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  1. The goal should be to get the 3 from Calabasas and go from there....
  2. WTF Apparently you've been living under a rock Apparently I have
  3. Probably a first offense, kid made an honest mistake and Harbaugh is looking for reasons to make room. 2nd offense. Was warned and ignored it. He was the prize of their 2015 class
  4. That's usually the first sign. If no colleges have paid for him to visit he's not going to make it.
  5. Allen knows he's getting played. He doesn't have a committable offer. Harbaugh told him he's their guy if they cant get better. Chase can't commit. He doesn't have an offer
  6. Love your game Chase. You know we want you correct? That is if Asiasi doesn't. We like him better. Great game !!
  7. Almost as bad as Meyer did to Jurkovic last year. Flipped from N to OSU and then the day of signing. Sorry dude your # 28 out of our 27 class Still think Allen is M bound as Asiasi stays west
  8. Ridiculous. How many guys are they going to take? Harbaugh is insatiable. .......All of these guys we are hoping for late are now targets for other big name schools who have whiffed on some recent prospects. Very frustrating. He is a winner He's now in trade in trade up mode. 3* WR Nate Johnson committed before Christmas. He's been told to start looking around (Visits to ND , VTech and Vandy I think) This happens when a bigger target is available and interested. Not saying Simmons is a lock for them but all the cards are looking that way. 2* DT Rashard Weaver a commit since July now looking around as well (Visits to Duke and Temple I think) Another best friend of #1 prospect Rashan Gary current commit to PSU (3* DT Michael Dwumfour) is visiting. Not saying Dwumfour is a lock for them but the cards again are falling that way. Trade in - Trade up Dirty recruiting or Smart recruiting? Sorry for getting off topic a little even though it started with Simmons
  9. Damn. Thought after he visited Michigan and didn't flip he was solid. Still might be but I'm concerned here.
  10. Maybe a distance thing. Pitt is slightly closer to Chicago than Lincoln Next !!
  11. Harbaugh wants his guys. He's going to sign 25 + 3 Former 5* RB's are all but gone (Greene and Isaac) 5* QB Morris gone. He's cleaning house Per B1G rules he can only sign 16+3 unless he runs a lot more players out. That's what he's going to do. Can only have 85 on ship one way or another.
  12. Harbaugh wants his guys. He's going to sign 25 + 3 Former 5* RB's are all but gone (Greene and Isaac) 5* QB Morris gone. He's cleaning house
  13. Michigan just offered once they realized Nauta was not committing to them. Not sure about FSU. If Fant is not coming then we better get this guy. Assuming we want another TE
  14. Sounds to be homesick. I'd bet he goes back to a school in FL
  15. Simmons is one of many that is needed to finish strong. Farniok, Jackson, Butler, Fitzpatrick & Watts added to the class we already have.
  16. He is. If they miss out on either Jones and or Jackson I'd bet they go after him hard. Would hate to see it happen. But they are building a NJ pipeline and its only time until Gary commits too
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