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  1. Thanks_Tom RR

    How many Huskers will transfer?

    You don’t remember watching him kick the only shanked punt out of bound for the entire spring game on Saturday? Bye Lightbourn
  2. Does Husker Football now hold the current longest spring game sell-out streak in the country, with 2 consecutive years?

  3. Moos said in the Hoiberg presser that with his coaching searches for Frost and Hoiberg that he did not have to go to No. 2 on his list. It could be argued that both were the best realistic hires for Nebraska at the time of job openings. It got me thinking with the four HC football hires post-Osborne leading up to Frost, were any the best realistic coach prospect for that time? If not, who would it have been during each of the three coaching searches? I do qualify with the idea that it is a realistic hire for Nebraska, I mean if you wanted to argue that Saban or Dabo would have been a better hire than Frost, fair play, but those guys weren’t coming to Lincoln.
  4. Thanks_Tom RR

    Angry White Man Class

    Well, then, I better repost my joke here. What is this a course on Les Miles' offensive philosophy? I thought he was 'mad' not 'angry'?
  5. Thanks_Tom RR

    Spring Practice Notes

    OMG! He is not even wrapping up in that drill. Tackling form is terrible.
  6. I am always asking my beard to help me out with stuff...
    1. Enhance


      That's amazing. Bottom left looks like a serial killer. Top left is the guy who takes you white water rafting in Colorado.

    2. ZRod


      Bottom middle looks like Al Bundy. Top left looks like Ted Bundy.

  7. Thanks_Tom RR

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Ah! Your phrasing was weird. I thought you were trying to provide alternative definitions to a "foreign agent", which the label you provide would be irrelevant. I should have known based on your other posts. Anyway, I know when a discussion is DOA, so carry on.
  8. Thanks_Tom RR

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    You can use whatever term for the lawyer that you want, but what concerns me is what you just said, "they are acting on behalf of their countries government". Agreeing to acquire damaging information about a political opponent from a person who is acting on behalf of a foreign government. Think about that. Now, recognize the same foreign government was concurrently conducting a campaign to manipulate the outcome of our election.
  9. Thanks_Tom RR

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    There is a lot to unpack in this post, but most I do not care to quarrel over. To be honest, what can the American public actually believe from politicians (including Trump) and partisan media (e.g., Fox and MSNBC)? One thing that seems consist and something you are acknowledging as well is that the Trump campaign team took a meeting with a foreign asset in hopes to gain damaging information from a political adversary. That is unethical, illegal, and treasonous.
  10. Thanks_Tom RR

    Hank Bounds Stepping Down

    Yeah, that is a trait in the Husker media I find deplorable. The one phrase that I hear a lot from Husker media on the radio and in podcasts is “it does not surprise me”. You are not viewed as smart or insightful or even good at your job when you pretend to have forecasted something to never addresses previously. Just makes them sound unprepared and stupid.
  11. Thanks_Tom RR

    Hank Bounds Stepping Down

    It is an inside joke on the show. A caller during one of the Big Red Overreaction segments called Gary, “Gary Franklin Sharp” because his middle name starts with a “F”. Damon and others (like guest hosts and weekly interviewees) call Gary that as a lighthearted term of endearment.
  12. Those Husker jerseys look like UNO throwbacks.


    1. knapplc


      They do! That's what I thought they were the first time I saw them.

    2. ColoradoHusk


      The logo is a callback to the old University of Nebraska system logo which was used at UNL and UNO.

    3. Judoka


      Was that the weird worm looking thing?

  13. Thanks_Tom RR

    S Myles Farmer [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Maybe a Russian nesting doll situation, with boxes having his likeness printed on them. Weird. Definitely weird.