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  1. I remember, not too long ago, I saw where it appeared the Trump team was floating the idea that he wouldn't do any debates. I think his team knows they would be a total disaster. Trump's ego makes him think that he will get on stage and completely embarrass Biden. I'm guessing there is quite the argument about debates going on behind the scenes in the White House. The team also knows that doing not doing them would be the death of the campaign.
  2. This was posted in another thread, but I thought it belonged here too. LINK
  3. and, are required to register as a foreign agent in certain situations. For some reason, the Law and Order crowd doesn't like the Law and Order when it pertains to people they like.
  4. Thanks for proving you haven’t actually ever listened to him.
  5. So, I probably don't need to wear a mask grocery shopping, but I should wear a mask sitting in meetings with people I don't normally associate with.
  6. Mortality in the U.S. noticeably increased during the first months of 2020 compared to previous years There's some very good graphs and information in this. It clearly went up during the pandemic.
  7. Which....looking at the numbers, I actually thought about everyone who jumped on the bandwagon of accusing healthcare workers of attributing all deaths to COVID. Well....if that's true, then why have they dropped so much? I don't think either scenario is happening. Are there some attributed to COVID that aren't? Probably. But, there are probably some that aren't that should be. So, in the grand scheme of things, I believe the numbers are in the ballpark.
  8. I have no explanation other than 40% of the population ties themselves to a party, will always defend politicians in that party to the death and will do everything they can to not be convinced those politicians would ever do anything wrong....and the other side is evil and corrupt. Their party's politicians are only fighting hard to end that other party's corruption. The only way they know this is because they don't listen to the mainstream media's corrupt reporting....they get their real news from Fox News, OANN, Rush, Infowars and QAnon. Those are the outlets that have true patriot reporters that tell the truth. but...that's only a guess.
  9. Because there was some speculation that there may have not been anything wrong with the drink even. That would put the guilt on the officers. It seems they didn't really have anything to do with the promotion that the cops were poisoned. That came from police management and the union.
  10. Pretty much what @FrantzHardySwag said and he gave reasons why.
  11. It's going to be really interesting to see what happens in the next week or two. The number of cases is clearly going up. And...before someone says it's because of testing...no....the number of hospitalizations is going up also in the states that are increasing. The number of deaths have continued to go down or remain relatively low. So, I'm interested in seeing if the deaths increase. If they don't...why? The number have decreased steadily while the number of cases remained fairly high. This might be because of a couple reasons: a) the cases are more spread out throughout the country so hospitals aren't as overwhelmed like they were in New York and New Jersey. This allows them to actually treat patients more carefully. b) The medical community has learned how to treat the patients better to save their lives. I'm guessing it's a combination fo the two. Of course, this doesn't mean much to the people who are getting it and end up with long term/life long lung and health problems. Many of them are young or even kids.
  12. Ummmm....there is a difference between what Trump has done and other Presidents. QMany mentioned that in his post.
  13. I don't really care about her DA record that has been made a deal of. If that's the case, no DA should ever run for public office because someone will always be able to go find something that doesn't look good. She's smart, articulate, experienced in the legal/law enforcement system that needs reformed. I'm always impressed with her ability to get her point across without coming off offensive. Many politicians, both male and female have issues with that. I think she represents herself well, which makes her a good representative for our country. I also think she's someone who can appeal to the middle (geographic and political) of the country.
  14. OH...yep. Thanks for the correction.
  15. I know some aren't going to agree. But, I still want Harris.
  16. But, his base is convinced that all these millions of immigrants (legal and illegal) are all rushing to the polls and voting illegally. But, the opposite is actually true. It will actually damage the economy.
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