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  1. nuhuskeralum

    The Republican Utopia

    This is complete garbage, you people live in your own little world, read fake news and react like it is real. You think everyone voted for Trump is like the KKK, they supported him so that is all conservatives? While you ignored the Black Panthers bullying people in voting lines for Obama and we didn't think that was reality of Democrats? While Obama uses facebook and other electronic means to spy on the public you were silent. Eight years of Obama has done more damage to race relations than anything else after 1980 and you praise him. There is no consistency or reality in the claims posted above, I truly hope anyone that thinks this way takes the time to stop reading whatever you are reading for your information and can take the time to have real conversations with real people. Wow....but you should study up on Sharia law it is eerily similar to your version of conservatism.
  2. nuhuskeralum

    Immigration Ban

    I understand Moiraine, Trump tweaked something that Obama had in place to give favor to the group most persecuted and added 2 countries. But he is giving favor to Christians and since that is a specific religion it isn't the right thing to do and your response is to try to degrade my intelligence...about right? There is no easy answer to the Muslim problem, but I know we shouldn't add thousands more before we clean up our own problems. My problem is with the outrage that has suddenly appeared after Trump was elected, I really don't think the vast majority of people outraged would have batted an eye if it was Clinton who did the exact same thing.
  3. nuhuskeralum

    Immigration Ban

    It's unconstitutional to use religion as a factor in whether or not to allow someone into the country. So, Trump says Christian refugees will be prioritized. Now, it doesn't seem that has happened yet. But it's worth stopping the ban and taking this to court at the very least to show Trump he won't be allowed to implement his plan to prioritize (or stop) immigrants based on religion. Now all of that said, something being illegal or not shouldn't determine whether you think it's right. That's a silly reason to be for or against something. I've heard from multiple people that "Obama did the same thing." No. He didn't. He had vetting of Iraqis looked at because of an incident and slowed down the entry for Iraqi holders of one type of visa. This never at any time applied to green card holders. People work towards green cards for years and years. I have a friend who's been here 6 years and *almost* has her green card. I have a co-worker who just got his after 6 years. In relation to what I said about right and wrong, it doesn't matter what Obama did. He's not president anymore, and people who are against one thing Trump does are not for every single thing Obama did. Not sure that's the precedent you mean but it's the one cited most often. Last but not least, anyone who thinks this will still be a temporary ban if even 1 American is killed in the U.S. by a Muslim of Arabic descent is most likely mistaken. So it's OK in your mind to let in people who belong to major Muslim factions but deny the most persecuted in the country because they are Christians? If it were up to me I wouldn't let any Muslims into this country after seeing what the refugees have done to the countries in Europe. I think all of you that are so intent on letting them in should take a field trip to the countries listed and see if these are people who really want to come and become Americans and see if you feel they would make good neighbors. Muslim boys in school will not listen to female teachers here in Nebraska because they are taught women are property from birth and have no authority over a male, they refuse medical treatment from women health care providers, Muslim men will step into line right in front of you and know that people here will not do anything about it. They are rude, ignore the laws and cause a lot of problems....but your right we should let them all in so you can feel better about it.
  4. nuhuskeralum

    Trump's America

    All I see that is wrong is the Liberal hate in this country. Marting Luther King himself would have been lynched by your the liberals you people keep defending. Step away from the ledge Trump isn't going to destroy this country it'll get burned to the ground in protests first.
  5. nuhuskeralum

    Who will be the Walk-on Coordinator?

    I think Matt Vrzal would be great, he is active in the program, well spoken, likeable and familiar with the landscape of Nebraska and Husker football. I'm not sure Crouch has the personality to pull it off or not. Maybe even Foreman or Benning?
  6. nuhuskeralum


    In the press conference he had on signing day someone asked Riley a question about Synder and in the conversation he talked about Synder being a hybrid player and being able to swing him out where he can play receiver and be a bigger blocking force. He went on to say he didn't think TE would be as big a part of the offense as it was at Oregon State, so if it ends up being that way I don't think the depth at TE will be an issue. I guess we will have to wait and see what they come up with for an offense.
  7. nuhuskeralum

    Offensive Tackle

    That's great your up for the position!! Makes me feel so much better. But seriously it seems like our line has suffered trying to find OT's and the ones we get move inside. I know its a harder spot to find but do we really have to have guys over 6'5" to be able to play tackle. Why not just take the kid who can move the best and groom him for the spot?
  8. nuhuskeralum

    OT Darrin Paulo [Utah Commit]

    People arent making fat jokes. They are alluding to the fact this guy is an enormous road grader. Pretty sure we all want him. I just remember eating with Josh Heskew at the training table and we went to burger king 2 hours later and he ate another 2 double whopper meals. My comment was supposed to be funny not insulting, I just know these guys eat a lot. I think he really looks athletic and carries his weight well for being as big as he is. I hadn't heard his mother was coming, that should really help our chances. I really hope this guy ends up in Lincoln!!
  9. nuhuskeralum

    6'3" 200 lbs QB pro style, Easton Bruere

    It would lead you to believe either grades or off field issues were in play for everyone to pass.
  10. nuhuskeralum

    6'3" 200 lbs QB pro style, Easton Bruere

    Pretty sure no one has finished his film with the sound on but he gets the job done, give him a prefered walk on spot and let him earn his ticket to a Big school!
  11. nuhuskeralum

    SIGNED - WR Lavan Alston

    Red and white socks, it has to be a good sign! And he does need to smile.
  12. nuhuskeralum

    ***2015 Recruiting***

    So there are 14 commits, we will find out shortly if Matt Snyder is staying and we need a TE ( although shortly seems like forever right now), they are going for 19 in the class so 5 more guys if M. Synder stays. I think Garbutt is N and it sounds like Barry is leaning our way and announcing the 29th and Warren tweeted like we just got another commit last night So... Who does that leave? A WR (Alston), it looks like they are making a second DE a priority, and a spot goes to OT Paulo if he wants it but sounds like no one is giving us a chance there. I've also been seeing a lot speculation about Kenneth McGruder and Terez Hall but it appears we won't have room for both or maybe the Warren tweet is McGruder. So what is the priority here for the last couple spots? This looks like its going to be a long week.