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  1. Qb. We have great talent at receiver and TE, and you can’t even tell.
  2. Very excited with this commit. I have no idea why he isn’t higher rated. Extremely talented with swagger to boot. Watch his film. He has the potential to be something very special.
  3. Cam Jurgens, at 290 pounds, jumped 34½ inches! 8th best on the team. Insane.
  4. Nice get. I’m surprised he didn’t have more offers. Very happy we got him.
  5. enjoy https://twitter.com/StevenDialFox4/status/1296112727325323264?s=20
  6. Big loss. He will be missed. (The only thing I’ve learned from this thread is the program knows how to keep stuff secret.)
  7. Looked at his film. Very big get. The coaches can use him lots of different ways. Creates match up problems. Not just big, but deceptively fast. Very pleased with this pickup.
  8. I don’t know much about the guy, but Frost said “He is the only person I considered for this position,” and to me, that speaks volumes.
  9. Very, very nice pick up. Excited to see him play here
  10. Huge news https://www.cnbc.com/2019/10/29/ncaa-allows-athletes-to-be-compensated-for-names-images.html
  11. I figured out what we need to do. Everyone needs to get their haircut like Stoll. That includes you too!
  12. Next week: practice snaps .. a lot. That where we are at.
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