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  1. That is the key many forget, Hixon and Wilson could be very good quality depth. Something that we have sorely been lacking.
  2. Kansas State could’ve become a decent rivalry. In the late 90’s and early 00’s they started to become the thorn in our sides. They were more of a “Colorado” type rivalry. Kansas on the other hand just never reached anywhere close to a rivalry. Right or wrong there have been the historical issue of so many Nebraska fans being closet KU basketball fans. KU with football was the great game to fill up their stadium with those who couldn’t get home tickets and casually tailgate/party in Lawrence knowing a victory was coming. Oklahoma was our rival but we were a rivalry out of great respect to them. Texas IS their hated rival and they also had Oklahoma State. Bedlam has become a much bigger deal to them. Iowa State, much like Kansas State made more sense to be our natural rival but they were just a bottom feeder. Nationally KSU/ISU aren’t given as much respect as KU/Iowa from the masses. In the end Iowa is really the only school that riles me up on multiple levels. A ballgame doesn’t need to happen to make me fell that way.
  3. If some like it or not but Iowa IS our rival now. It is the most natural one we have on many different levels. Rivalries don’t always have to do with H2H. Some say Wisconsin but they do NOT see us as a rival by a big margin. Minnesota is their natural rival anyway. Their whole worlds revolve around one another. Iowa’s natural rival is of course Iowa State but not in the same conference. That is where we come in. The rest of the country think Nebraska/Iowa is natural. Missouri has faced the same issue in the SEC. Their rival is Kansas but not in the same conference. Much like Iowa, Arkansas was placed upon them to be their rival. As time has gone by, it has become more natural. I guess their next closes rival would be A&M?
  4. I think they try to take it slow with Corcoran. Pretty similar career path as Benhart. Red-shirt but play him in at least 4 games behind Jamies. Someone like Bando can be the back-up the rest of the games. Need to get Corcoran some experience so he is ready to go the following year when Jamies is in the NFL.
  5. 3:40 minutes and 240 miles away for me from Hesston, KS.
  6. Lubick is the new OC/WR Coach!
  7. Sean Snyder, even in a analyst role would be a home-run!!!
  8. That would be absolutely great to be honest!!!
  9. Yes I can understand it’s a sensitive subject due to his health but probably a good move for both parties in the long run. Our ST and OLB units have not been where they should’ve been. Is Dawson capable or do we bring a legit option?
  10. I’m just happy to see us blowing out Maryland, putting us in a position to have a lot of incentive to beat Iowa. I know there are many on this board that much rather just get this season over with but I think it would be huge for us to become bowl eligible. To have more practice time and for sure for the younger players.
  11. I’m just happy to see us blowing out Maryland, putting us in a position to have a lot of incentive to beat Iowa. I know there are many on this board that much rather just get this season over with but I think it would be huge for us to become bowl eligible and I have more practice time. For sure for the younger players.
  12. My mind keeps going back over to the thought we are a year and a half into a rebuild and we have people already thinking about getting rid of Frost. Again this is a rebuild and we have so many who have zero patience for that rebuild. Once most got through the fluff and kool-aid, we have seen our glaring holes. Some of those holes are at positions that can’t be fixed easily very quickly, namely offensive line. I think by year 4 things should be coming together much better. We would be talking all Frost recruits and recruits developed under just this staff. It may be year 5 or 6 when we become really good though. You go back and see such coaches like Bill Snyder and Barry Alvarez where it basically took until year 4 before they really took off program wise. Sure those two inherited horrible programs but I think if you go back and look at the end of Riley’s regime, things were actually becoming very bad. So no Frost may not of taken over program that had been in despair as long as those two but it wasn’t a good situation at all.
  13. Honestly year 3 is probably asking for too much as well. The offensive line probably won’t be where it should for another couple of years. Until guys like Benhart, Corcoran, Piper and Jurgens are somewhat experienced and further developed, we won’t be that good upfront. You have to hope some of those sophomores further develop as well. Maybe they aren’t that good right now but by the time they are seniors they will be very experienced and further developed. Heck maybe guys like Lynn and Conn may prove to be darn good as well in time? At worst we actually have a little more quality depth.
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