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  1. Some good and bad overall. Loved the call ups. The US is having somewhat of a golden generation and with possible olympics, nations league, and WCQ coming up we need to see where some of them stand, and playing international soccer is great exposure for some of these guys. Musah in particular being a possible steal. 17 years old and playing regular time for Valencia in La Liga. Born in NYC, moved to Italy and then England. Could play for all 3 plus Ghana. The good- -The midfield was spectacular. Kept possession and were all over the field being physical, pressing, and disrupti
  2. USMNT drew Wales today 0-0 in friendly. For reference here was the starting XI- KDLF*———Lletget———Reyna* Musah*——Adams——McKennie Robinson—Brooks—Miazga—Dest ———————Steffen——————— Subs- Llanez, Weah*, Gioachinni*, Cardoso*, Otasowie*, Cannon * denotes first senior USMNT cap
  3. Sergino Dest transferring to Barcelona. Also sounds like 19yo Brenden Aaronson of the Philadelphia Union will be joining American Jesse Marsch at RB Salzburg in the Austrian Bundesliga.
  4. Current best squad for 2020 IMO changes to a 4-2-3-1. Both fullbacks are attacking threats so you use 2 defensive mids to help cover with McKennie being allowed to roam up the pitch a bit more in the attack. Sargent Pulisic————-Reyna————-Weah McKennie———Adams Robinson—Brooks—(?)———Dest Steffen
  5. Can’t get twitter posts to work but LB Antonee Robinson transferred to Fulham in the EPL and Weston McKennie transferred to Juventes in Serie A.
  6. Anybody else having these Joe Biden audio clips play on the YouTube homepage? I'm not clicking on any videos so I have no idea where the audio is coming from.

    1. Cdog923


      It's not just Joe Biden clips; I had a couple car ads play too. 

    2. Danny Bateman

      Danny Bateman

      No wonder you can't tell where the audio is coming from. That's no ad, man. Joe Biden has taken up hiding in YOUR basement now. :lol:

  7. I’m not. What’s the point in including China when they obviously aren’t being honest about their numbers? If Trump got his way and we stopped testing/reporting cases I wouldn’t want those numbers used to push a narrative either. Take China out of that and it doesn’t change the intent of the tweet. The US has done an incredibly poor job dealing with the virus compared to other developed countries. edit- Or Florida to be more specific but most states are seeing increased numbers.
  8. I don’t know why anybody would believe China’s numbers.
  9. Mutually beneficial in that Doyle gets paid and Iowa doesn’t have to deal with a long legal process that would keep this story relevant.
  10. While I remember being taught about stuff like Jim Crow and and the Trail of Tears as a kid I wonder if stuff like that should be taught again in HS. On another note I grew up like an hour drive from 2 different reservations. Would’ve been really cool and a great learning experience to take a field trip there and watch a pow wow or something. Maybe kids can’t really appreciate the culture behind it but I thought NA culture (specifically pacific NW) was really cool when I was younger. As far as Columbus goes its weird how much misinformation is spread about him. Things like that he wa
  11. Catching up on this thread so sorry if it’s been answered already. Imagine Vick’s Vapor Rub but as a gas. It’s more dense than air so it can freak out a little bit as if you’re choking or struggling to breathe but if you stay calm you won’t have that problem. Stings your eyes really bad but it does an amazing job of clearing out your sinuses.
  12. Reyna gets the winning assist to put BVB over PSG. Also the third youngest player worldwide to appear in a UCL knockout game.
  13. Reyna is having one hell of a game.
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