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  1. I thank him for taking one for the good of the country
  2. That's a 10 in BFE, Nebraska
  3. People need to stop acting like they give a damn why Manziel was kicked out of the CFL. The AAF and XFL are going to need butts in the seats and eyes on the screen and Manziel will do that at least in the short term.
  4. Now find the Twitter bio of his Texas girlfriend so we can compare
  5. But we are talking about his girlfriend that plays soccer at NU. Not the one that plays softball at Texas.
  6. I sat near Benhart last night at the team state wrestling tournament. In the words of famous former Huskerboard member, EZ-E, “He looks the part.”
  7. I haven't read Art of the Deal but basing it off how much of a colossal f#&%up he is with negotiations, I imagine the book is just pictures of feces smeared on a wall.
  8. Jim Jordan: "Michael Cohen is a liar and we can't believe a word he says." Also Jim Jordan: "You heard Michael Cohen's testimony. There was no collusion between the Trump and Russia."
  9. I agree with you. What I was saying is that what Smollett was doing wasn't a leftist thing. It was a personal thing disguised as a leftist thing. People who shouted you down, were doing a leftist thing by behaving that way. Does that make sense? I'm reading it and think it does but it might not to someone else reading it.
  10. I like his energy when it's energy. Unfortunately it delves into hyperactivity far too often. In public anyway.
  11. It has been said he did it because he was unhappy with his salary. I guess, maybe he thought if he got away with it then it would drive ratings and his popularity which would make him worth more? It's just a thought.
  12. This Jussie Smollett thing is not a "leftist" thing. It was a money thing. Using the right as the villain was an easy thing for him to do. What is "leftist" is someone like Kamala Harris, as a presidential candidate, saying that it was a modern day lynching before seeing things through.
  13. I don't believe someone should use their wealth as the starting point for running for president. I prefer to have my candidates have some sort of experience in political office before they try to hold the most powerful seat in the world.
  14. Where are these millennials that don't want to work? I keep hearing about them but have not actually met one. And considering unemployment is very low, how many, exactly, are we talking about?
  15. YOU are lumping all rich people together. Not me. I'm talking about the ones that run for the highest public office with no experience. If you want to infer that, I can't change your mind. If you want to start a new thread about what we all think about ALL rich people and ALL rich people in government, go ahead. I still stand behind my opinion that Schultz, due to HIS wealth, doesn't have a grasp of the middle class as it is today and that is why I ASSUME people don't trust him or don't like him. And I don't believe that because of where he grew up 60 years ago has any bearing on him understanding today's problems. If he wants to prove me wrong, why not run for local office first?
  16. You knew I was speaking directly about wealthy people running for president of the United States with ZERO political experience not understanding the middle class. Don't say you didn't because that is what this entire thread is about. Running for president. I didn't say ALL rich people. Like you said I did. Now tell me again how you quoted me exactly and didn't doctor my quotes.
  17. That's not what I said at all. Again, whatever helps you feel better.
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