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  1. This just in. Westy was interfered with going into the locker room and our DL is still being held on the field

  2. Wisconsin is going to be battle tested. People always say that a tough stretch will beat a team up. I've never bought into that.

  3. I'm a big fan of walk off sacks.

  4. Guise, I gotta know, is this a game that I should put out my inflatable Lil Red in the front yard?

    1. Sea of Red

      Sea of Red

      Only if you want me to drive over 200 miles to Macho Man elbow drop that sumbitch from your roof. You provide the ladder.


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  5. 1) Who will our next president be? 2) Will we want to live in America anymore?

  6. If you're bored, check out my youtube channel. It has most husker games since 2008, and I'm working on filling out a bunch of classic games: http://tinyurl.com/zwx9xag

  7. All in all, a pretty decent NSD for us. Hope this sets the tone for a successful year on the field as well.

    1. Sea of Red

      Sea of Red

      I am concerned with the lack of defensive line targets but hopefully we make up for that next season. All in all a great class and something to get excited about.


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  8. VA tech and Tulsa won't start 2nd half til 7 of clock. will we start on espn2 or news u think?

  9. Google Play store has 50% off any single album currently. Good time to explore a new artist!

  10. I really like the Utah vs BYU matchup

  11. LJ Scott is not human.

  12. Still feeling pretty good about this Patrick O'Brien fellow...

  13. Before the 4th and 1 play I said "If they pass here I can no longer defend this staff"..........

  14. That could be a program saving win. Huge recruiting wise, pull the team together, and gives an amazing fan base hope.

    1. Sea of Red

      Sea of Red

      The crowd was astounding tonight...hell yes to them.

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  17. OK, I'm a guy. I chug a big drink out of the jug of apple cider. THEN I notice the mold growing on the cider.

  18. 5-0 on husker predictions this year, now fully convinced our fate lies in my hands. That being said F#&K Whisky, GBR! 3-3 here we come!

  19. Anyone rewatch the game get a better feel for how good ozigbo looked? He was obviously very productive but I dont recall if he had good blocking or made some good moves or anything like that.

  20. So people are surprised that the halloween whopper is turning their poop green? What do they expect? I guess i would expect that. There has to be food coloring in the bun.

    1. Sea of Red

      Sea of Red

      Boo Berry does the same thing. #halloweenpoo


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  21. Just got home from the hospital. Yesterday I fell 28 feet off a man lift onto some metal grating receiving four lacerations on the back of my head and fractured four lower vertebrae's. I'm fortune to still be alive and not paralyzed, I truly had a guardian angel watching over me.

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