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  1. Yall just got to see Rhett McGowan..... fair catch extraordinaire..... he'll catch some balls on the crossing route in the second half
  2. Holy crap there are more people at the UGA Spring scrimmage than in that stadium. There is a large UGA fanbase on the Georgia Coast less than 2 hours from the venue, I thought for sure they could fill up more than half.
  3. Fun Fact- You'll see a scrawny white guy named Rhett McGowan, slot receiver he'll get 6 catches. He spent two years as a walk on and finally got meaningful playing time due to receiver injuries and earned a full scholarship. He is also a scholar athlete. This will be his last game. He is one of the guys that represents what college football is really all about. He's a guy that would have never seen the field at Auburn or Alabama. Don't get pissed when McGowan does well.... be happy for the good of the sport.
  4. I regret coming in too late for this topic. The biggest question I have, and I fear may never be answered, is what the hell is Cockinyourear doing here? The little bastard is everywhere, like some kind of world wide web ambassadeur for the gamecock nation.
  5. That was our former Tight End Orson Charles now in the NFL, and it was Florida's BCS trophy he broke while on a recruiting visit there.... which will never not be funny. Last year another recruit broke Alabama's crystal trophy but it was not Douglas. Bama wasn't interested in him. And in case this is what you are fishing for.... we don't have a crystal trophy to break.
  6. Creighten Duke........ this is interesting..... Source- http://bigstory.ap.org/article/fumbling-habit-huskers-cant-break-under-pelini So take the Brendan Douglas sh#t on down the road, if you please.
  7. I searched google for them and could not find them. Can you post the gifs for me? I'd like to add them to my collection.
  8. Interesting (to me) side note about the above picture with Floyd over the LSU QB, the guy wearing #47 is Ray Drew, "The Paster of Disaster".... super turbo Christian kid, was a 5 star recruit 3 years ago and refers to himself as a "crock-pot" player, sitting on the bench for years getting better and better with time, just now starting... and is also a huge country music fan and doesn't listen to rap.... plays acoustic guitar. Another personal side note.... receiver Chris Conley in the one handed catch gig in post #1 is a geek... organized a Star Wars student movie viewing last week on campus... and at the risk of sounding racist, speaks very well.... makes James Earl Jones sound like James Brown. Future broadcaster for sure.... http://www.georgiado.../100113aab.html
  9. Hutson Mason QB held a few state passing records in Georgia but wasn't highly recruited because his offense at Lassiter High School was a HUNH and UGA only offered him at the last minute. There were questions about his long ball. At UGA, he's always been the guy in the headset between Murray and the booth. He is a 5th year senior who knows the offense inside and out. He's been the official backup the whole time he's been here, and repping with the first team at every practice. He's had some cleanup duty in garbage time over the years, but just got his first start in the last game of the season vs instate rival Georgia Tech (Murray tore ACL the week before). Down 20-0, he led the Dawgs back into the game to win in 2nd overtime. The difference between Mason and Murray is that Mason plays faster. Murray had the maturity and experience to let the plays develop, checking the long ball first before checking through the rest of the routes and reading the coverage. Murray was also an effective scrambler. Mason likes to get rid of the ball in a hurry. He wants to dink and dunk you all the way down the field. An offensive lineman told the newspaper recently they always have to tell him to slow down in practice because he's now now now. One of his weaknesses is the play-action run. As soon as he hands the ball off and takes two steps, he stops to turn around and watch the play and doesn't follow through with the fake. I assure you they are working on that in the film room because it defeats the whole purpose of the play action run. His critics say he doesn't have the long ball, but he through for several long completions in that game. One game doesn't make or break a quarterback, so only time will tell if he'll be successful against Nebraska, and looking forward to next year, the SEC. Georgia's defense is a base 3-4 but plays in nickel most of the time. We only returned 3 starters from last year's defense. Garrison Smith (DE), Amarlo Herrera (ILB), Damien Swann (DB). The two players you'll see most on the defensive line are Garrison Smith and Ray Drew. They all rotate but Smith and Drew are almost always in there. The difference is new DL coach Chris Wilson (former Miss St DC). Instead of trying to put together a defensive line based on prototypes, he put the 3 most disruptive guys up on the line as the starters. Garrison Smith is barely 300 but is the nose guard in a 3-4 in the SEC, if that gives you any indication of the new DL philosophy. It's been working. The whole front 7 of the defense are great. UGA is in the top 5 in the sec in sacks, hurries, rush yards against, and pass yards against (no thanks to our secondary, but I don't want to get ahead of myself). Georgia's linebackers are all stout. Ramik Wilson (ILB) leads the SEC in tackles and was named 1st team All SEC this week. Leonard Floyd (OLB, true freshman) was named to the SEC All Freshman team and leads the team in sacks. Jordan Jenkins (OLB) was the 5 star recruit from 2 years ago that was supposed to replace Jarvis Jones, but you don't simply replace Jarvis Jones. Jordan Jenkins has played well at weak side OLB although the stats don't show it. Unlike most weak side ends who go after the qb on every play, JJ actually contains his edge. Georgia's secondary is a dumpster fire. That's all I have to say about that. Here's a pic of Leonard Floyd and Zach Mettenberger being introduced to each other.
