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  1. The refs aren't against Nebraska they're just terrible at their job.
  2. That was the dumbest play in the history of sports
  3. Nebraska tackles are struggling to even get a hand on pass rushers.
  4. How are the best options for the other corner spot a true freshman and a walkon? Great job fisher.
  5. But they never call penalties on the other team. The big 10 hates Nebraska.
  6. Mathis got trucked by a rb. Great investment.
  7. Nebraska should try scheduling games every other week. 1 week isn't enough time for this staff to get a team ready to play.
  8. Shouldn't all the lineman pulling in one direction kind of give you a hint og where the play is going?
  9. Indiana has to feel really stupid for not just running the ball.
  10. Crookshank has been in the big 10 for 10 years.
  11. Great idea let the defensive line know exactly when the ball is going to be snapped. I bet this o line could handle that.
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