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  1. so it's fair to say even a championship will not make a believer out some fans. If he leaves I don't think it will be because of money (billy makes lots of money right here)
  2. A little off topic but is sean callihan related to bill?
  3. are they recruiting him for rb or safety?
  4. I am not the kind of person who buys into all the rumors but: when coaches preach all spring practice about being able to play through being hurt rather than being injured i think its kinda weird that cody is not healthy enough to get a snap in two games and being a 100% 4 days later. i know cally likes to keep minor discipline stuff inside the team. which i think is the right way of dealing with it. n e ways it just makes me wonder
  5. Is anyone else worried that our recruits are very average this year and it doesnt look like we have a real good chance at anyone who is in the top 5 of their position? maybe i am jumping the gun
  6. i have gained a lot of respect for sc i think they are a classy group who out played us. for everyone who is bad mouthing the coaching i know it is easy to do tonight but i think calli can coach better than you and i u should try to support his game plan and look forward to next week
  7. the thing that gives me a little confidence is SC is a wierd team in that they often fall behind to far less talented teams than the huskers, i think if that happpens our D can hold them off for the win
  8. does anyone know what the other qbs think about bringing him in
  9. I read somewhere that his mom said learning the system was not the problem he knew the playbook
  10. He is not currently ranked 6 2 200lbs from portland OR he considers his footwork and mechanics his strong point and says his arm strength is good enough
  11. Rivals has an article on a qb named shawn evens he is kind of under the radar right now but he transfered to another school to get more reps. He calls nu his dream team and would love to play here
  12. Maybe nobody cares, but my uncle won a trip to the espys sponsored by gmc he is a big husker fan and he is writing a blog on espn.com ( He knows espn is not very fair to the huskers but i dont think he is going talk about on their blog)
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