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  1. Emmett Johnson needs to get more carries. Take some of the pressure off of haarberg and give Johnson 15+ touches.
  2. now hand it off 3 times and punt. not that hard
  3. so do you put haarberg back in? they both suck.
  4. throwing a qb to the ground after the whistle...no flag
  5. now just hand of the ball and run some time off the clock
  6. any way to bench both haarberg and satterfield?
  7. haarburg pays attention about as much as these officials
  8. what the hell are these officials looking at
  9. He's already out of bounds when he reached out
  10. Big10 officials trying to make the game interesting
  11. Just don't turn the ball over. Defense ain't giving up this lead.
  12. I just don't understand why this team every year with different players fumbles so much
  13. Rhule just told that ref to do his job
  14. Sometimes it looks like he's surprised he's made it past the los.
  15. Gifford must have eyes in the back of his head
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