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  1. ObamaRocks91

    Possible Transfers - Do We Care?

    No matter what everyone thinks of Armstrong (i agree he didn't have a great season), he is soooooo much better of a passer and runner than Stanton. I honestly think Stanton might be the worst passer in the 5 deep on the current roster. Can't wait to see that hype train, though!!
  2. ObamaRocks91

    Now that Bo is almost certainly back, what next?

    Would love to be wrong on this, but I just sense that he's back. Look at these "facts" (which I don't like): 1. Bo had his first two-game losing streak this year in 2 years; 2. Bo had one bad game this year; 3. Yesterday's come-from-behind-victory shows that Bo won't quit; 4. Bo beat Georgia in last year's bowl game; 5. Bo didn't go ballistic at all this week, showing that he has some composure Bo didn't have one bad game this year. That is where people need to use their eyes and intelligence and stop looking at results. WATCH AND ANALYZE the games. Being generous, we had bad games against McNeese St, MSU, Minnesota, Iowa and one of the worst games in the history of the program. A bad game shouldn't be defined as losing by 30+ points. A bad game should be: did a specific's game performance translate to playing well against another team of equal talent. Just watch all the games on right now and think to yourself: If we played like we did yesterday, how would we stack up against Bama, Auburn, Georgia Tech, Georgia, FSU, Florida, Ohio State, Ole Miss, Miss St. If we play yesterday's game against any of those teams, the average margin of victory is greater than 3 TD's. For me, that doesn't equate to a "good" game. The win doesn't matter, the quality of the product, coaching, preparation, and execution matters.
  3. ObamaRocks91

    Now that Bo is almost certainly back, what next?

    Why JP over Beck? What is JP responsible for? He literally has as much say in the defense as you and I. Beck runs most of the offense, so if you choose one, you want Beck gone. Bo is the DC and who ever is the DC in title, Bo will continue to be the actual DC.
  4. ObamaRocks91

    Arizona and Nebraska--What A Difference 5 Years Makes

    So maybe our best was better than their best. Does one game determine the strength of one conference over the other? What about the fact RichRod struggled in the weak B1G but is now doing well in the Pac...i explained that already. I disagree with your assertion. And their eventual conference champion beat what most would consider our best team in the conference. Go team by team and line up the top of the conference down to the bottom. the Pac 12 would probably go 11-1 in those games. You can disagree all you want, but that doesn't make you right. It makes you dumb. Do you watch football, do you know how the game works? Or do you just turn on the tv, watch 22 guys on the field run around with shiny objects on their head until the scoreboard lights up with numbers every so often.
  5. ObamaRocks91

    RB Kendall Bussey Jr [Texas A&M - Signed LOI]

    Absolutely BS here. The Bussey family is very, very, very well off. His dad would giggle at a $10k bag man and tell him to go wash the car with it. This is a product of a lot of things but this isn't $EC shade. This is a kid liking another school better than us.
  6. ObamaRocks91

    RB Kendall Bussey Jr [Texas A&M - Signed LOI]

    RSS confirmed he will be visiting Tennessee this weekend and not Nebraska. It's an unofficial visit but apparently he grew up a fan of UT since visiting campus when he was in middle school. His dad also said that if things go well this weekend, he will take an OV this winter after his season is over.
  7. ObamaRocks91

    Armstrong Leading the QB Race

    I don't think it's coincidence the offensive line has always looked better with Tommy in the pocket. Yes,Tommy has better footwork, I just wish that it would equal better results. But, haven't we been hearing that this is the deepest, most athletic OL in the Pelini era? I know I have. Serious question and I'm not coming at your from a confrontational tone, what didn't you like about Tommy's performance on Saturday? He a few bad passes, absolutely. The overthrow to Ameer was bad, the near interception on the pass to Alonzo was a bad decision. The crazy catch with Westerkamp I would call an below average decision (not bad) but the CB made a really good play on the ball. It happens. I think the 52% (15/29) completion percentage is what sticks out. But if you break that down a little more, you realize it's not terrible. To start, one of those incompletions was the spike at the end of the first half, so can we agree that shouldn't count in his evaluation? Brings it to 54%. Next, he very decisively threw 5 passes out of bounds. One can argue that this is actually a positive play. Things that can NOT happen when you throw the ball away include: interception, sack for big loss, fumble and turnover. Effectively brings it to 65%. Two other incompletions were bombs that missed Kenny Bell grasp by literally inches. Both flew over 60 yards in air and both hit both of Kenny's hands. These aren't completions, but the effect of the throw helps alleviate the box and allows Ameer to operate. If we complete the pass, it's great, but the effect on the defense is greater just by having that as an option. Overall, Tommy's job isn't to complete 70% of passes, he isn't supposed to Christian Hackenburg. His job is to not turn the ball over and put the defense in bad spots and to keep the down and distance manageable. He had 0 turnovers and I think we had 1 occasions where we were 2nd and greater than 10 and that was due to a penalty. He did his job Saturday.
  8. No it is not. We play a strong out of conference game each year for the next like 8 years. And the chances of making the playoffs by going undefeated in an average division are greater than making the playoffs in a slightly above average division (B1G East). The weak divisions helps us make the playoffs, it won't help us win the playoff because we might not be tested as some other teams playing against the same competition. Plus our final game before playoff selection will almost always be against a top 5-10 team vs. OSU, PSU, or MSU.
  9. ObamaRocks91

