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  1. In order for the 'Huskers to win on Saturday at MSU they have to be very consisent on both offense and defense. MSU is a good team, much better than their record indicates. Look what they did to the Wisonsin ground game on the road last week. This game is much bigger to the 'Huskers than it is for MSU. NU needs to protect the ball and get a good flow on offense. This would be a huge win on the road for Pelini and Big Red Nation. If we win this one we are almost a lock to play Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship game. Lets get er done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Glad his knee surgery went well. Glad he got to come see the Michigan game. Good time for a visit. My biggest fear is that some creep like Lane Kiffin will swoop in at the last second and get him to decommit. Anyway, it seems like he is exactly the kind of kid that NU recruits and I hope he enjoys his last year in High School. Go Big Red!!!!
  3. They should be favored because they are playing at home. NU hasn't really won a big road game yet, but I have a good feeling about this Saturday. Once Nebraska can establish themselves as a road threat in the Big Ten they will be a legitimate threat to win the conference on a consisant basis, IMO.
  4. Hope the "Blackshirts" bring it against MSU. We are going to need them to.
  5. He is when he can hang on to the football and play consistent. This guy is just as good as running the ball as Miller and Robinson. He just has to protect the ball better and keep improving his throwing techniques that he worked so hard on this past summer. Consistency is the key for Taylor, and we really need him during the stretch drive to be consistent and dependable. We can win the Big Ten and still have a shot at a BCS game, even with two losses. Go Big Red!!!!!!!
  6. I strongly believe that in the not too distant future for any school to be eligible to play in a BCS game, and therefore the national championship game, that school must belong to a conference that has a conference championship game. This includes Notre Dame. They have not been a big BCS threat, and granted they play a tough schedule year in and year out, but enough is enough. Every school should have to go through the same rigors of getting to a BCS game. If KSU or OU win the Big 12 without a championship game that is kind of unfair for them to go to a BCS game when schools in the PAC 12, Big 10, SEC and others have to go through the perils of a conference championship game. I truly hope the school presidents, BCS and NCAA look at this issue in the not too distant future.
  7. I feel very good about this game, and if we do lose it I would not do anything with Bo but give him support. Pederson and Callahan did a lot of damage to our program and Bo has done a great job turning things around. Keep in mind Tom Osborne almost got fired several years into his legendary career. Consistancy is a hallmark of great programs, lets use our heads and not our hearts and keep Bo, he is a good man and a good coach. Losing his brother as Defensive Coordinator did not help matters. We will be fine and we WILL beat Michigan. Go Big Red!!!
  8. Yes, this is indeed a must win game. So is the next one against MSU. They are all pretty much must wins from here on out, but the next two are critical. We just need to play more consistant and we can do it. Michigan is not going to come into Lincoln and walk out with a W. I am not taking them lightly, but I feel confident in a nice win this weekend. Going to MSU scares me, they always play pretty tough at home, and have ruined many teams Big Ten title hopes in the past. Go Big Red!!!
  9. Cry me a river. I remember being at the NU Notre Dame game about 11 years ago when well over half the stadium was packed with NU fans. That was a huge embaressment for Notre Dame, and for the most part they kept their mouths shut. Something like this would never happen at Lincoln, or for that matter many other established football programs around the country. If a fanbase can not support their own team at a home game it is ludicrous to blame loyal fans who have traveled 100s of miles to come on the road and support their team. When I read stuff like this it just tells me that this was probably a guy who is on the bandwagon becaus Northwestern is having a decent year and not a true college football fan. This guy needs to get over it............
  10. As long as it isn't Mark May (I realize he is in the studio only) or Brent Musburger I am fine with it. Brent seems like a nice guy, but man does he make a ton of mistakes while he broadcasts games. Anyway, that is how I feel about it. I have no problem with female announcers, as long as they are competent. The few females that I have heard do college games seem fine to me.
  11. Michigan is tough and Robinson scares me. I think the 'Huskers will wear them down in the second half and win 38 to 28. Just hope we can play from ahead and not have to have another comeback. Go Big Red!!!
  12. We can absolutely win the Big Ten. Despite that horrible loss to OSU we still have a lot to play for. We can, and should, beat Michigan this weekend. If we can follow that up with a win at MSU, which is always tough, we should end up in the championship game against the Badgers. We have already proved we can beat them. Go 'Huskers, and GO BIG RED !!!!!!!
  13. No reason why we can't beat Michigan in Lincoln. We just have to limit the turnovers and not play from behind. We still can win our division in the Big Ten and play Wisconsin, whom we already beat, to win the Big Ten title. Lots to play for and lots of motivation on the line this weekend in Lincoln. Go Big Red!!!!!!!!
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