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  1. Well OP can pack sand. We are in this to win this. Doom/gloom, Royce or everyone questioning the D be damned.
  2. Lol who said we should do that? :D. Those factors I referenced are just the two factors that prevent me from being overconfident. Anything can happen any given Saturday that's why they play the games. Freeman looked great last year before going down. Hopefully we can contain him. #GBR
  3. Two words. Royce Freeman. He is the X-factor from last year that should not be overlooked even with a new staff. Well that and if Oregon would have kicked a field goal instead of going for two every time.
  4. For what it is worth on Big Red Wrap Up last night they said it would be a Saturday morning decision if at all applicable. They didn't seem to worried about cancellation.
  5. SiriusXM does a good job with their broadcasts although they do not broadcast every Nebraska game. I have a subscription but usually watch games on the telly...and my dated car radio face only picks up a few college games at a time when I am on the road but like I said they are good broadcasts but sometimes they are homer announcers. I expect that they would broadcast only a handful maybe. When I have tuned in it is usually the top games of the week. They do have analyisis shows running on the weekends though to get gameday info if I remember correctly.
  6. I made a desktop wallpaper 2017 schedule. Take it! http://imgur.com/Y0EInTz

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      Did you just steal husker_addict's template? Or are you husker_addict?

    2. Sea of Red

      Sea of Red

      I am not husker_addict. This format was floating around a few years ago and then I could never find them again so I just make my own every year for my office. So yes I guess I stole it...do you know if he still does them?

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  7. Please vote and explain why you voted that way. I find myself pessimistic for the first time in years. Why am I taking this approach? Pessimism leads to less let downs and more surprises. I can get behind that I guess... It seems like there are too many new and unproven variables this season which makes me question the success of the team. Growing pains are real. I would assume the defense does not just come out balls to the wall domination in year one of a new system but what do I know. Lee is being touted as the real deal but results on the field are all that matters. Honestly I hope I am rudely awakened in regards to the Blackshirts and that the O follows suit.
  8. Man I wonder what is up with Eric Lee and Avery Anderson.
  9. For the love of God leave kids alone on Twitter! I understand the disappointment but some of these people should be ashamed of themselves...
  10. Talking heads on ESPN2 just said something along the lines of 'Nebraska is about 2-3 years away from landing a recruit like Lewis.'
  11. Would have loved to have this kid N but wish him the best. GBR!
  12. You, sir, just won the Internet...can't +1 this enough I can not take credit for this, all I did was remove Banker and add Diaco in the background. Whoever did do it though is the tits. (EDIT: Found out where it originated: )
  13. Always great to land a solid in state talent. Welcome aboard!
  14. I honestly thought Banker would have got one more year. Yes, the defensive stats were definitely padded this year going up against some pretty terrible offenses that still seemed to thrill against us at times nonetheless but I digress. This is a sound wake up call to the staff that expectations must be met. Langsdorf on notice? (let's see what he has to offer with a pure passer) Off topic is he related to the Spitting Cobra Steven Diaco? Yello...
  15. Maybe we should start a Healthy update thread, save us some time. /s Man we are not in good shape.
  16. ( LINK to pic removed from this post by NUance. F-bombs!) From 2000 on we still have more wins than the Hawkeyes not to mention 1st place division finishes and/or ties. Even with Callahan...yikes. Haters gonna hate. But hey, whatever makes them feel better/relevant right? (Oh snap now we're caught in the 00's!!)
  17. Do blowouts still count when your record leading QB can't throw or run because of multiple injuries but tries his ass off nonetheless? Sadly yes they do in the record book and also in the eyes of armchair quarterbacks and coaches. Tommy was not good today, he could not run...he did not throw well at all. Criticize all you want but this team still has one game left and the fan base right now needs to chillax. (That is chilling and relaxing all at the same time in case you did not know) Rise up and rally behind this team. We did well this year. The opportunities were there but the pieces of the puzzle did not fall the way they should have. Regardless there is a foundation here to build upon and one helluva a senior class to send off. Do it right.
  18. Walk on from Grand Island, Nebraska... 23 for 37, 220 yards, 1 TD. Second start on senior day in his senior season. Hell yes. I feel great for the guy. Plus this game could be considered a significant confidence builder in case Tommy cannot go next week on the road against Iowa.
  19. Tommy is a warrior! But all great warriors may fall. This man has been through so much but still faces such adversity. Does he see another down as QB? I would hope as much but the realist in me says otherwise. I think that despise how the team does here on out we come together and recognize that Tommy got us here...to the next game. Can we finish the next game? Time will tell but I say yes, it is totally in the books. #GBR!
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