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  1. I do not think Calvin Jones has picked us win one game this season, man... He does bring up a good point however in regards to Tommy.
  2. Tommy heading back into stadium in street clothes. Great news!
  3. Tommy in a motorcade heading back to the stadium currently.
  4. Not wanting to jump to conclusions initially time has given clues to Armstrong's injury. According to Riley and other chatter Tommy is moving extremities and talking. Staff has stated a spinal injury is at this point unlikely. Here is to hoping Tommy is okay in the long run. GBR.
  5. Indiana played their asses off and we scored #27 points. I think that is tribute enough.
  6. If the Illinois defense vs. our offense is any indicator the Wisconsin matchup is not going to be pretty. We need to figure some things out and quick.
  7. F'n love Tommy, what a warrior!!!

    1. The Dude

      The Dude

      f'ing LEGENDARY performance!

  8. Almost my prediction, but not quite... Morgan Jr. one handed 36 yard TD grab.
  9. Sam Foltz memorial wrist bands, all proceeds go to the family. https://stores.inksoft.com/sam_foltz_memorial

  10. A nice ranking for a unit that during the first half of last season struggled to say the least. Something seemed to click the later part of the season so I have hope that this unit will be improved going into the fall. I am really looking forward to see what Jackson brings to the table.
  11. Next to Westerstache, Stanley is the man to beat in a stacked WR corp. Close race but Stan is the Man.
  12. 2009 Iowa State. Ugh. But man I still can't the taste of that 2010 A&M "game" out of my mouth.
  13. Rewatched the 2010 NU/Mizzou game on football classic...classic beatdown on Mizzou is more like it. Taylor was never the same threat as a runner after that game. Man, what could have been...

    1. NUance


      That's a fun game to watch. Mizzou just didn't have an answer for Helu.

  14. We need a BANG-A-RANG!

  15. Really interested in seeing what Lee and Anderson bring to the table this season.
  16. This is where people need to be careful. McClure was very good at getting CA kids to commit to one of the main CA schools. There really isn't any proof that it translates to him being able to do what you suggest. Exactly, this cannot be stressed enough.
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