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  1. Man if only every player was like Domann
  2. If there is one thing, just one thing they could do to be better: Please get some discipline. I'm so tired of being afraid of penalties or turnovers every damn play. It's exhausting.
  3. As terrible as the game was, we got the most important W with this news.
  4. I guess the only real thing I can say about turning it around is this: We'll turn it around...when we turn it around. If we turn it around.
  5. Nebraska 20 Iowa 23 Rushing 100 Passing 200 We always have some stupid bs game where we get close.
  6. But the issue isn't recruiting. The talent is there. We have greatly improved on that, a credit to Frost. What concerns me is that it isn't showing up on the field. Now, obviously, not every guy you sign will be all he's cracked up to be, but the product on the field can only be explained by poor coaching. I just want to see a decent Husker team again. Hell, I'd take the Pelini era at this point. It's so depressing. This state needs a good Nebraska football program. It deserves one.
  7. The extreme circumstances that would lead to litigation would also lead to, before it ever came to that, appropriate action against posts in the shed. The rules of the shed are no threats, no libel, no bigotry, so people know to expect that they will be free from those three things. Nobody is going to sue Huskerboard if those three things aren't happening. If those things ARE happening, then the board could get sued, but only if the staff was negligent in weeding out the problem and enforcing the rules, which they have been doing, and which you are pissed about. tbh no one's going
  8. Leave it to Mizzou to tweet out a close image of some kid's LOI signature so it's easy to forge now.

  9. We have plenty of safeties, it's not as big of a loss as, say, LB.
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