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  1. With the TAMU opposition to this UT to SEC talk would it be possible or likely that the B1O would aim at TAMU, MIZZ, and maybe a contingency of the big 12 teams? Would they make a place for OK State and offer a better deal to TAMU and MIZZ if it meant being able to snag Oklahoma?
  2. Did any of you hear the rumors a few back regarding a B1O southern expansion involving Georgia tech and Miami? I think Virginia, North Carolina, Pitt and Duke were also mentioned. Mainly as a way to entice Notre Dame into the conference but also for the newer B1O additions as well as for Penn State. I don't think invitations for all of these schools were in play just as "possibilities".
  3. Unfortunately, no. I haven't had free time for the past few months. Which, to me is, quite a bummer deal.
  4. Jaimes OL MVP, Wandale O MVP, Jo Jo LB OTY, and Mills O Back OTY would have probably been my picks, but these banquet awards are kind of just an in-house thing so it is what it is. Really just surprised Wandale isn't listed anywhere on this thing.
  5. The article is just decent. It's an opinion piece from a student or somebody trying to get into sports writing I'd imagine. The defense, itself, is what Pat Narduzzi ran at Mich State and what he runs now at Pitt. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3tT6wS1eC4&list=PLN6nh81grVQT3MUJY2aHMYy4Dzt57VNKF&index=3 A good playlist here. The video above is a short breakdown of a passing scenario. There are also run defense and alignments videos and core concept videos.
  6. https://fishduck.com/2016/02/i-fell-in-love-with-a-defensive-system/ this sums it up decently well and its just 1 of the first few articles I just now googled. It's a little aged so the defense has changed a little bit. Brent Venables runs a lot of cover 1 out of it with 4/3 over, but I think its based on the same alignments. As a side note. If you search up quarters high match-up zone you will get a whole lot of pat narduzzi, but there are quite a few really good breakdowns too. Some good videos on youtube breaking down fronts, personnel groupings, stunts, etc.
  7. In today's game I think running a quarters high match up zone is the way to go. The 4/3 gives you the luxury of going wide 9 and easily switching in nickel and dime personnel without having to mix up the responsibilities of the down lineman. I do like the quarters high look out of a 3/4 nickel pack squeezing the ends down and replacing the nose guard. So much you can do out of the 3/4, if only you had a guy that could rush passer.
  8. HOLY COW! a commit from Ranger TX. I live only 20 mins from there. I may have to go and show some support.
  9. Bud Foster is supposedly retiring. Id pay him whatever it took to unretire. keep fish and let him hire whoever who thought he needed on his staff added after: just for fun https://www.thekeyplay.com/virginia-tech-football/2015/09/10081/depth-analysis-hokies-bear-defense also note in the link above what game (the opponent) it is
  10. If this is true, it's a bit disappointing. This young man, impo, had the most talent of all the guys at his position next to ferg. Made a lot of plays during practice, but there were rumblings of some other issues plaguing him. I'm sure if he ever gets things straightened out he could be a real contributor for someone out there. I wish him well.
  11. I don't know anything about Tuioti, but I remember in the not-so-distant past hearing about Tim DeRuyter when he was on TAMU's staff. From what I remember he was a darn good defensive mind with quite a bit of experience. DeRuyter has been Tui's d-coordinator
  12. Thoughts? Also my first ever thread. Don't slay me too bad
  13. A disclaimer: I live in Texas and would love for the B1G to expand in this general direction I see the Texas and OU conversation pop up relatively frequently anytime the off season realignment speculation kicks in. I wonder, though, why hasn't the expansion talk ever directed itself towards Texas A&M? I've been to college station plenty of times (Purify in the endzone. I was 20 yards away from that catch) and I think from a conference standpoint they are a much better fit in the B1G. They have a robust following, great traveling fans, top notch academics, and are generally le
  14. It seems like he his blaming the former dc for lack of development and teaching improper defensive techniques and then doubling down on the players for regressing back to said poor coaching...I guess this is why they are strained. Maybe I'm in the ballpark...
  15. Bold prediction...Nebraska beats Oregon by >13.5 points
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