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  1. Maybe Nebraska should hire someone off of the Nick Saban staff. It seems to work out for many programs who do, Michigan St is a recent relevant example.
  2. Called this commit to Wisconsin back in January. It was the most obvious recruitment result of all time.
  3. Official: Dawson as OLB coach.

    1. ZRod


      We need 14 banners at the top of the page before it's official, k thx.

    2. Thanks_Tom RR
  4. This thread is for conversation on the recruitment of Bollers. If you are looking for recent posts unrelated to this topic, you will find them here.
  5. If Tommie won the Heisman, I wonder if he would be ranked higher. Accolades beget accolades.
  6. 26 has been the number all along. They signed 24.
  7. There are two open spots for this class still, and that is with Betts and Washington. Those leaves you have might not be tea
  8. Bad Husker takes should be illegal.

    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      But that would shut this place down instantly :dunno

  9. Husker fans have never shied away from the concept of spending money for the program, if it lead to more success. I would guess any efforts that would lead to a competitive advantage for Nebraska will be embraced by the vast majority of Husker Nation.
  10. I noticed during the game. Seems like a trivia topic, but time to get our jimmies in a rustle.
  11. That was disappointing to watch. 2AM looked at a wide open #19 then threw into heavy coverage over the middle leading to a pick.
  12. “The mullet is flowing down the field.”

  13. Luke Griffin? Never heard of him. But, really, cool to see Gifford making plays.
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