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  1. MOD EDIT Because of the silly words you used in the OP and topic title. MOD EDIT
  2. MOD EDIT - We at HuskerBoard do not take the issues at Penn State lightly, and we do not feel it is in any way appropriate to joke about. Nor do we feel that the entirety of Penn State University is to blame for the actions of a few. This person is banned from HuskerBoard. There will be no joking, kidding, "too soon" or any other type of joke about the issues which came to light in the last year at Penn State. Any further reference to this kind of thing will earn at the very least a suspension, and possibly a permanent ban from HuskerBoard. knapplc
  3. Bo could cook up something to slow down Oregon. I have faith.
  4. Our band members are dropping like flies.

  5. no comeback today folks. Mich st D not going to let that happen.
  6. Ameer was taken off kick and punt returns before his injury!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Gosh, I just hope we beat Michigan State this weekend. NU could still play an undefeated oregon even after losing to MSU.
  8. Nebraska gamblers know how to move a line. 3 1/2 point swing in a couple days.
  9. It's possible if K State, ND, and Bama stay undefeated and NU wins the Big 10. Would be the best case scenario for NU in the bowl season. A chance to win a huge game vs a great team.
  10. I find it hard to believe Nebraska loses this game. Michigan st has no offense.
  11. Michigan st is a 1 point favorite.

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    2. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      Home field advantage.

    3. HuskerShark


      F that. If we don't win by AT LEAST 2 TDs I will be disappointed. But that was what I said about UCLA too.

    4. NUance


      Lansing is a tough venue. Big home field advantage. Heck with the points. We'll be lucky to get the win

  12. This kid would of redshirted in my opinion. He would of either taken a year to put on weight and play DT or get faster and play DE. I have to think Christian could of at least been as good as Cam Meredith. Jamone Boyd is a must get at this point though.
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