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  1. I'm watching it on BTN2Go. The stream delay is killing me!
  2. I wasn't going to read 25 pages of this thread so some or all of this might have been said but here is my take: -Starting Jurgeons was dumb. He was not ready. I saw a stat that around 60% of his snaps were bad snaps. While watching the game live it seemed like 100% were bad. That completely derailed our offensive rhythm. Our offense is all about timing and the timing was off for all of those 60% of snaps. That doesn't equate to good things for the offense. -our Oline is a big concern. -Martinez wasn't going through his reads. On the interception he tried to force to washington with 3 defensive guys on him, mike williams was WIDE open on the sideline about 5 yards or so downfield. He just seemed off and it was like he decided where he was going to go before the play on every single play. Probably just nerves from all the hype from husker nation about the season. He will flip that script. -Anyone who thinks the sky is falling or that martinez should get pulled because of game 1 of the year needs to lay off the hard stuff. We are 1-0 and if we take care of business at CU, NOBODY will be thinking about this game. -It seemed like SF only used like 5% of his playbook. It seemed like we didn't show/run anything. Normally I would think that it should have been no problem doing that and still get a W but it did not go as planned. Not sure if that was just to not put anything on tape from this year before CU or what but im sure that is going to change next week. -Our defense looked like a much more attacking defense than I have seen in a long time. I know our defense is going to give up yards/points, but seeing guys making some plays and attacking was good to see. They will get better and that bodes well. Our defense saved us on Saturday for sure. -Wandale and Cam Taylor were the bright spots of the game for me. I know wandale didn't get a ton of work but excited from what I saw. Looking forward to both of those dudes making some incredible plays this year. -Also, Garrett Nelson. Dude is an animal. Mad man in a good way. i can't wait to see him play in a year or two. -I am done. Here is to making progress next week. GBR!!!
  3. Anybody know when Braxton is supposed to be signing?
  4. LOL def a pornstar. NSFW but go search Brazzers and you will find this guy
  5. 15. Osborne coached 47 first-team All-Americans from 16 different states. The state of Nebraska produced 15. Texas was second with 9. That's freaking cool. Who says there isn't talent in Nebraska??!! I'm excited to start seeing some of these All-American Nebraska boys come back into the picture now that Frost is making it a priority to keep Nebraska kids in Nebraska.
  6. Really like this Will Honas kids tape. Kid can tackle and looks like a ball hawk. I hope we can get him.
  7. As much as it pains me to lose to Illinois, I dont think that was one of the worst loses in nebraska history by any stretch. Yeah maybe Illinois isnt that good, but we beat ourselves, coaches and players alike. I think thats fixable for being game 5 of a new era in Nebraska football.
  8. With this kid being as highly ranked of a recruit as he was and if this kid is as good as he is being made out to be, he is not likely to stay past the 3 years anyways. So instead of sitting him this year, might as well get him on the field for half this year and the next 2 years before he bounces to the pros. Doesnt seem like the redshirt does any good for us with a kid like this.
  9. the status below his name says "im the drunk guy at the party no one wants to be around." thats hilarious
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