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  1. You'll likely be able to walk up to just about any tailgate and enjoy a beer and conversation with husker fans. The parking lots around the stadium are technically dry but I would venture to guess there will be plenty of people with red solo cups. Lots of parking lots downtown will be hosting large tailgates. If you don't get invited to a particular one don't fret just walk around downtown and you'll likely be invited into more than a handful.
  2. Mav is there a way to block people on this site?
  3. It's too early to tell what's going to happen with the remaining spot. Who knows if a defensive coach gets a different job or something of the sort. I honestly think we need both which is quite the conundrum. If everything stays the same I think you add Brown or another RB coach, have Frost coach special teams and keep Busch as an analyst to help Scott. Personally I'd rather have Busch on staff but we'll see.
  4. Initially, I was more in favor of 6 teams as I don't feel half of the "top 12" deserve to be there. Top 2 get byes and it would setup pretty nicely. Although after listening to some podcasts I think 8 makes the most sense, P5 conference champs and 3 at large bids.
  5. Bill Busch would fit in that role nicely. Just need to see how the rest of the staff shakes out.
  6. Idk what year you think it is but those guys aren't coming here. Doubtful boosters will want to pay a $120 million contract because that's the new norm. Reports are out that Jimbo turned down $130 million from LSU
  7. I don't want a special teams by committee, I'm guessing that's basically what we used this last year and it didn't work. We need a dedicated special teams coach and we needed last year not a defensive coach that got a shiny special teams button for coming back to the huskers.
  8. Quote from his Wiki In his first stint as coach of UMass from 1998 to 2003,[3] he won the NCAA Division I-AA national title in his first season at the school.[3] His UMass teams rewrote the record books, setting more than 40 team records. In 1998 his national championship team posted school records in points scored (524), touchdowns (73), total yards (7,074), passing yards (4,050), completions (306), and first downs (354).
  9. This was my thoughts exactly Dawson can take another NFL job and Chins was already working with the LB group if memory serves me right.
  10. Bill Busch STC/Recruiting coordinator?
  11. I have no idea how to embed a tweet Report: Mark Whipple Met With Nebraska Sunday
  12. He basically said he didn't want to burn his sources.
  13. I didn't listen to the audio in the tweet but this morning on the radio show I'm 90% sure Mike mentions that the guy he has been hearing about also coaches O-line. I'll try and find the segment omw home and make sure my ears aren't fooling me.
  14. They said sitting P5 OC so that rules out Barney as who they were referencing. That said I'd take him as an analyst.
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