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  1. Getting worked by a team that lost to Bowling Green.
  2. I guess the defense is gassed from the last 3 games.
  3. So we will see 90% Ramhir getting stuffed and maybe 2 carries by Yant. Stepp and Morrison won't see the field....again.
  4. I just don't get taking yant out on short yardage
  5. The refs suck but stop putting all the blame on them...Once again the Defense is playing their a$$ off and the offense except for the first drive of the game has been predictable and inept.
  6. Defense has to be gassed and Frost needs to turn the play calling over to Lubick or just gtfo already.
  7. This is a joke...if he is going to keep running up the middle try someone else.
  8. Just run the ball they have shown no ability to stop Yant
  9. Why did Morrison not see the field again after the go ahead score
  10. No matter how this ends Frost never learns from his mistakes
  11. Yes but there is only one stat I care about and that's the W
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