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  1. BartonHusker

    Next year addition and subtraction

    Hopefully the Offensive Line improves next season but my main concern is the secondary still. I feel pretty good overall about the rest of the roster as where it stands going forth for next season. Sure we need improvement at all positions but a couple are more glaring than others. Losing Morgan is not fun but still think we have talent at WR.
  2. BartonHusker

    Extremely impressed with the new staff on the recruiting trail

    I think the analogy of Wisconsin is what we were in the 80's and very early 90's holds some real truth. Wisconsin wins basically 10 games a year but can't win the big one (B1G Championship). That is no different than what we were against Oklahoma and the Florida schools. What were in the mid 90's is historically rare and we are talking modern day Alabama, now Clemson and possibly Ohio State. We plan and simple just need to get back to the 80's/early 90's Huskers first. Basically we need to replace Wisconsin as the top dogs of the West. From that point we can only dream about resembling mid 90's or a current day Alabama. Are those dreams even realistic though in this day and age of college football? We know we can strive to reach where Wisconsin is currently. I have never been one about having to have top 15 classes to win, you need good coaching. Wisconsin has very good coaching.
  3. I would say my favorite play is Joel Mackovicka’s never say die run against Akron. Though Davison’s ‘Flea Kicker’ is right there with it.
  4. BartonHusker

    Assistants Announced

    If he takes a transfer right away it will be Noah Vedral. No one should be upset if he headed back home to play for Nebraska and Frost.
  5. Back in the glory days of Husker football, we had so many schools within the state running the option (Turman old school and still does) and basically being a feeder program to Lincoln. Things haven’t been the same for quite a long time now but Frost’s offense is very easy to run by high schools. Already see Huffman doing it and many others will follow imo.
  6. BartonHusker

    Strength & Conditioning coach?

    Duval and Strop will be coming and things will get much tougher!
  7. BartonHusker

    ***2018 Recruiting***

    It's gone like radio silence on Mario Goodrich. All I've heard is the new staff has contacted him, but haven't heard one thought from Mario. I think Kansas City is very important to Nebraska and getting a top 100 type talent like Goodrich keeps that train running.
  8. BartonHusker

    Matt Davison Now Associate AD for Football

    If Matt no longer does the color role on the radio, I would love to see Eric Crouch take over. Still in the area and has done plenty of color himself (namely TV). What do you guys and gals think?
  9. BartonHusker


    Not just Martinez but Terry Wilson will be officially visiting this weekend! Remember Wilson has 3 years to play left. Huge development most all of us were hoping for!
  10. BartonHusker

    2018 Betting Props Are Out

    I think 6-6 or 7-5 is reasonable. Just getting to a bowl next year, any bowl, would be great to me.
  11. BartonHusker

    ***2018 Recruiting***

    Sure hope we start recruiting Kansas much harder again. KU is way down, Snyder won’t be around much longer and we can’t let Oklahoma be the main school that comes in and poaches much of the top talent. Not to mention schools like Wisconsin are starting to come into Kansas more (Gilmore). Not to mention Held is a recruiting beast when it comes to the Jucos.
  12. BartonHusker

    Scott Frost - Nebraska Season Ticket Holder

    Smart on his behalf to keep them in the family.
  13. BartonHusker

    Can we get JUCOs to beef up the defense?

    Yes he is at GCCC now. Ft. Scott’s HC now is Kale Pick who played at KU. I believe this year was his first year there.
  14. BartonHusker

    Returning talent level

    First off our WR’s will be fine regardless of if Williams is here or not. We have legit talent there. I have never been in the camp that our talent level is as bad as it seems. I’m firmly in the camp that it’s all about development. How is is it that Wisconsin can throw out 6 or so damn good LB’s every year now? It’s all about coaching and development. Some of these kids that are studs are walk on‘s or weren’t highly rated in general. But by God they play physical, they are downhill and they have very good fundamentals! We we use to have that under TO and to an extent under Solich. I know it’s tiresome on this board to keep having to bring up Wisconsin but frankly they stole our blueprint in so many ways. Barry wasn’t stupid... he saw it as a player at Nebraska, he saw it as a coach at Iowa and he brought it to Madison. Sure there are positions we do need to upgrade the talent but overall I don’t think our team talent is as bad as it seems. Do our hard work in the weight room, come together as a team (unity), play very hard and master the fundamentals... the wins will come in droves. Have pride in being a Husker again!!!