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  1. Along with many others, i am searching for 2 tickets to the game. Would pretty much be good with any seat for the right price. Thanks in advance
  2. I'm on the list for season tickets. Wondering what chance i have of getting the call.
  3. I've got to think he will be bumped back to a 4 - star. He plays football in North Jersey against amazing competition. Those private schools in the area get kids form the trip-state area, probably charge 20k a year to go there, and have about 4k boys attending. They get the cream of the crop.
  4. Mav is swell guy. If he ever has tickets available again he should just contact us directly. No need to ask everyone. Always wear red.
  5. “I’ve been there before so I’m going to let my parents see what it is all about,” Parsons said. “And, I want to see that sold-out stadium. They talk about their fans, and it’s all love out there, so I just can’t wait to see it for myself.” http://usatodayhss.com/2017/all-usa-watch-five-star-de-micah-parsons-also-a-stellar-rb-scores-3-tds-in-rout
  6. http://www.eightlaces.com/5-star-quarterback-seeing-red/ Per GatorCountry.com’s Nick De La Torre, (Justin) Fields will likely take officials to Oregon and Nebraska while also unofficially checking out Georgia, FSU, and Florida as they are, “a short drive from home”.
  7. Would a plumber be able to tell me this? Home is about 3,500 sq ft
  8. Hello everyone - Any idea what it will cost to install a water softener? Also, I'm looking for a very good water softener at that. Any recommendations?
  9. Scottsbluff linebacker Garrett Nelson commits to Nebraska's 2019 recruiting class
  10. http://www.omaha.com/news/crime/husker-receiver-keyshawn-johnson-jr-cited-for-marijuana-possession/article_63eda534-4de4-11e7-9bd1-e7e7ef44d196.html University of Nebraska-Lincoln police cited a Nebraska football player for possession of marijuana on Friday afternoon. According to a UNL police report, true freshman wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson Jr. was cited for possession for less than one ounce of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.
  11. Clearly a way to get more people to attend Friday Night Lights. Why? Because it works. A guy named "Bookie" attended last year and fell in love with Lincoln because of it. https://www.landof10.com/nebraska/nebraska-recruiting-notebook-fans-at-friday-night-lights-camps “I think what we’ve learned over our time here is the support in this state and fans nationally, the support they give the team is so classy and positive,” Van De Riet told Land of 10 a few weeks ago. “And then you start to realize when you see people engage with recruits just the general fan and the impact that has on everything, that’s something that we really like.”
  12. Recruiting: A top Husker RB target makes the call for someone else One of Nebraska's top targets at running back, TJ Pledger, has committed elsewhere. Pledger announced via Twitter on Saturday that he is headed to Oklahoma, noting he is 110-percent committed. "Life is a gamble don't be scared to take that risk," he tweeted in making the announcement. (Here are Pledger's Hudl highlights.)
  13. Hail Varsity: The 'Husker Way' to Holding Team Accountable
  14. https://twitter.com/swmckewonOWH/status/838128308688666625?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw Why is Riley not posting this on his depth chart?
  15. https://twitter.com/HuskerExtraBC/status/838114909477036032?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw
  16. http://nebraska.247sports.com/Bolt/Saturday-practice-quick-hits-news-and-notes-51602128 http://cbsprt.co/2mE1iV7 Video
  17. Nebraska's weight coaches conceived a competition called "The Nebraska Way," that established built in leadership voted on by the team. The leaders then drafted their teams and are keeping points based on academics, community service, with the champions receiving a prize at the start of fall camp. Riley said it has helped with accountability. "I think the kids like it," he said. http://nebraska.247sports.com/Bolt/Saturday-practice-quick-hits-news-and-notes-51602128
  18. NU weight staff coaches instituted a "Husker Way" game in which 11 captains drafted teams for a competition that'll continue through the summer. http://www.omaha.com/huskers/blogs/practice-report-march-bob-diaco-sets-an-immediate-tone-for/article_142b6c0c-0113-11e7-beae-4774761fa7ab.html
  19. Nebraska coach Mike Riley tells paper he is creating department focused solely on recruiting “With the advent and use of social media in recruiting, we need somebody doing something 24/7,” Riley said. “We’re in the process of putting that together to help us in the acquisition of talent.”
  20. Tommie Frazier commits Notre Dame NO - Rick Mirer stays on another year Colorado NO - Forced him to decide on OV Syracuse NO - Too much of a party school. Nebraska YES - Great chance to play early
  21. As I have said many times, many important details should have their own thread to discuss in detail. I, like many casual members, are not going to weed through a giant be everything megathread to catch the latest news. I do not care at all if there are giant threads at all. To each his own, but if a member would like to break down a specific detail or comment of which someone said, they have every right to do so without fear of being called out. Simply don't reply.
  22. During his intro press conference he mentions this when asked about the specific roll he will play. Of course my mind went to Trent Bray. Where does he go? What role does he play?
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