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  1. another score or 2 would sure make the scoreboard look better.
  2. didnt someone say he wasnt the best hire but would coach the line the way frost likes?
  3. pin Nebraska deep and wait for them to screw up. were have i seen this before?
  4. will any member of the Nebraska media have the balls of that irish reporter?
  5. when does the buy out drop for chin dawson and ruud?
  6. frost you know you want to go for the onside kick.
  7. take all the timeouts just to take a knee? is this some sort of 3d chess from frost?
  8. can the AD "suspend" frost until oct 1 and then fire him and still save some $
  9. made the tackle a yard past the 1st down marker and the blackshirts are celebrating
  10. nebraska looks like a team that plays hard but isnt coached well.
  11. Frost wanted them bigger. Should have probably made sure they could still move.
  12. to be fare he probably should have helped out the rt instead of leaving on his own
  13. 85 is so stupid he thought he was on punt coverage.
  14. when grant isn't hit at or behind the los he's pretty good. unfortunately that's only like 3-5 a game.
  15. according to pff i believe benhart was the best graded lineman last week.
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