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    I don’t know much about the guy, but Frost said “He is the only person I considered for this position,” and to me, that speaks volumes.
  2. Very, very nice pick up. Excited to see him play here
  3. Huge news https://www.cnbc.com/2019/10/29/ncaa-allows-athletes-to-be-compensated-for-names-images.html
  4. I figured out what we need to do. Everyone needs to get their haircut like Stoll. That includes you too!
  5. Next week: practice snaps .. a lot. That where we are at.
  6. This guy is lighting AND thunder. It’s not just that he has great speed and change of direction, but he’s very difficult to bring down. Great pick up, and perfect for this offense.
  7. This is excellent. It will really help prospectives out, even if they don’t come here. Lots of people got offers from one program or another. Everyone got hands on training from pros, and met some legendary players. It will broaden our name, and reestablish why NU is associated with great linemen. It will create huge dividends for us. i can imagine every kid at that camp talking about what they learned, who they met and what NU has to offer to their friends, teammates, family, etc.
  8. Am I getting this right? Someone smelled weed in the dorm room, and then they proceeded to search his car? That should be illegal.
  9. With Mills possibly not making it here bc of grades, our RB position is looking very thin. Hopefully, we can get a transfer in here ASAP.
  10. There will be at least 2 DT drafted next year from NU. But other than that, not much. For this year, I think Farmer has a chance in the league, or at least a better chance than people are giving him.
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