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  1. Always a possibility but I think he is getting his trial run right at this moment. He was thrown right into the fire July 1st. He has a lot on his plate right now that is for sure. He was already doing a lot of the heavy lifting even when Moos was here. You keep hearing from people that our athletic department as a whole was running pretty darn smoothly even when Moos was not here (back at his ranch). Always makes me think that Green and the regents felt this was the right time to move on from Moos when things were running smoothly department wide. Klassy was probably a big reason for that. By the way I’m in the camp that is not that big on Pollard overall. I think he was made a lot better looking due to Campbell but he has had some very sketchy hires otherwise. Not to mention he doesn’t have much pressure on him at Iowa State.
  2. For what Klassy does for us here at Nebraska administrative wise, it does make sense to promote him to the permanent position. Much of what he does for us already are things that are future based moves. Big with the NIL, media rights, fund raising, etc. He has technically been a athletic director before at Illinois Chicago, so he does have some experience in that role. Even at 44, he has been around at some pretty good schools (Wisconsin, Oregon and Florida State) outside of Nebraska.
  3. Wisconsin just picked up a commitment from CB from Texas. That is their second CB in 2022. We were likely getting Monds anyway but this probably makes it even more likely now.
  4. I would like Stewart to be be next AD but in the end I would not be surprised that Klassy gets the interim tag lifted.
  5. No it sounds like it has only been the last couple of years things have kind of turned sour between the two. I don’t think either completely dislike one another but it was not a rosey situation. The OU game was probably indeed the breaking point. Frost wanted no part of that game as he knew our schedule was brutal enough.
  6. J-Magic I must say you do bring up a really really good point. Living in Kansas, I have witnessed what KU has gone through and it’s not pretty at all. Sure some of it has been bad hiring but also very short leashes that just set things back even further on rebuilds. With this day and age of the transfer portal, making a rash decision on a coaching change is just asking for even more trouble than you perceived you were in at that moment.
  7. Honestly I think Klassy would make a very good all-around Permanent AD. Probably would not rock the boat on the coaching front but namely he has a lot of experience. Through the years he has dealt with a lot of fundraising and has had many different roles throughout his athletic department career (namely at Oregon and Nebraska). He has been very involved with the NIL development at Nebraska. Say what you will about Moos and his availability as of late but the Nebraska athletic department as a whole has been running pretty smoothly due to the quality experience inside. Coach Cook is someone to keep an eye on as well.
  8. He’s waiting on what OU is going to do. If they have room, he is going there. Otherwise he staying home and going to Arkansas.
  9. We have something like 55 give or take freshman. This class doesn’t need to be stacked with so called 4* anyway. Everyone is going to get redshirted. But for those who care about stars, there are probably a handful of these kids that will get bumped up in time. The whole star rating system this year is completely out of whack/Inconsistent due to Covid.
  10. But my guess when it comes to Nebraska, it’s not as a wide receiver. We are pretty much done with that position outside of taking Sampson if he wants to come it seems.
  11. We haven’t been faring the best lately with Florida athletes when it comes to retention With that said luckily with Monds if we were to get him, he is a legacy and likely sticks around.
  12. 6’5”, 285-pound DT Navarro Schunke out of South Dakota looks to be the next Polar Bear. Already a stud in the 2024 class but a great wrestler as well. Won state as a 8th grader!!!
  13. Sounds like the staff was watching Sam Sledge (Creighton Prep) very closely today at the pipeline camp.
  14. Hopefully Honas comes back. He has borderline NFL chances after last season.
  15. Thought we were done with WR’s (likely Page commitment)? Unless we are recruiting him as a Defense/ATH overall?
  16. Ashton Hayes has already talked to Page since Hayes committed.
  17. Just last week I would’ve said Sampson but now it’s looking like Page at the WR spot.
  18. My guess we take both if Sampson wants to jump on board. It is a position of future need due to some departures. But yes Sampson could be headed for tOSU. Luckily both Page and Sampson are good receivers. We were very lucky to have them as the top two options. If it is just Page, so be it.
  19. Again I think the staff is confident they will be filling those spots very soon.
  20. I don’t think that’s anything new for Frost. Both Mariota and Milton were considered projects coming out of high school. Martinez was not technically. Torres reminds me of Josh Allen, who was also a project coming into Wyoming.
  21. Will be interesting to see if this is a position that will be filled up here very soon. Applegate (could be TE as well) and Martin seem likely. Probably will see Applegate pull the trigger on the 18th when he visits.
  22. Imo Maverick is a must get as his burst and moves off the edge are top notch already. He is going to be a really good college player imo.
  23. 6’5”, 225-pound Edge Maverick Noonan is a must get imo! Kid is a freak off the edge already with his burst and moves. Legacy of course with his dad Danny playing here.
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