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  1. anybody have any idea where/if you can find those digital camo Nebraska hats to buy? those are fricken awesome! hopefully this isnt in the wrong area. thanks for the help!
  2. Huskers88

    The Blame Game

    I thought it was majority coaches, but I had to put some on the players because of stuff like Martinez telling the coaches he was ready to go.
  3. Huskers88

    -*The "Compliments from Opposing Fans" Thread*-

    i love hearing stories like this!
  4. Huskers88

    ***Predict the Wyoming Score, Passing and Rushing Yards***

    Nebraska-56 Wyoming-16*(blocked PAT) Air-400 Ground-175
  5. spot on in my opinion, except for the michigan state part lolz
  6. Huskers88

    Speed Racer Redux

    this is so dumb.
  7. Huskers88

    Minnesota tickets...$150? Really?

    I saw the stadium on craigslist for 150 dollars. LOL but seriously, you should be able to get around face value I would imagine closer to the game. Some people are special
  8. Huskers88

    Springfield Watch Site

    I just moved here to Springfield not to long ago and I'm looking for the best watch site. I checked on the Nebraska Alumni Association website and they said to go to the Skybox. So are people going there or Parlor 88?
  9. Huskers88

    Post your Pets

  10. haha thats awesome. I read that in a Larry the cable guy voice +1
  11. Huskers88

    Full Husker game videos mega youtube page

    Awesome channel! thanks for putting it together