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  1. DrunkOffPunch

    What did we learn? (The Rocky Mountain Low Edition)

    Ya know, I was more nervous when we were up 10 than when we were down 3.
  2. DrunkOffPunch

    What did we learn? (The Rocky Mountain Low Edition)

    Martinez had a really poor game. A busted coverage early and a couple Washington catch and runs really made his stats look way better than his performance. He’s holding the ball way too long. First half the pass protection held good enough to mask his slow decision making. Second half they were able to add pressure.
  3. DrunkOffPunch


  4. DrunkOffPunch

    Team USA Soccer

    Mexico-3 US-0 Same old crap from Berhalter. Starts Zardes/Trapp. Can’t handle a press and wants to play long ball out of the back even though that’s a weakness in his players. Midfield gets overmatched and we have pretty much zero good chances at goal. Don’t see Berhalter lasting another year.
  5. DrunkOffPunch

    Who has a better Defense?

    Could you add Mo Washington to the poll?
  6. DrunkOffPunch

    ***Official 2019 College Football Thread***

    CFB Week 1 Empires Map
  7. DrunkOffPunch

    What did we learn South Alabama?

    If you’re UNI I have no idea why you don’t go for 2 in 2OT. Your offense just scored it’s first touchdown of the game and all you need is a couple yards to win it.
  8. DrunkOffPunch

    What did we learn South Alabama?

    Again though they play South Carolina every year. Either way they play 9 P5 teams same as the B1G. Yeah the ACC is pretty mediocre but FSU and Miami are big enough schools that they’ll always have good teams on paper; they just need to find good coaches.
  9. DrunkOffPunch

    What did we learn South Alabama?

    Since 2008 Clemson has played one of Alabama, TCU, Auburn, Georgia, Notre Dame, and Texas A&M in their non con every year. That’s on top of playing South Carolina yearly. They’re definitely not afraid of scheduling big name schools.
  10. DrunkOffPunch

    What did we learn South Alabama?

    Hey now Jurgens threw a couple deep balls.
  11. DrunkOffPunch

    B1G Week 1

    SDSU 2019 B1G West champs.
  12. DrunkOffPunch

    Team USA Soccer

    Just a couple updates on the USMNT player pool. Chris Gloster and Alex Mendez transferred to PSV who is in the Europa League. Lots of hype around Gio Reyna. Very possible he sees first team minutes by the end of the year. Sergino Dest made his first Champions League start for Ajax the other day as they advanced to the group stage. Seems he’ll be getting a lot of PT this season which is great for an 18 year old. Champions League group stage draws were announced and Chelsea (Pulisic), Lille (Weah), and Ajax (Dest) are all in the same group so that should be fun to watch. USMNT has friendlies against Mexico 9/6 and Uruguay 9/10. Edit- Mendez transferred to Ajax. 18 year old Richard Ledezma who plays CM transferred to PSV.
  13. DrunkOffPunch

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    I feel like the coaches probably know enough about the situation already to make a calculated decision. I would imagine most Husker fans would react the same in that situation as most non Husker fans did in the current situation. See a player is convicted of CP and say he should be kicked off the team. Reading headlines doesn’t give you the whole story though.