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  1. jassman24

    Harrison Beck

    You have made many poor mistake like this before haven't you.
  2. jassman24

    Harrison Beck

    I assumed you meant the son he is currently pregnant with.
  3. jassman24

    Harrison Beck

    I dont know, how fat he is is pretty funny to me.
  4. jassman24

    OLB Eugene Asante [North Carolina - Signed LOI]

    Omg his film is ridiculous, how is he not rated higher?
  5. jassman24

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    The formula they use looks to complicatedfor me to figure out, but here it is.
  6. I say who gives a sh*t. Their tradition not ours.
  7. jassman24

    JUCO Recruiting

    The coach seems like a terrible person to be completely honest. I would not want to play for him.
  8. jassman24

    LB Nick Henrich [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    I'd rather him sit out the rest of the year to make sure he is healthy.I know it's selfish to think that, but he could be a huge contributor next year.
  9. jassman24

    What happened to Washington?

    It's insane that someone can say they know someone who knows something and so many people will believe it. Start thinking for yourself people and dont blindly trust something read on here.
  10. jassman24

    Fall Camp

    I haven't really read/heard much about J.D. speilman am I to assume that no news is good news?
  11. jassman24

    Recruiting Tangent Thread - Wisconsin Edition

    Well that Rollexx has been looking really shiny as of late.
  12. jassman24

    WR Jalen Curry [Arizona - Signed LOI]

    Ummmm, are you sure?
  13. jassman24

    DE Ethan Piper [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Hell I'll settle for a link to ESPN at this point.
  14. jassman24

    RB Maurice Washington [Nebraska-Signed LOI]

    A newer back he reminds me of is Kareem Hunt.
  15. jassman24

    DT Otito Ogbonnia [UCLA - Signed LOI]

    Yup Kingsbury definitely Techs coach.