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  1. huskergeorge990

    SIGNED OG D.J. Foster

    We need to get this kid
  2. huskergeorge990

    Predict the Two-Deeps

    Race war? Race war. . . .
  3. huskergeorge990

    Ask Vincent Valentine a Question!

    Vincent Valentine Jr ‏@TheRealVRVJ Ask me a question http://ask.fm/vrvj98 Side note, he said when asked 3-4 or 4-3, 3-4!
  4. huskergeorge990

    DT Toby Johnson *

    He is starting his pro wrestling career early.
  5. huskergeorge990

    SIGNED S Tre'Vell Dixon

    He de-committed after signing day. I knew that was it! Seriously, it just mostly caught me by surprise, I wasn't sure if it is because he may be a safety or a wide receiver and no decision has been made yet, or if there was something holding him back.
  6. huskergeorge990

    SIGNED S Tre'Vell Dixon

    Any reason why Dixon doesn't seem to be on the roster? The roster seems to be updated with all the other incoming players.
  7. huskergeorge990

    SIGNED LB Marcus Newby

  8. huskergeorge990

    SIGNED S Tre'Vell Dixon

    I hope we keep Mr. Dixon I hope this doesn't distract from other possible #BOOMs.
  9. huskergeorge990

    WALK-ON LB Jack Fordon

    How many roster spots are available for Walkons? Is there a NCAA regulation, or is the limit simply however many the coaches want? Edit: So, it's like being told you can totally come and be on the practice squad for a FBS school, with a chance to earn a scholarship?
  10. huskergeorge990

    SIGNED DT Dimarya Mixon

    We,got the "Boom" tweet from coach TJ. Fox sports tweeted that Mixon's dream school was Nebraska. All signs point to Mixo
  11. huskergeorge990

    SIGNED DT Dimarya Mixon

    Pretty mice last minute pick up! ow lets land The Rock and Veii! And Clark
  12. huskergeorge990

    ATH Jacquille Veii [Maryland - Signed NLI]

    Don't forget all the turnovers on special teams. In the Northwestern game there were, I think, 2 on punts after 3 and outs. Just heart breaking to get a stop then have to get back out there with the other team already in scoring range.
  13. huskergeorge990

    WR Devin Scott [LA Lafayette Commit]

    Generally rule is if anyone that tries to snipe one of Nebraska's recruits late, they are a creep/scumbag/d-bag that lies, cheats and straight up pays recruits to come to their school. If Bo and company do it, they just are following through the recruiting cycle, making sure that they make all the offers they can to all the players that they can make a difference to the team.
  14. huskergeorge990

    DT Toby Johnson *

    He will no longer play football, but instead has joined the Peace Corp to teach English in Brazil.