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  1. Personally don't believe that Riley is recruiting the OL very well.  Our skill players are great on offense for the most part, but it seems that the big guys have been somewhat neglected in my opinion.

    1. Decked


      Cav should have been fired after last year. Never should have been brought here. Too many OSU guys.

      Brennan and Bray were good. Others..meh

  2. My sports app yesterday said the OSU game was an 11 am kick and today it says that its TBA. So I guess that I'm probably gonna miss the game and gonna be taking that flight.  Thanks everyone for your insight regardless, much appreciated.

    1. knapplc


      It really really is an 11am kickoff. If nothing else, you could go to the first half. 

    2. ColoradoHusk


      There hasn't been an announced time yet. 

    3. knapplc


      My bad. I don't know why I thought you were talking about this weekend's game.  I can't read, apparently.

  3. Has anyone ever made the drive from Lincoln to Omaha immediately after a game?  I'm trying to catch a 6:15pm flight out of Eppley driving directly from the stadium on the 12:00pm kickoff for the OSU game.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Brouhaha


      Thanks for your advice, guys! Really appreciate it.

    3. Red Five

      Red Five

      It sometimes takes just as long to get out from downtown/onto 180/onto 80 as it does driving to West Omaha from the 180/80 interchange.


      If there is an accident on 80, then good luck

      Wait, the OSU game is at noon?

    4. Brouhaha


      Yesterday my sports app said that it was an 11am kickoff, but of course once I bought the ticket today the app switched the time to TBA. Chances are it will at least be a 2:30 kickoff but I'm guessing it'll be a night game.

  4. Everyone saying Cleveland doesn't stand a chance against the Warriors... Tonight shows that's not true.

    1. Judoka


      Everyone tends to forget last year for some reason.

    2. Frott Scost

      Frott Scost

      Starting to hate NBA. Havent watches a playoff game this year yet. Used to look forward to playoffs

    3. Brouhaha


      Well regardless of the rest of the playoffs, the finals could be one of the best in awhile. It's superteam vs superteam.

  5. I just want to have the option if it comes to that...
  6. I saw that on 247, but I haven't seen any mention of him signing.
  7. I don't think Coach Riley said anything outrageous. It's not normal for a kid to commit 5 times in one recruiting cycle and have 3 of those being to one school.
  8. He announced USC on ESPN2 about 5 mins after Lewis
  9. Well Nebraska obviously knew that Blades was committing, so he might've been the silent commit.
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