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  1. So...you said "politicians" and "Squad members"...plural. Who else is antisemitic? Who has a hatred for policing (aside from the MAGA insurrectionists, of course)? Since you now appear to be concerned about antisemitism, will you commit to fighting against antisemitism, racism, and xenophobia wherever it may occur?
  2. Hell, I performed in one a few years back...and if I must say so myself, I was fabulous. Come lock me up, repressed conservative wankers.
  3. it's because it's German, isn't it?
  4. You owe it to yourself to watch the Weird Al movie that just came out, it's on the Roku TV app. Weird Al is a national treasure and a true American hero.
  5. 1. These are 4 names among dozens that have been bandied about for the last two months, without ever getting any actual verification from any reliable source. No need to read too much into this. 2. Out of everything Husker fans have been through, this article is what makes you feel like crying? Good god, man. 3. We did not need another godd@mn separate thread about the muckerfuthing coaching search!
  6. Yeah, that's pretty much the only thing...the hunger. But coaches at that level are certainly a different breed. I mean, my work is meaningful and I like what I do. If I didn't have to do it, I might still be willing to help out do some work here and there for free. But I wouldn't commit to 14 hour days in a fishbowl over the long haul. Maybe that's why I'm not a football coach.
  7. One thing that bothers me about Rhule is the money he is getting paid from Carolina. That's $10 million per year, and my understanding is that the salary from any job he gets is simply removed from the Panthers buyout. Nebraska, nor any other university, is going to pay him more than $10 million. So that means he would be coaching for free, for at least the next four years. Am I getting that wrong? I don't care how good of a coach he might be, or how much a person can love coaching...why would anyone take the kind of job that requires this much grinding and stress...for free? Does anyone worry that it would sap his motivation?
  8. Who is "we"? Who is agreeing with this? That is still correct. The owner being a $h!thead does not change it. The people complaining are customers voicing their displeasure with the direction of the product, and some comments are dumber than others. This absolutely makes no sense, what are you even saying here?
  9. Was this link posted before? This is different than what @nic had posted, which alluded to a very vague comment which was difficult to interpret as antisemitic. However, looking at this link, I can certainly acknowledge the dog-whistle implications of it Tlaib's comment, and good for Dem leadership to call it out. She should have been called out for it and was. Is there more? This thread has gone on for the last few pages with the certainty that Omar and Tlaib are antisemitic and have been able to get away with frequent comments. This one comment is bad, I will grant you that, and I would expect that Tlaib will never be more than a low-ranking congressperson. But riddle me this, would the GOP ever call out one of their own for racist/xenophobic/antisemitic comments? Of course not. The Republicans specialize in and capitalize off of that sort of inflammatory horse$h!t all the time. And it doesn't stop with a nobody congresswoman, it went all the way to the presidency. This is absurdly hypocritical coming from you, particularly in this thread. (I predict you will pretend not to know what I'm talking about...)
  10. The game isn't being held up by those honors/recognitions; they occur during media timeouts. So getting rid of them Sounds like that kid was just being a d!ckhe@d. All those honors and recognitions do not delay the game, they occur during media timeouts, so UNL wisely fills the time with things that are good for the university and community. IMO, those little ceremonies are better for atmosphere than the frequent ads, but of course those bring in $$$. If they do away with the ceremonies and fill the time with music, would that actually improve the atmosphere? They already play dozens of snippets of pump-up music, and trade off between blasting over the speakers and letting the band play the fight songs. I took my 13 year old son to the Georgia Southern game. He is only a casual fan and had never been to a game before. I was in school from 97-2001 so I know what Memorial is like when it is rocking, and I was afraid after the Northwestern loss that the crowd would be deflated for the game. However, the atmosphere was still excellent. The writing was on the wall for Frost's firing, the product on the field was crap, and the ads and mini-ceremonies were frequent (sometimes they were cool, sometimes they were annoying). But the crowd was still loud, and between the band, the fireworks, lightshow, music, and everything else, we had a fantastic time despite the loss. The athletic department still puts on a pretty good event every week even if the team falls on their face. Atmosphere is fine, we just need to win more. And the people who are honored on the field throughout the game usually deserve the honor; those are often priceless moments.
  11. Who is better: Auburn or Nebraska? One basis of comparison is the Scott Frost test. Frost beat Auburn by 7 points. But he completely and utterly destroyed Nebraska. Advantage: Auburn
  12. Hell, in the last few years, we've gotten Keyshawn Johnson, Kurt Warner, Les Miles, Ed McCaffrey, and Rick Spielman to send their kids to play for Nebraska. We've got plenty of star power leading us to victory already! Most of them even stayed for longer than a year. Not to mention the influence of Larry the Cable Guy. How much more celebrity do we need?
  13. Everyone will leave for a better opportunity if it opens up. Would you not hire someone who would be successful if we were afraid of them leaving in a few years? No one is handing out lifetime contracts. And Ryan Day is younger than Luke Fickell. What event would Fickell be biding his time for?
  14. No...it is the fact that you are openly advocating for it and want to stoop to the lowest level.
  15. We had a whole thread on that case when it went down in 2018: Urban Meyer knew about domestic abuse going on in his shop, and he failed to report it. He violated university policy and violated his contract. It wasn't the same as the atrocities at Penn State, Baylor, or Michigan State, but there is a commonality: he knew something and failed to report it. That is what happened in those other cases, when reporting could have prevented additional harm being done. You are either ignorant to what actually happened in this case, or worse, you do know and you just don't care. Given your insane rants in this thread over the past few days, I am going with the latter. It appears that you are not only willing to excuse inappropriate and/or abusive behavior, but you are actually condoning it as well. In addition to other things we have seen about Meyer since this case unfolded, it is clear that he is a horrible person. Based on your rationalization of his behavior, your obvious shilling for Urban Meyer, your whataboutism with other coaches, and your various disgusting comments over the past few days, I can only conclude you should never ever be involved in any hiring or personnel decisions.
  16. First of all, you replied to your own quote again. You need to be more careful about switching between your sock accounts. Secondly, you are talking about "substantial evidence" and "simple assault," but that would all require the kicker to pursue it as a crime. The kicker did file a lawsuit for hostile work environment, by the way, but I don't know what came of it or if it would even be successful. But the point of the story is that UM is a scumbag, which certainly has been substantiated. If I recall, the kicking incident was also accompanied by some verbal abuse and threats as well. Thirdly, even though I know that winning forgives many ills, I am still in the camp that says character matters. College football players, even at a big business program like Nebraska, are all kids, most of whom will not get to the NFL and all of whom are still trying to learn about life. Molding young athletes into responsible men is still an important job of a coach in my mind.
  17. JFC...the number of likes versus dislikes on a Youtube video is now a metric we should care about in this coaching search.
  18. This assumes that whoever the HC wants will require that kind of money, but the appropriate quality staff members need to be identified by a keen eye first. Frost bringing the entire staff from UCF wasn't a money issue. He had plenty in the budget. But those were the guys he wanted, and they all got fat raises. A bigger pool of money wouldn't have brought better assistants, it would have just given bigger paychecks to the crappy assistants.
  19. Yep, that's fair to say. The death penalty should be eliminated.
  20. The Parkland shooter gets life in prison instead of the death penalty. A lot of people, including families of the victims, are angry. This may be unpopular to say, but I think it is the right call. The death penalty does not serve a meaningful purpose, other than the emotion of vengeance. Even though families are hurting, and even though this a$$hole actually deserves to die, the death penalty does not solve anything and does not prevent the next shooting.
  21. Yes! godd*mn motherf**kers. Look around and get out of the way, a$$holes.
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