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  1. Search cfb streams reddit, or nfl streams on Sunday, every game is available for free
  2. Quite troubling to see a person that age commit a single act that could very well shape the rest of their life. Ultimately he needs to make better decisions for himself, however a wise man says "Show me your friends, I'll show you your future"
  3. We aren't the only team out there who plays freshmen and sophomores, fun to think that but no. It doesn't matter who we play right now, nothing can overcome our shorthanded sideline professionals
  4. Folks were right when they said adding Rugers and Maryland would help recruiting in that part of the country, help for Rutgers and Maryland that is
  5. Love the big guys we're getting that are also great wrestlers
  6. I have a feeling Marrow and Barney disagreed on some points which led to Bo giving VM a great reference for the UK position, and Barney's upgrade from OL coach to sort of a TE coach and whatever else his vauge job description including HCBFF
  7. Classy folk there: Representing the Folsom Prison TM proudly. There's better teams to drag down our SOS, no thanks
  8. No way our coaches would be down with Stringfellow keeping Warshington on the hook this whole time only to flip at the very last second. My impression is Veii, dude has some serious game changing speed and we're looking at CB for him
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