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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/GBRosenthal/status/797835106069151744
  2. Love the volleyball news. Just an awesome time watching these matches this week.
  3. I think it was handled the way it was because it's very clearly written in the Board of Regents Policy: ...which has been in place for almost a half-century: “Members of the academic community have the right to extensive latitude in making their opinions known… The public exploration and resolution of differing views can be successful only when groups and individuals discuss the issues in forums where the right to disagree, speak freely and be heard is preserved.”
  4. Ha ha! That's what I thought when I moved two of them to the P&R forum yesterday. But people complained about that too. Should they all be moved? Maybe. Maybe not. It makes me, as a mod, feel sorta like an old Bum Phillips quote I heard one time. When asked whether he was running Earl Campbell too much, Bum Phillips said, "I must be runnin' him about the right amount—[/size]half the people tell me I'm runnin' him too much and the other half think I'm not runnin' him enough." This is a political topic and as such it should be in the P&R forum. But hey, it's not my board and I don't make the rules. The number one reason I want this hear is to let the folks who are not regulars here or those simply googling random things on Nebraska because they heard or saw something on the news about this and were curious about getting some info. it's easy to see.
  5. This topic has meaning beyond the football field and is hitting national television. I wanted a separate headline for these emails sent by both Chancellor Green and President Bounds to alumni this morning. I would like the nation to know UNL is a great University and supports those in college that want to exercise their First Amendment right. September 28, 2016 To the University of Nebraska Community: Over the past few days, our university has been at the center of a statewide conversation about free speech and the rights of student-athletes to peacefully protest. Many Nebraskans, including some of you, have expressed their opinions about the decision by three NU football players to kneel during the national anthem before Saturday's game. Some have been supportive. Others have disagreed, in some cases passionately so. That all are free to share their view is the privilege of living in the greatest country in the world. I have served in the military. I understand love of country and love of the flag and I know that freedom is not free. I recognize that some are upset by what they saw on Saturday night. But let me be clear. The University of Nebraska will not restrict the First Amendment rights of any student or employee. Our position on this issue is abundantly clear. As stated in Board of Regents policy, which has been in place for almost a half-century: “Members of the academic community have the right to extensive latitude in making their opinions known… The public exploration and resolution of differing views can be successful only when groups and individuals discuss the issues in forums where the right to disagree, speak freely and be heard is preserved.” The same freedoms that protect the speech of those who have joined the conversation in recent days also protect our students' speech – whether they're kneeling during the national anthem, holding the American flag on the field, praying after a game or expressing their opinion during class or on campus. All of that speech falls under the same category. All of it is protected. Our nation is dealing with difficult issues today, as we have for virtually our entire history. Each of us will react differently. College campuses, as much as any space, must be places where robust, even uncomfortable, debate is welcomed and encouraged. I want every student, faculty and staff member to know that I am unwavering in my support of your right to participate in these dialogues in the manner you choose under the First Amendment and University of Nebraska policy. Thank you for all that you do for the University of Nebraska. I am honored and humbled to serve with you. Sincerely, Hank Bounds President, University of Nebraska http://nebraska.edu/president @hankbounds Students, faculty and staff- As you know, the University of Nebraska has been in the spotlight over the last few days in regard to freedom of speech. This has been in response to a peaceful demonstration by three of our student athletes during the national anthem at the football game last Saturday. NU President Bounds sent you an email earlier today expressing his unwavering support, and the University of Nebraska system’s principled support, of freedom of speech. We are proud and indeed fortunate to be engaged in the noble calling of higher education in the United States, and part of an organization that considers this freedom to be an indelible right. I would add that the demonstration by our student-athletes represents the fact that we are an inclusive university; one that welcomes diverse views. The diversity in our thoughts and opinions is what leads to productive discourse. What isn’t productive, however, are threats or threatening behavior. I am saddened that the peaceful -- and by their intent respectful and prayer-centered -- actions of our students resulted in threats from a few individuals in public forums. I would encourage all to reflect on our beliefs on diversity and inclusion: “True excellence requires that each individual be able to work and learn in an atmosphere of respect, dignity, and acceptance. Our commitment requires each of us to continuously ensure our interactions be respectful, protect free speech and inspire academic freedom.” While I fully recognize and appreciate that there are many who have strongly held views that this demonstration could have been achieved in a manner that did not conflate with the observance and allegiance to our national anthem, the fact remains that their personal choice to speak in this way is a protected right that we all are afforded by the Constitution. As pointed out so well by President Bounds, this same right allows our student athletes to kneel in prayer at midfield before or after competition – a tradition that is highly valued by many people as well. Our student-athletes have provided us an opportunity to examine our own behaviors, engage in productive dialogue and consider alternate views about important issues of our time. This is essential at a place of higher learning. There is indeed no place like Nebraska and I so appreciate your work and commitment to our mission. Go Big Red. Ronnie D. Green, Chancellor
  6. Diedrick Young? Hits hard, running to the ball, and showing effort What player seems to be getting it done under the radar??????
