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  1. Dagerow

    Pipeline Camp and Frosts Experience

    This is excellent. It will really help prospectives out, even if they don’t come here. Lots of people got offers from one program or another. Everyone got hands on training from pros, and met some legendary players. It will broaden our name, and reestablish why NU is associated with great linemen. It will create huge dividends for us. i can imagine every kid at that camp talking about what they learned, who they met and what NU has to offer to their friends, teammates, family, etc.
  2. Am I getting this right? Someone smelled weed in the dorm room, and then they proceeded to search his car? That should be illegal.
  3. Dagerow

    The Running Back Room

    With Mills possibly not making it here bc of grades, our RB position is looking very thin. Hopefully, we can get a transfer in here ASAP.
  4. Dagerow

    Huskers And The 2019 NFL Draft

    There will be at least 2 DT drafted next year from NU. But other than that, not much. For this year, I think Farmer has a chance in the league, or at least a better chance than people are giving him.
  5. Dagerow

    The Running Back Room

    Fair enough. But that eliminates almost all we can talk about with regard to the current RBs, apart from Mo.
  6. Dagerow

    The Running Back Room

    Why is no one talking about Belt here? He is currently our number 2 back (I believe). Yes, we will have some serious talent coming in, but he shouldn’t be overlooked.
  7. Dagerow

    Spring Practice Notes

    Holy s#!t. That kid knows how to avoid getting tackled and has speed. I’m truly shocked he didn’t get lots of offers, even if he didn’t put his name out there. I feel better about our rb depth now.
  8. As others have said, it’s not that he’ll start over Washington. It’s that he will get significant meaningful carries. Not just for situational areas, but also to allow Washington to stay fresh throughout the year. I also expect most number of our new rbs to get carries, but they won’t be at key times (unless they show something significant during practice or in games). There is a lot a very good and speedy rbs in this class.
  9. I think most agree that Frost got a great recruiting class. The question is which will make the most impact next year. The easy and obvious answer starts with Wandale Robinson. But who else? This, to me is more complicated due to existing depth. My top 3: Wandale Mills (if he makes it here) Noa
  10. Dagerow

    Most Under-Rated Husker of All-Time

    I agree on Crick. Very under rated.
  11. Dagerow

    Dedrick Mills - LOI Signed

    I hope he gets here. Signing and showing up are two different things. We definitely need a back who can play early.
  12. Recruiting is important, but it’s not as important as a good coach.
  13. Dagerow

    2019 All-Star Games

    And I’ll say it again, Wandale is freakin great. What makes it doubly good is that he is perfect for Frost’s system. I was was amazed at his high school film. But what amazed me more is how he completed against the premier competition at the all star game. In the limited rime he played (was in the first group/first string), he played awesome. He was unquestionably one of the top three players (in terms of impact in the game), and the other two were qbs.
  14. Dagerow

    2019 All-Star Games

    That Wisconsin qb recruit is awesome. They are going to be very good. Lucky our guys look good too.