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  1. There's sometimes a blurry line between fact and opinion but in this case there just isn't. The fact is that this virus is exponentially growing in our country and communities as expected and if we don't take the necessary precautions as we are being advised to by the medical experts who actually spend their careers researching these exact scenarios, a lot of people will die. If you choose to be ignorant to that, it's on you. But do know that your ignorance can be the direct result of people contracting this virus and spreading it potentially causing actual deaths. We have evidence from other countries to see how this plays out if we don't treat it like the threat that it is.
  2. Anyone not taking this thing seriously at this point are purposely blinding themselves. It doesn't take a whole lot of research to see how this can go badly (Italy, Spain, etc.....) and it appears we are on the same trajectory. People from those countries have been begging people to listen to them and their warnings about what can happen. Please just listen to people who are a million times smarter on this subject and have dedicated their careers to this subject. Almost unanimously they are all saying that this is a big deal because it is. Sorry for what may seem like an incoherent ramble, but it drives me crazy to see people who are still not taking this seriously because it hasn't affected them or their personal bubble yet.
  3. Wow at a spot of need too. Really thought we were out of the running for this one too, but this would be a very nice get for this staff.
  4. Time to see if we belong and I wouldn't have it any other way. I think we have to be happy with getting out of the first 6 Big ten games at 3-3 or better. A couple tough road matches the next couple games. The next 6 games after that brings some intriguing home match-ups where hopefully we can gain some ground because that next 6 games is a pretty brutal way to end the season.
  5. Incident happened in February but video just now released. How long until a suspension? Not a good look for the NFL.    http://www.tmz.com/2018/11/30/kc-chiefs-kareem-hunt-attacked-kicked-woman-surveillance-video/                          

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Cdog923


      F-ing Kareem Hunt. I knew some stupid **** was going to derail the Chiefs this year. 

    3. Red Five

      Red Five

      Fits in well with Tyreek Hill

    4. The Dude

      The Dude

      Not a good look for the Chiefs.

  6. I completely agree. These Husker Hoops boards are getting to become nearly impossible to come to and read anymore because of the constant pessimism. We had a good year last year unexpectedly which should be cause for hope, and then now this year we return the main core of the team and the majority of outsiders pick us to continue that success and have another good year. This is as much optimism as there has been around the program in quite some time, and I think most people can clearly say this year's team is significantly different than the 2014-2015 team in that you can easily see the sustained success. But yet you come to this board and the majority of the talk is negative and looking past this year. Just enjoy what we have now and worry about the years after later. This is a good time to be a Husker Hoops fan.
  7. I watch a pretty significant amount of soccer and the +5 (or whatever) has always been there. Could see how it would be confusing if you were watching a match where this was not there though.
  8. Pretty good article on Bud Crawford as the lead story on ESPN's website right now


    1. The Dude

      The Dude

      Still kind of annoyed by this ESPN+ thing.  I subscribed, and it's actually kind of awesome if you're a fan of classic boxing, but I'm still annoyed.  


      Arum took him off HBO because they threw him on PPV too soon.  The whole point of going to ESPN was for the exposure.  He'd get a lot more on regular ESPN.

      It was a great article, by the way.

    2. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      Can't wait to see him beat the piss out of Jeff Horn.

  9. http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/education-not-income-predicted-who-would-vote-for-trump/ I honestly think this article has a lot to do with this whole situation
  10. That's a very powerful article and sadly more true than it should be. Until we do something about this problem, whether it be funding more mental health research to diagnose the issue, passing common sense legislation such as not allowing those that are mentally ill to legally purchase a gun, or as a society becoming more informed voter and getting people in Washington that will better represent their constituents, the question will always remain......WHO, WHERE, and HOW MANY? That's something I don't want to accept and I hope Americans around the country agree.
  11. The one thing I see continuously get brought up in this thread is that there is an assumption people want to ban guns or just simply assault weapons completely. While in my opinion, I think banning these types of weapons would help tremendously as evidence by countries all over the world, that is not what most are arguing. We have to start somewhere with this issue because it is one that is too hard to ignore anymore, and quite frankly should have been a long time ago. Is it really that outlandish to start requiring more background checks to obtain these types of weapons? Is that too much of a hassle for law-abiding citizens to take part in? Sure, the people with intentions to carry out these acts will more times than not find a way to still obtain the weapons. But if it can even stop one of these tragedies or even save just one life is it not worth it? People get too focused on the idea that people are coming to take their guns, and that just isn't the case at all. Most people just simply want tighter restrictions and common sense laws that can help to START combating these issues. Nothing will change overnight but we have to start moving forward with ways to stop these unbelievable tragedies. When each one becomes less and less shocking, there is a major problem. Sorry for the rant........
  12. Just crazy to me that Maryland could be ahead of us according to that. I know it's been said over and over again in here that the committee doesn't look at conference record but come on, they are 4-7 in the conference and 2-6 in their last 8 games. I don't know in what world they should be considered higher than us in anyone's rankings.
  13. Pretty quite from this guy during and after the game.... Regardless it was good to see this team go out and execute a game plan tonight. It was clear we made it a focus to defend hard and take out their bigs. I thought we did a real good job at it. This team is gonna go as Watson goes and he had it tonight. Good win against a good team but now it’s time to go get after Creighton who seems to be Miles’ worst nightmare. Go Big Red!
  14. Tell me about it....he's from my home town and his is family are all Husker fans too. Ran into him and his dad walking over the bridge on the north side of the stadium our first year in the B1G when we played Iowa in Football. His dad was wearing Husker stuff but Mike wasn't wearing any memorabilia for either team. Seems to have worked out pretty well for him. He made a good decision for his future and has had a very successful 4 years at Iowa. I would've loved to get him to Nebraska but can't fault him for making the decision he did.
  15. This is one of those losses that is tough to swallow. They built up a solid lead and completely blew it down the stretch. I love Tim Miles but his in-game adjustments need to be way better. At some point we gotta figure out that we gotta put a body on somebody and rebound. Hopefully this team can find a way to put this behind them and get focused on Indiana. The games aren't gonna get easier from here. If they can't find a way to close out games, it's gonna be a lonnnnnng conference season
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