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  1. Defense is bad at everything. Not a single thing to even build on.
  2. the only thing that can stop georgia southern is clay helton
  3. 0 celebrating like the defense actually did something
  4. How many timeouts will frost now call so georgia southern can score to end the half?
  5. a lot of recruiting misses on both lines. hard to be a good team with bad line play.
  6. Like a lot of conspiracies all you have to do is follow the money. The BIG10 makes a fortune having the only blue blood in the west miss bowl games every year. I have it on good authority that Kevin Warren hacked Frost's head set during the Northwestern game and called the onside kick.
  7. i just dont understand how fans can think that a record of 6-6 in year five is impressive. in year 5 that would not fly with any coach not name frost.
  8. Well he coached the greatest 3-9 team of all time so I'm sure he'll at least have one statue.
  9. Hixson has started way more than 2 games prior to this season.
  10. Have the transfer lineman played yet? I dont recall ever seeing the okie state or northern Colorado guy out there yet.
  11. Washington was probably the only job he would have left for. i think his kid spent a lot of time at the childrens hospital in Seattle.
  12. Prochazka doesn't look like he's anywhere near 100%. between the transfers and the returning guys on the team with experience playing tackle I wish they could rest him. I think he has great potential and would hate to see him get hurt again.
  13. Grant and Allen are the best 2 backs. Frost comments after the game are weird he almost sounds guilty that a guy like Johnson got replaced.
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