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  1. DrunkOffPunch

    OLB Dylan Jordan

    Why do you assume he’s going to hit 280-290? We have a nutrition program. He’s going weigh as much as our coaches want him to.
  2. DrunkOffPunch

    FBS coaches want two tiers of targeting foul

    That was Courtney Osborne I believe and that would fall under incidental contact. The reason I don’t think this would be a solution is I think you’ll see more targeting calls. I’m sure there have been plenty of calls where by rule there was targeting but the refs saw it was clearly incidental and disqualification of the player seemed too harsh a punishment so they picked up the flag. On the other hand there would be less ejections but this feels more like a band-aid than a solution.
  3. DrunkOffPunch

    FBS coaches want two tiers of targeting foul

    IMO the way the targeting rule is worded and enforced how it is currently is just to save the NCAA from being sued. Also I don’t think incidental helmet to helmet contact should be flagged. Examples would be Gerry vs UCLA and Devin White’s example in the article. Personally I don’t see an outcome that college football fans would like.
  4. Have also added Georgia TE transfer Luke Ford who will apply for immediate eligibility and Oklahoma grad transfer WR AD Miller.
  5. UCF’s student newspaper is starting a GoFundMe to investigate ‘SEC elitism and CFP collusion.’ https://thespun.com/sec/ucf-student-newspaper-launches-investigation-against-sec/amp https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/sec-football/ucf-site-taking-gofundme-donations-to-investigate-the-sec/amp/
  6. Am I missing something? Shouldn’t Bama be at 15 and Clemson at 13?
  7. DrunkOffPunch

    Team USA Soccer

    Please no older guys especially Bradley. His legs are gone and we have plenty of experienced guys at centerfield. Zack Steffen will be the goal keeper IMO. Had already played some in Europe before his move to Columbus and is transferring to Man City.
  8. DrunkOffPunch

    Team USA Soccer

    Ya know I wouldn’t be surprised if by 2022 Weston McKennie is our best player. He’s having a great season at Schalke and has played multiple positions. Some kind of older news but... -Josh Sargeant was called up to Werder Bremen’s first team and scored a couple goals. -Haji Wright was called up to Schalke’s first team and scored a goal off an assist from McKennie -Disappointed in the Berhalter hire.
  9. DrunkOffPunch

    CFB Coaching Carousel 2018-2019

    IMO either Holgorsen wanted out or it was a mutual split. He won’t be making much more money at Houston this year than he was at WV and he was likely to get a contract renewal either this year or next that would’ve increased his pay.
  10. DrunkOffPunch

    Team USA Soccer

    Pulisic becomes the most expensive American transfer in history at $73 million with his transfer to Chelsea.
  11. Then why like comments asking if it’s about Fields?
  12. DrunkOffPunch

    Ozigbo to Play in East-West Shrine Game

    Oz’s style of running is different than Cross’ so I would say no.
  13. He’s talking about Justin Fields’ possible transfer to osu. Would be funny if he lost the starting job considering his texts about A&M QBs when he was committed there. Nice bit of karma.
  14. DrunkOffPunch

    Assistant Coach Leaving?

    I don’t know I would’ve called what we had a deep WR group. Unless I’m missing someone we only had 3 scholarship WRs who had caught a pass in FBS football. Even then only two of those guys were proven commodities. Tyjon Lindsey seemed more hype than anything and bounced before the season started to turn.
  15. Illinois lands Miami WR transfer Jeff Thomas. Applying for a waiver for immediate eligibility.