  10. As promised.... The offensive line is very good, but right tackle John Theus (soph) is inconsistent. He is the weak point. His backup is Kolton Houston, a kid who made national headlines for banned substances in his system for years after a high school injury where the doctor pumped him up with some stuff. 3 years later, he could finally pass a piss test. He should be starting, but Theus has earned his starting spot as well. After Theus gives up 2 sacks, you'll see Houston in there. Then the sacks will stop. Put Gregory on Theus, "the viking".. Todd Gurley hasn't been himself since his ankle injury. Most chalk it up to the fact he got out of shape while he was healing. He's still a 6 ypc back, but he doesn't have those yards after contact that he used to. Hopefully for Georgia, the time off before the bowl will have him back to 100%. The good news for Nebraska is that Gurley's backup Keith Marshall is out for the year with a torn ACL. The bad news for Nebraska is that true freshman 4th string running back Brendan Douglas (#22) is an incredibly good running back. You'll see him in the backfield, and you'll think "Oh, they've got a white half-back in the backfield, he must be a good blocker, this is going to be a pass play". Georgia's receivers are a confusing story. First we lost Mitchell (ACL) in the first game of the year. His backup, an unknown named Justin Scott-Wesley proved to be an excellent replacement, leading the team in receptions and yards for the next 4 games until he also tore his ACL. Right around the same time, our next best receiver (you'll remember him from last year), Michael Bennett (the white receiver) tore his miniscus. He was back 3 weeks after surgery, so thankfully it wasn't too bad. Then he missed another game due to bruised ribs for a big hit he took on a touchdown reception over the middle. His backup is "the other white receiver" Rhett McGowan, a former walk-on. I believe he caught a TD in the bowl game last year. Another great receiver named Chris Conley has also been battling an ankle injury through most of the year, but is now healthy. A ray of hope has been true freshman Reggie Davis, who holds several state track records. If you are still reading this paragraph, just remember how it started it... I warned you it was a confusing story. So the short of it is that you can expect to face Chris Conley, Michael Bennett, Reggie Davis, and Jonathan Rumph (juco transfer) getting most of the receiving duty, although Gurley has been in the receiving game alot more recently as well, while our tight ends have seemed to take a step back from receiving. This is Reggie Davis' first college catch, which also happened to be Murray's 100th TD pass, which also happened to be a UGA record for longest TD pass. A great catch by Chris Conley this season.... The only other thing there is to say about our offense is that Murray is out forever and Hutson Mason is in. I will make another post about Hutson "The Slaw Hammer" Mason as well as a quick rundown on our defense.
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong.... but some Husker beat reporter named Callahan was on local radio in ATL this week and I beleive he said Gregory has lost some weight and it's made him a significanly faster player. I could definitely have that wrong though... can one of you more educated people verify this for me? Abdullah would be wise to enter the draft this year. Next year the draft is going to be stacked with some of the best running back talent in a long time. Same reason Murray should have left last year at QB position, the competition is much worse for him in this draft with Johnny, Mett, Bridgewater, McCarron, and on and on. If Abdullah waits until next year, he might not even get drafted with Gurley, Marshall, Yeldon, the ASU kid, Tre Mason, Mike Davis, and on and on.
  12. There is too much misinformation in this thread for me to correct piece by piece here. Tonight I'll start another thread with some facts about your Gator Bowl opponent. Also, don't listen to anything DamnGoodDawg says about Richt. He hates Richt and wants him fired no matter what. We could win the NC next year and he'd say it was a fluke and fire Richt. He has snakes in his head. In other news, I've recooped my 401k I lost by putting all my money on the Huskers vs UCLA earlier in the year. Yall really let me down, but I am even again, in case any of you were concerned about the financial future of my family. Oh I almost forgot... You buck toothed corn cobs.
  13. RIght, it's a year ago, and it is still pissing them off.... 3 pages on that topic now.
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