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  1. Catching up on this thread so sorry if it’s been answered already. Imagine Vick’s Vapor Rub but as a gas. It’s more dense than air so it can freak out a little bit as if you’re choking or struggling to breathe but if you stay calm you won’t have that problem. Stings your eyes really bad but it does an amazing job of clearing out your sinuses.
  2. Reyna gets the winning assist to put BVB over PSG. Also the third youngest player worldwide to appear in a UCL knockout game.
  3. Reyna is having one hell of a game.
  4. LB Antonee Robinson was sold from Championship side Wigan Athletic to Seria A’s AC Milan for $13 million. Edit- Deals off. Apparently Milan wanted to loan him with the option to buy (which seemed likely). Wigan changed their mind and wanted to sell Robinson instead and get paid upfront instead of installments. Rough on Robinson as he was already in Milan and had passed his physical. Weird on Wigan’s part because they’re in a relegation battle. They drop to League One and Robinson was gone either way. Now even if they stay up Robinson will likely force a trade over the summer for less than what they would’ve likely gotten out of the Milan deal.
  5. 18 year old Indiana Vassilev made his EPL debut with Aston Villa today. Gio Reyna also made his Dortmund debut becoming the youngest American to play in the Bundesliga.
  6. Pretty close. Doesn’t seem like Dortmund will sell Sancho until summer but Reyna has been training with the first team and was just announced to be called up to the first team. Still could play some u19 games though as Dortmund is pretty stacked up front.
  7. FWIW LaTech had a crazy easy schedule. Only played 4 teams that ended with a winning record. L Texas(7-5) 45-14 W Southern Miss(7-5) 45-30 L Marshall(8-5) 31-10 L UAB(9-5) 20-14
  8. Not really related to US national team but MLS just announced the addition of Charlotte, which means by 2022 the league will be up to 30 teams. 2020- Nashville/Miami 2021- Charlotte/Austin 2022- Sacramento/St. Louis Hopefully MLS’ future plans include pro/rel.
  9. Morally I’m against abortion. At the same time to me this is an issue where I think it needs to be completely legal/illegal. Voted 7. Rather not have people fall through the cracks.
  10. Gio Reyna made his first bench for Dortmund’s first team. My guess is Dortmund sell Sancho in the January transfer window so Reyna will be training with the first team over winter and be on the first team rest of the season.
  11. Pulisic has scored in the previous two EPL games giving him 5 goals in the previous 3. Has been in excellent form after a very rocky start. Yedlin scored as mid table Newcastle took down Bournemouth. He’s been in pretty good form as well but still lacks on the defensive side. Could be used as a RM in the NT. Emmanuel Sabbi has scored 3 goals in 3 games for Danish Superliga side Hobro. Uly Llanez has 10 goals and 2 assists in 8 games for Wolfsburg’s u19. Probably needs to be called up to Wolfsburg II. With the upcoming international break we will be playing Canada 11/15 and Cuba 11/19 for Nations League. We will need to beat both and have a higher score differential than Canada to advance. Both Timothy Weah and Tyler Adams are still out and expected to resume club play shortly after the break.
  12. Finally some good news. Pulisic scored his first goal of the EPL. Followed by 2 more for a hat trick. Also Sergino Dest chose the USMNT over the Netherlands.
  13. And the post game dip Kellogg had in would’ve made Frost proud.
  14. Turnovers IMO have been one of the biggest hindrances for us this year. Through 5 games last year we had 10. That’s not good. Through 5 games this year we’ve had 14! I don’t have the time but it feels like a good chunk of those have come on our side of the field. Throw in AM’s slump and no Pickering and that’s been the story of our team so far this year. Defense has been much better outside of 4th quarter Colorado and osu. Offense put the D in bad positions late in the game against Colorado and couldn’t put the game out of reach when they had plenty of chances to. Edit- 14 turnovers this year not 15. Tied for 2nd most turnovers lost.
  15. Wisconsin begs to differ. Tennessee has had great recruiters in their past and look where they are.
  16. Give Frost Suh, Amukamara, Asante, Hagg, and Dillard on defense. That’s just the guys drafted. It’s leaving off guys that were 2nd team all big 12. Way to completely ignore my entire point.
  17. Solich inherited a team coming off a national championship and Pelini inherited a team that had 12 future NFL draftees in his first 3 years.
  18. Ya know, I was more nervous when we were up 10 than when we were down 3.
  19. Martinez had a really poor game. A busted coverage early and a couple Washington catch and runs really made his stats look way better than his performance. He’s holding the ball way too long. First half the pass protection held good enough to mask his slow decision making. Second half they were able to add pressure.
  20. Mexico-3 US-0 Same old crap from Berhalter. Starts Zardes/Trapp. Can’t handle a press and wants to play long ball out of the back even though that’s a weakness in his players. Midfield gets overmatched and we have pretty much zero good chances at goal. Don’t see Berhalter lasting another year.
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