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  1. Anyone have stats on the # of holds called against NE this year? It seems to me that less penalties have been called both ways. Seems like they are letting them play more, I see lots of PI not called but it seems to be going both ways so I'm not to beat up about it. As long as the game is called the same for both teams is all I care about.
  2. By all accounts Mills is a bit dinged up still from the NW game heard one of the radio guys say last week he played 81 snaps that game. Sounds like him and Thompkins are out for tomorrow. We really need someone to step up there, either Scott or Johnson because we can't expect Wan'Dale to carry the load like last week.
  3. Played in 15 of the top 50 matches and 4 of the top 5 matches none to shabby.
  4. Using the class calculator I don't see us making much movement above #18 without some re-ranking of other commits honestly I'm surprised Fidone isn't even higher but I'll take the #1 TE ranking anyday.
  5. Kinda surprised by the exclusion of Reimers and somewhat Farmer, I expect both of them and a few others will be earning a blackshirt sooner rather than later.
  6. Ronald Thompkins has a big day nearly 100yds on the ground with a score, one run of 30+ yds Both QBs score 2 different ways Adrian with a passing and rushing TD. Luke with a passing and receiving TD.
  7. I think both QBs have a rushing and passing TD
  8. NEB 34 NW 20 Rush 201 Pass 301 Both QBS have a rushing and passing TD
  9. The leadership shown by Bill Moos and Ronnie Green is the best I've seen in my days as a Husker fan. While I'm disappointed we won't be playing on Saturday, I am now more confident than ever with these two at the helm!
  10. Never thought I'd see the day Barry Alvarez and Wisconsin were scared to play Nebraska.
  11. https://247sports.com/college/nebraska/Article/Patrick-Mahomes-Kansas-City-Chiefs-defends-Iowa-HS-senior-Arland-Bruce-IV-ruled-ineligible-to-play-2021-Iowa-Hawkeyes-commit--151645039/ I've never heard of high school athletic association ruling a player ineligible. Does this happen often? Even if someone had dual residency shouldn't they be able to play in whichever place they want? This just seems an overstepping of bounds to me.
  12. Do you think the B1G announcing the season being played changes anything with Keyshawn?
  13. I've worn my 2 pairs of ultraboosts into the ground, I own way to many pairs of shoes and usually wear my boosts everyday, easily get over a year and a half of wear on them before I start to wear the outsole off. I'll second that they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. Yet to have an Issue with the flyknit material tearing.
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