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  1. LSEHusker


    good. you might disagree with them but they have that right.
  2. LSEHusker

    Describe the crowd and atmosphere at the stadium

    My experience at the game was well alot different then I usually have at the games. With a drunk guy yelling at me for a majority of the night to yell louder (sorry my voice cant go as loud as you want ) then to the same drunk guy shoving me in the shoulder over and over for some reason. But the weirdest part was the two state fans that grabbed onto my dad and yelled at him to cheer for state. Quite the interesting expierence
  3. Nebraska-38 USM-17 RUSH-220 PASS-288
  4. Nebraska-42 USA-13 Pass-330 Rush-125
  5. LSEHusker

    Suspended players for BYU game

    I have an ice cream.
  6. LSEHusker

    ***Predict the BYU Score, Passing & Rushing Yards***

    Nebraska-42 BYU-28 Rush-173 Pass-332
  7. Police: Memorial Stadium announcer stole thousands from elderly women http://journalstar.com/news/local/911/police-memorial-stadium-announcer-stole-thousands-from-elderly-women/article_04e02a85-0d09-5fb7-b185-2aeee342593d.html
  8. LSEHusker

    Junior Day - March 14

    Broc Bando of Lincoln Southeast
  9. LSEHusker

    Signed - OT Matt Farniok

    Josh Harvey ‏@JoshHarveyScout 56s56 seconds ago RT @MattFarniok1: Great way to end the night just got offered by Stanford! #Pac-12
  10. LSEHusker

    LB Terez Hall [Missouri Commit]

    https://twitter.com/JoshHarveyScout/status/562112283883499520 Josh Harvey‏@JoshHarveyScout Per Scout’s @HawkeyeInsider, @Terez2015C has not committed to #Missouri despite speculation. http://nebraska.scout.com/player/8311959n-terez-hall … #Huskers #Hawkeyes