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  1. https://247sports.com/college/nebraska/Article/Patrick-Mahomes-Kansas-City-Chiefs-defends-Iowa-HS-senior-Arland-Bruce-IV-ruled-ineligible-to-play-2021-Iowa-Hawkeyes-commit--151645039/ I've never heard of high school athletic association ruling a player ineligible. Does this happen often? Even if someone had dual residency shouldn't they be able to play in whichever place they want? This just seems an overstepping of bounds to me.
  2. Do you think the B1G announcing the season being played changes anything with Keyshawn?
  3. I've worn my 2 pairs of ultraboosts into the ground, I own way to many pairs of shoes and usually wear my boosts everyday, easily get over a year and a half of wear on them before I start to wear the outsole off. I'll second that they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. Yet to have an Issue with the flyknit material tearing.
  4. I just don't see the spring season working while expected to play a fall season in 2021. While a playoff birth/National championship is obviously the end goal, even a Thanksgiving start date is better than spring ball. I just want to see some B1G football played this year.
  5. Hopefully it was a drive thru gotta be safe!
  6. Off - Austin Allen Def - DaiShon Neal ST - Jaron Woodyard
  7. http://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/football/a-coast-to-coast-tuesday-and-a-sleepless-night-on/article_e91d1af2-8f7e-5659-b3eb-4327b39bc3e5.html Good article giving a run down of how the in-home visit went down. These guys are putting in work.
  8. With McShane out, do we know if the rest of the support staff is gone?
  9. Offense: OZ has a big day 100+ yards and a TD Defense: Deontre Thomas shows why he's playing as a True Freshman 3 TFL
  10. JD Spielman takes either some kind of end around or screen play to the house The Davis twins cause some mayhem combine for 3 sacks
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