role in the slot? So let's look at his RS-soph year, there will be no Bell, Turner, Quincy, Wullenwaber. That leaves Alonzo Moore, Westerkamp, Allen, and a bunch of guys from small town Nebraska who realistically can only be expected to contribute on special teams. That means you're relying on Moore (0 snaps in career), Westerkamp (0 snaps), Allen (2 career catches) to 100% hold down the WR position. Surely they will have a little more experience after 2 more years, but it wouldn't hurt to have Dixon in the mix to provide a little more certainty for the position going forward. What's even scarier is if you peek forward two more years to Dixon's senior year. Nebraska has exactly zero players with a single snap in college football that will be playing Dixon's senior year. That's right! In 2017 we will have absolutely no experience at the WR position. None. Zero.
  4. why not

    SIGNED OT Dwayne Johnson

    The fact that Warren Buffet went to UNL college of business made a huge impact on Terrell Newby's family.... Just saying. The fact that someone went to a school 70 years ago (after UofPenn) would have very little impact on my decision. I'd guess the school was a little different back then as well. Just sayin... I actually didn't know this until a former boss of mine took his son to visit Arkansas a few weeks ago. Walmart pumps hundreds of millions into that school. Not surprising. As does Tyson foods. What I didn't know is that Wal-mart also requires that any company doing business with them have a presence in or around Fayetteville. That means that something like 400 of the Fortune 500 companies are represented down there. Coupled with the relatively small market - internships are a dime a dozen for Arkansas grads/students. He's looked at a dozen other schools throughout the B12 and midwest (former boss is very wealthy) including Baylor, A&M, etc and he said that Arkansas blew everyone away when it came to the business program and academic facilities. Surprised me. Just telling you what helped with Newby A good recruiter should be able to spin the UNL V Ark business school arguement in our favor. The fact that Warren Buffet went to UNL "70 years ago" doesn't matter. The fact that Warren Buffet is the most successful living investor today is what's important because he represents the UNL brand. As far as Wal-Mart and Tyson foods funding programs at U. of Arkansas, so what? In addition to Buffet, we have Monsanto funding UNL programs. Wal-Mart and Tyson run on margins that are only getting narrower as their competition closes in. Monsanto makes money off of high margins made possible by a growing portfolio of young patents on life itself? Who would you want to stake your business future with? Besides, Monsanto has a former legal counsel sitting on the Supreme Court. Talk about prestige. As far as better internships go, how much time do student athletes have for internships? What's more important is opportunity for paid employment after graduation, and there is simply no comparison in the unemployment rates of Nebraska and Arkansas. As far as nicer facilities due to the Wal-Mart cash infuse at Arkansas, how much time do you think you'll be spending in these facilities. Other than actual lecture time, more time will be spent in the academic support complex for student athletes, where UNL shines.
  5. Does he play on defense? HIs measurables sound good for inside linbacker.
  6. why not

    S Marcus McWilson [Kentucky - Signed NLI]

    If McWtook the trip to Kentucky to see a free Wildcat's BB game, maybe he's not that interested in their football program. He had a free trip to take, why not? Wishful thinking maybe.
  7. why not

    SIGNED DE Randy Gregory

    The coaches recruiting of Taylor and Gregory make me wonder of the coaches have learned a little something from Warren Buffet. They were both under appriciated "value" players stigmitized by a history of an injury. Both players came back from their injuries and proved their value on the field but had to wait six months for the rating services to catch up with reality.
  8. why not

    RB Jojo Kemp

    I think we're set at RB for this year. Looks like he visited Kentucky ( ) recently and is visiting South Florida tomorrow. I'd be all in favor of taking him. I known we've met our needs a RB for the year, and I'm extremely happy with the RBs we have. However, we've essentially hit all the main bases we wanted to hit with this recruiting class, except CB. I think we are at the point in this recruiting cycle where it makes sense to take a couple of the best athlete/football players we can get without regards to position.
  9. why not

    SIGNED RB Adam Taylor

    I was off by a month and a half. Glad to see he's four star.
  10. why not

    SIGNED RB/DB Drake Martinez

    I was wondering about his lack of other offers. He was named his conference's MVP, rushed for over 1600 yars and 30 TDs, and had a 9.4 ypc. Decent size and speed. What does it take to get an offer?
  11. why not

    SIGNED S Tre'Vell Dixon

    I'm really glad to have him. Seems like he could be a physical WR. Perhaps in the Quincy mold, but possibly more athletic.
  12. Maybe the coaches have commited to the idea of moving Brown to DE, so they want to add another LB to replace him. Just idle speculation.
  13. why not

    SIGNED DE Ernest Suttles

    I hope not. Allen Lazard still has twelve and a half months to realize the folly of choosing ISU over NU. Let's hope he come t his senses. Hopefully Suttles can show Lazard the path to good decision making.
  14. why not

    SIGNED OT Dwayne Johnson

    They don't call it the Star City for nothing.
  15. why not

    WR James Clark [Ohio State - Signed NLI]

    Seisay played this year. I kinda wish he had redshirted. Knew he played but didn't know if the ankle held him out enough to try for a Medical RS. Wishful thinking I guess haha Got it. I'm all for wishful thinking.