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  1. Me my Son and BIL attended the game we all waived i even looked down toward the Nebraska Sideline and the team was waiving also, this girl is a unhinged snowflake attention whore.
  2. Season tickets baby! They said the seat yourself process was over, but I'd be eligible next season for it. I mean, I still got to choose my seats, if that makes sense. First time season ticket owner, I went through the seat yourself process, I did not know anything about this till my wife received an email, we decided to get registered we then recieved info that since we did not have donation points accumulated that we would have to Wait for the second round of available tickets, when that time came I picked my seats and plus had to pay the donation plus the cost of the tickets.
  3. Hotel Front Desk: Mr Riley would you like to pay for your room weekly or would you like to pay day by day. Coach Mike Riley: I will let you know after the Illinois game.
  4. My kids are big fans of Lane Hovey, when my parent come over from Omaha they bring clippings of Lane from the papers and my daughter would take them to school with her and give them to Lane's mom as she works for the same school district as my kids go to. Lane is defiantly due to catch a pass and take it to the house for six.
  5. Rammstein Engel Live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0XGP6GqjfI
  6. I don't understand it myself, I hope he is talking to himself with check in each hand while walking to the unemployment line, good riddance.
  7. Hell, Iowa State might pick him and fire Paul Rhoads as bad of a year they have had over here
  8. I hopefully can tune in and watch the press conference this afternoon and see what happens, with the firing of Pelini, who knows the whole coach staff could just up and quit and stand behind Pelini, then what do we have? and what does this mean for our recruiting and with the players we have now? I would not be bit surprised that we loose players, well it is what it is now.
  9. its official Uncle Rico Magic will snap the ball next weekend.
  10. I seriously think Beck is using an old Mattel Electronic Football 2, first trying it out electronic football then trying it on the field, I'm totally convinced.
  11. Give him his 2 checks and send him walking down the road talking to himself to the unemployment line. This is ridiculous, if we do not win this game i will have to hear about it on my wifes Facebook, I have a cousin (traitor ) that use to play for Wisconsin back in the early 90's, I really do not want to read about it
  12. I take that back I see he is back in the game now, I hope we can keep together and win this thing.
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