    How many true freshman did you see out there today?

    They did better with blocking on the punt returns and I could've swore I saw them line everyone up to go after the punter and try to block it. They almost did get the block, too. Even though we only got one decent punt return, I like what I saw from the punt return unit. Kick coverage needs work, though. Ameer was in the game for two punt blocks. He actually almost got one. Kenny Bell should not be returning punts for us the rest of the year, and I suspect (and hope) the coaches are smart enough to recognize how completely lost he is. I respect him for being a senior and wanting to help the team and volunteering for the role, but his results were quite terrible. He obviously fumbled, which is less concerning than him completely misjudging the flight of two punts. That is the stuff that left us with terrible field position last year, luckily it didn't specifically hurt us yesterday. But overall, you need a PR that has that ability to read the ball in the air and KB does a lot of things well, but this is something he clearly struggles with.
  10. ObamaRocks91

    QB Lamar Jackson [Louisville Commit]

    Sounds like the kid can't perform in crunch time and when it matters most late in the game. Based on this I think we need to look elsewhere for our QB.
  11. ObamaRocks91

    Football student tickets remain on sale

    A lot of things. In 2010.... We were coming off a near win against Texas for the league championship We were coming off a 33-0 curbstomping of a good Arizona team in our bowl game We were ranked #8 to start the season and climbed as high as #5 We had games against Texas and Missouri at home Bo Pelini's perceived ability and also tangible results were still trending upwards Yes, this is precisely my point that I have been arguing for over a year now but often get argued to no avail. These are all on the field issues caused by the product on the field. So many people argue all these factors of why demand for tickets is so low, which all may have some impact. But the largest reason why demand is so low is because the on-field performance is lacking.
  12. ObamaRocks91

    Football student tickets remain on sale

    What is the difference between this year and 2010? When I was a sophomore, you had about a 6 hour window the first day tickets came out to get student tickets. Thousands of students got turned away. I'm not positive about this, but I think at one point an entire freshman class didn't get tickets because the upperclassman bought all of them before the freshman window. They eventually changed the process to allow freshman get a certain allotment. But back to my original question, what changed in 4 years? The seats are in the same location, so I don't think that is a big of an issue as people are making it out to be. Others have noted the crappy schedule, which is possible. It's the same question I have about regular season ticket holders and how tickets are less than half the value and they were available until early August when they previously were gone by February. Half the price, but took 6 additional months to sell them...
  13. ObamaRocks91

    Roster Management

    Ok, So doing it that way is probably not the best way to create depth at the level needed to win championships. You're right. I'm sorry. They're kids who started last year and played SIGNIFICANT minutes, but, hey, they chose to come here without a scholarship. Let's just see if they keep playing if we don't give them a scholarship - then they leave and we have an even bigger depth problem. Or you could recruit smarter, harder, and with bigger classes. To be fair, I have heard we have made a much improved commitment to this area. Also, to be fair, I have heard a lot of things, many of which haven't exactly been true. these coaches are kind of a mind--- at times. Still, hard to argues with the 1.2 million spent on recruiting, versus the 375,000 (if I heard correctly) in the past. Where is that $375,000? I can't imagine that is the case in 20 years.
  14. ObamaRocks91

    Kevin Williams injured

    Williams wasn't even a starter, so why would we start moving people? If Collins or VV goes down, then we can start moving people. So under your methodology, we should only have 24 players on scholarship. 11 on D. 11 on O. A kicker. A punter. If someone gets hurt, we can offer schollies to other kids, but lets not worry about that until one of the 24 players on the team gets injured.
  15. ObamaRocks91

    Kevin Williams injured

    Logan Rath, Noah Arenson, or Garret Johns are now fighting for a 2 deep spot at DT. Or of course we could move a severely undersized DE inside and have Jack Gangwish start at DE. Take your pick!