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  1. bbaum11

    Turn Around - How long?

    I feel whoever the new coach is, is going to have a rough first year. The 2018 schedule is a beast. We may see progress in the way we play, but the record will probably be in the range of 4-6 wins. I believe we have to give the next guy at least 4-5 years to get us back to competing for B1G titles.
  2. With the departures of Petteway, Pitchford, and Smith It may actually be kind of an exciting year next season. Mainly because we will be able to see more fresh faces such as Glynn Watson, Ed Morrow, and Andrew White. So with making this thread I just wanted to ask you guys what your thoughts are on who you think starts next year and who are top guys are that will contribute off of the bench.( and yes I know it is kind of early to be thinking about this.) Here are my starters: Watson Webster Shields White A transfer post Bench contributors: Parker Morrow Fuller Hammonds
  3. bbaum11

    GT: Nebraska at Minnesota - 5PM - BTN

    can our post players please catch a bounce pass just one time
  4. bbaum11

    GT: LMU vs Nebraska - 10:30PM - ESPNU

    We are being out rebounded 35-15
  5. Nebrasketball recruit Ed Morrow Jr. is playing on ESPN2 right now

  6. bbaum11


    Jim McElwain he has really turned Colorado State around. Also he coached with Nick Saban so that cant hurt.
  7. Can Reeves, Price, and Kondolo get back in there, our only decent drive happened when these guys where in!
  8. really Gregory barely even touched him
  9. will someone please teach this defense to wrap up and tackle!
  10. please bring in Fyfe we have nothing to lose