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  1. As others have said, it’s not that he’ll start over Washington. It’s that he will get significant meaningful carries. Not just for situational areas, but also to allow Washington to stay fresh throughout the year. I also expect most number of our new rbs to get carries, but they won’t be at key times (unless they show something significant during practice or in games). There is a lot a very good and speedy rbs in this class.
  2. I think most agree that Frost got a great recruiting class. The question is which will make the most impact next year. The easy and obvious answer starts with Wandale Robinson. But who else? This, to me is more complicated due to existing depth. My top 3: Wandale Mills (if he makes it here) Noa
  3. Dagerow

    Most Under-Rated Husker of All-Time

    I agree on Crick. Very under rated.
  4. Dagerow

    Dedrick Mills - LOI Signed

    I hope he gets here. Signing and showing up are two different things. We definitely need a back who can play early.
  5. Recruiting is important, but it’s not as important as a good coach.
  6. Dagerow

    2019 All-Star Games

    And I’ll say it again, Wandale is freakin great. What makes it doubly good is that he is perfect for Frost’s system. I was was amazed at his high school film. But what amazed me more is how he completed against the premier competition at the all star game. In the limited rime he played (was in the first group/first string), he played awesome. He was unquestionably one of the top three players (in terms of impact in the game), and the other two were qbs.
  7. Dagerow

    2019 All-Star Games

    That Wisconsin qb recruit is awesome. They are going to be very good. Lucky our guys look good too.
  8. Dagerow

    What did we learn today

    Apparently, only Cartman can save us.
  9. Dagerow

    What did we learn today

    SE placed a curse on us. (He, is of course, evil). We need someone to figure out how to get rid of it, and then we will be ok.
  10. Dagerow

    What Did We Learn? Michigan

    What I learned: We arent as good as I thought. This was largely due to the ol, the issues with qb, and confidence. The defense wasn’t the problem. It’s hard to stop a good program when you’re on the field all day. That’s an issue with tempo offenses like Frost’s. When you lose, you lose big. The issues with qb have had, in mho, a big effect on us. The offense is based on timing and speed, both of which suffer when you change qbs. Indeed, the ol will look worse than it is if the timing is gone. It doesn’t help that the severe lack of depth limits your ability to run the ball, and effects your play calling. It also appears as if the attempts to create player leaders has gone wrong and created discontent. At least a little. One big key with this offense is confidence. People play better when they have confidence, and through a series of unfortunate events (tg leaving, missing the first game, turnovers, unforced errors, QB injuries, etc), that confidence has gone. This is the big issue. If they have a couple games were things go their way, it will do wonders for the team. Hopefully, it happens.
  11. Dagerow


    I just got on the message board, and find I’m one of the few who agree with OP. We installed a new offense, new defense, missed our first game, and have a walk on qb, and are still competitive. I think both Colorado and Troy (more so for Troy) are good teams, and believe these loses are more a reflection of them and not us. I think we’ve played pretty good, and have gotten significantly better since Frost has arrived. Our stats are good, with the exception of the turnovers. The players are much stronger and are playing hard. Yes, it sucks that we didn’t get that first game in, as I think that would have helped us dramatically, but those are the cards we’ve been dealt. My only issue, if I had to play Monday morning qb, is not addressing the depth at qb in the off season. But I understand what happened and that the coaches were shocked by TG’s departure. If TG was here, or the turnovers went in our favor, I’m pretty sure we’d be undefeated. The big down side is the schedule, and the number of hard games we have. But we already know that.
  12. I agree with this post, but also believe TG should have given the coaches a heads up, so they could plan ahead. He could have easily just sat down with Frost or Verduzo this summer, and said that he is going to fight for that starting position, but if he doesn’t get it and it looks like he might be on the bench for a while, he is going look at the best option that allows him to follow his dream of playing in the nfl. At that time. Frost could of tried to get someone else, if he felt that was appropriate (like Burrows, etc), and be better prepared. Stated another way, I don’t fault TG for following his dream - I just wish it was done in a way that gave NU more time to address the situation. Indeed, if Frost had the heads up, I think they could have talked it out after the starter decision was made, and TG might possibly have stayed till the end of the season (or at the very least, Frost could help TG figure out his options - I’m sure Frost would have helped him). (The sad part is the timing. I completely understand why TG needs to rush).
  13. All I know is this sucks. (Yes, it may not have that much visible effect if AM stays healthy. But it’s always good to have a player like that (or at least what I thought he was like) competing and available as a backup. I think it didn’t just make the qbs better, but the whole team. I certainly think he helped the team get better this spring/summer, and am sad he has left). I also think if there was more time for him to think it out and talk to the coaches, he would of likely stayed.