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  1. jassman24

    All hail the transfer portal....

    Yeah it was my understanding that if you enter the transfer portal you would be allowed to talk to whoever you want.
  2. jassman24

    QB Logan Smothers [Nebraska Commit]

    A 10.93 takes the gold though?
  3. jassman24

    DT Jamar Sekona

    I don’t know what I like him more as a DT, or a guard. He looks like a monster at both positions.
  4. jassman24

    WR Zavier Betts [Nebraska Commit]

    Might be the only person I have heard of that actually call the Huskers “ the corn”.
  5. jassman24

    Spring Practice Notes

    I believe 89 is Todd Jonas and is 200 lbs per huskers.com
  6. jassman24

    Duval's S&C - Year 2

    What was meant is why the F is he wearing an OSU shirt?!?!?!?
  7. jassman24

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    I do not find them at all funny, annoying to be more like it. They bicker like 5 year old kids and argue about dumb things. It’s okay argue about a topic but have it be about sports. Josh Peterson is also the most annoying voice on radio.
  8. jassman24

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    Yeah only show I can’t listen to is USC also, the show is filled with nothing but their off based opinions. The other shows are really good.
  9. jassman24

    S Darius Snow [Michigan State Commit]

    Idk I must not be hitting the kool-aid hard enough
  10. jassman24

    Harrison Beck

    You have made many poor mistake like this before haven't you.
  11. jassman24

    Harrison Beck

    I assumed you meant the son he is currently pregnant with.
  12. jassman24

    Harrison Beck

    I dont know, how fat he is is pretty funny to me.
  13. jassman24

    OLB Eugene Asante [North Carolina - Signed LOI]

    Omg his film is ridiculous, how is he not rated higher?
  14. jassman24

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    The formula they use looks to complicatedfor me to figure out, but here it is.
  15. I say who gives a sh*t. Their tradition not ours.