  7. Let Me Clear My Throat vs Oregon HOL HD: Nebaska Tunnel Walk vs Oregon Husker sideline after the fourth down stop to beat Oregon Huskers celebrate win over Oregon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ejdc_oYrHM#t=57.592241763
  8. He's got a nice swagger about him and is trying his best to back it up. Each game he has a few hits to remember.
  9. Evanston, Illinois seems to attract Husker fans like no other Big Ten destination. With the Huskers winning and the the Wildcats in a funk, could we see 50% red in the stands this weekend?
  10. From OWH: Oregon has been known for its offensive prowess. Its something that NU defensive coordinator Mark Banker witnessed up close for years when he and Husker head coach Mike Riley were at Oregon State. You got to know that theyre going to get their yards, Banker said. But you just want them to come slowly. Make them drive the ball, because they feast on big plays.
  11. Do you think the interceptions will continue? We're these INT's a product of good players executing the game plan and following through on coaching or just an opposing QB having a crappy day who continued to force passes? I think it's a little of both, but more the Husker secondary than poor QB PLAY. It just seemed and looked liked most of the INT's have several Husker players near the ball, they were positioned correctly.
  12. I think this guy is a really good coach. Do you think because of all the years he faced Oregon, the Huskers have a good chance at winning? All those years he had inferior talent or lack of depth at many areas, his game plan can now be executed better with Nebraska?
  13. I'm thinking it's because we/they have seen this before. Just like he can have one really great play, the next can be a head scratcher. He has games that are great and then not so good. Maybe they want to see more consistentcy
  14. Thought I read somewhere that 50% of all recruits that visit on an OV commit to NU. The tough part has been convincing them to give NU An OV shot. If this is the case, I think we're looking good
  15. http://www.granboard.com Anyone have this? Anyone playing world online?
  16. I'm curious who he was out with this late. Was he taking out the coaches from Lewis's school?
  17. IT'S FINALLY HERE... PRESEASON KICK-OFF PARTY Can you feel it? We can't wait for the 2016 season to start - so we're kicking off early! Join us for our first ever pre-season party. We'll have tailgate games, food and drink specials, and better yet, we'll have open bar for anyone in Husker gear from 4-5pm. Come kick off the season right with the NYC Huskers! WHERE: Hudson Station (35th & 9th) WHEN: Saturday, August 27th, 4-7pm B1G BOAT BASIN TAKEOVER We call ourselves the greatest fans in college athletics. But it's time to prove it to New York. Let's make sure there's more Husker red than any other color at the 2016 Big Ten Boat Basin Takeover! Meet your fellow B1G alumni while enjoying beautiful views of the Hudson, all with a cold drink in hand. You can RSVP below! WHERE: Boat Basin Cafe (79th & Riverside) WHEN: Thursday, August 11th, 6-9pm RSVP: http://bit.ly/NEBBoatBasin FOOTBALL COMMITTEE We need your help to bring our slice of Nebraska to the city every Saturday this fall. Cheer for your team and get to know your fellow Nebraska fans with the NYC Huskers Football Committee! We'll be meeting Monday, August 8th at 6:30pm at Hudson Station. If you're interested in joining, shoot us an e-mail - even if you can't make it Monday. We can't wait to meet you! WHERE: Hudson Station (35th & 9th) WHEN: Monday, August 8th, 6:30pm RSVP: info@nychuskers.com 2016 NYC HUSKERS GEAR A new season means new t-shirts. And this year you can get them early! Be the first to snag one of our brand new Herbie of Liberty shirts for $20 or, available by popular demand, our three-quarter sleeve logo shirt for $25. While you're at it, grab a pair of brand new NYC Huskers sunglasses for just $5! Plus, we still have limited quantities of our hot-selling hats, scarves, and 2015 t-shirts, so get them while you can! Merchandise goes on sale on August 27th at the Preseason Kick-Off Party. PARTY @ PRIMETIME In the concrete jungle, it's easy to miss good ol' Nebraska tailgating. So we're bringing it to you this year! 3 hours before every night game, we'll bust out cornhole, giant jenga, and more. Plus, we'll have food & drink specials and some classic Husker clashes on screen. So come out to Hudson Station early and help us Party @ Primetime! RESERVATION POLICY CHANGE In an effort to afford fairness to all of our fellow Husker fans, both local and traveling in, Hudson Station will no longer be accepting reservations for football games and will be seating guests on a first come, first served basis. We hope you'll understand and apologize for any inconvenience that this causes. 2016 LIMITED EDITION KOOZIES Just when you thought NYC Huskers gear couldn't get any better, we'll be unveiling a brand new koozie design for each and every game. Each koozie is just $2 (or free with $20 in raffle tickets) and there will be a prize come end of season for those that collect them all! Much better than Pokemon, huh? Copyright © 2016 Nebraska Society of New York, All rights reserved. Thanks for supporting NYC Huskers Our mailing address is: Nebraska Society of New York PO Box 1154 New York, NY 10150 Add us to your address book unsubscribe from this list update subscription preferences
  18. Could add Foltz's name to Brook Berringer Citizenship Award.
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