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  1. Called this commit to Wisconsin back in January. It was the most obvious recruitment result of all time.
  2. Official: Dawson as OLB coach.

    1. ZRod


      We need 14 banners at the top of the page before it's official, k thx.

    2. Thanks_Tom RR
  3. This thread is for conversation on the recruitment of Bollers. If you are looking for recent posts unrelated to this topic, you will find them here.
  4. If you want to continue this now tangential conversation, I suggest sending me a DM or taking it to the Woodshed. This is a thread for discussing the recruitment of Bollers, not worrying about a perceived slight that you have experienced.
  5. No. Nothing personal. I don't remember you from your previous time on the board. Not a fan of "inside" information, but like I said, you do you. I don't use the ignore button. I am a mod, so hard to moderate content you can't see.
  6. Then you can't help me. I struggle to trust the professional analysts know what a recruit is not willing to make public himself. No way I trust "insiders", but please keep sharing with the board. I am sure others enjoy it. I am fine with just ignoring it.
  7. We are all operating with third and fourth hand information. Wiltfong and other analysts, I assume, have first or second hand information. In the end, I don’t really care unless Bollers signs with Nebraska. I am just surprised to hear such a bold declaration when every outlet I read or listen to, which include most of the major Husker-based outlets, says Nebraska is behind of Wisconsin, not from lack of trying just of Bollers’ current interest. Would love to see one report to the contrary. Actually, I would prefer many confirming reports because in recruiting going off of one report can be very misleading.
  8. If Tommie won the Heisman, I wonder if he would be ranked higher. Accolades beget accolades.
  9. You mean the Rivals that has 3 of their analysts all with predictions for Wisconsin? Sounds good, bud. Would be interested to hear if someone else heard something different. Everything I have seen has Wisconsin in the lead currently. Nebraska obviously is not out of it, especially since he has visited multiple times. Time will tell.
  10. Who is keeping the Big Red Fish Tank so well maintained? You got your traditional scarlet and cream. Oh...and a "Blackshirt" fish too. Looks great you guys.
  11. No recruiting service (Rivals or 247) or Husker recruiting radio/podcast (SB, 247 podcast, Rivals podcast, Recruiting Hour) has Nebraska in the led for Bollers. Not currently or ever in the past. Would love to see your source. This just sounds completely misinformed.
  12. 26 has been the number all along. They signed 24.
  13. There are two open spots for this class still, and that is with Betts and Washington. Those leaves you have might not be tea
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