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  1. 6’5”, 285-pound DT Navarro Schunke out of South Dakota looks to be the next Polar Bear. Already a stud in the 2024 class but a great wrestler as well. Won state as a 8th grader!!!
  2. Sounds like the staff was watching Sam Sledge (Creighton Prep) very closely today at the pipeline camp.
  3. Hopefully Honas comes back. He has borderline NFL chances after last season.
  4. Thought we were done with WR’s (likely Page commitment)? Unless we are recruiting him as a Defense/ATH overall?
  5. Ashton Hayes has already talked to Page since Hayes committed.
  6. Just last week I would’ve said Sampson but now it’s looking like Page at the WR spot.
  7. My guess we take both if Sampson wants to jump on board. It is a position of future need due to some departures. But yes Sampson could be headed for tOSU. Luckily both Page and Sampson are good receivers. We were very lucky to have them as the top two options. If it is just Page, so be it.
  8. Again I think the staff is confident they will be filling those spots very soon.
  9. I don’t think that’s anything new for Frost. Both Mariota and Milton were considered projects coming out of high school. Martinez was not technically. Torres reminds me of Josh Allen, who was also a project coming into Wyoming.
  10. Will be interesting to see if this is a position that will be filled up here very soon. Applegate (could be TE as well) and Martin seem likely. Probably will see Applegate pull the trigger on the 18th when he visits.
  11. Imo Maverick is a must get as his burst and moves off the edge are top notch already. He is going to be a really good college player imo.
  12. 6’5”, 225-pound Edge Maverick Noonan is a must get imo! Kid is a freak off the edge already with his burst and moves. Legacy of course with his dad Danny playing here.
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