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  1. Thanks_Tom RR

    1,000 Yard Rusher Watch

    Another fun stat is that Devine has 600 yds rushing in 7 games this season. Last season, he had 493 yds in 10 games. Heck, as a team, Nebraska had 1290 yds rushing last year. This year, they are already at 1539 yds.
  2. Thanks_Tom RR

    1,000 Yard Rusher Watch

    You have to go back to the 2014 Season with Ameer Abdullah (1611 yds) before you find Nebraska's last 1,000 yd single-season rusher and to 2012 and a different Martinez before you got a season when Nebraska had two 1,000 yd rushers, Ameer (1137 yds) and Taylor Martinez (1019 yds). As of right now, Devine is at 600 yds and Adrian is at 415. Over the next 5 games, Devine needs to average 80 yds per game and Adrian 117 yds. Now, Nebraska has an uphill climb if they are going to be rushing against Michigan St and Iowa (both tied with the second best rushing defenses) Rushing Defenses Michigan St - T-2nd Iowa - T-2nd Ohio St 57th Illinois 117th Bethune-Cookman 75th in FCS
  3. Funny. That was going to be my response to his tweet in the OP.
  4. Does anyone else watch the game by live streaming it on Hulu? I had to go to a work function midway during the 3rd quarter. I get home to find that Hulu did not record the full game.


    Is that just me? Now, I have to wait until it is replayed to see the full game of Frost's first win. Lame.

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    2. Redux


      Hulu Live is trash, can't wait to ditch it for something else.  Wish YouTubeTV were available here.

    3. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      Redux, try using your FB to register if you have one.

    4. ZRod


      Looks like Hulu only recorded 2:14:20 worth of the game. That's the first time that's happened, weird. It recorded all of overtime for the Northwestern game...

  5. Thanks_Tom RR

    *** Official Minnesota Game Thread ***

    Devine has 105 yards on 3 carries. Wow!
  6. Thanks_Tom RR

    *** Official Minnesota Game Thread ***

    That was a great coverage sack by Cam Taylor. You could see the QB was starting down #6, but Taylor played press and did not let the WR slant in.
  7. Thanks_Tom RR

    S Noa Pola-Gates

    Seems like Arizona is an emphasis for this staff.
  8. Yes. Anyone that says otherwise...well...I guess is entitled to their opinion.
  9. Thanks_Tom RR


    The OP is hilarious. How is "option D" equal to "Door #3"? Wouldn't that be "Door #4" as you had three options that preceded it? In reality, these questions need no answers as @Cdog923 provided the best and really only reaction possible...
  10. Thanks_Tom RR

    Another Reason to Hate Iowa

    Exactly. When they are in the middle of their average, mediocre seasons, Iowa does not enter my mind until game week. Now that they are 5-1 and ranked and Nebraska is winless, why do you as an Iowan fan care to even make fun? It's like the little brother that finally won a game and will never let you forget.
  11. Thanks_Tom RR

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    Keep your posts focused on the topic, not the poster.
  12. Thanks_Tom RR

    Yards per Point

    Imo, there are five issues that have lead to lots of yards with less points than expected: 1. Offensive penalties: This is a no brainer that penalties kill drives. 2. Weak 3rd and short conversion: I don't know the exact number of 3rd & 1 or 3rd & 2 that Nebraska has failed to convert, but it's a lot. 3-5. Net punting resulting from ST penalities, poor punting average, and poor punt coverage. These combined lead to long fields for Nebraska (I think the average is starting somewhere around the 20-25 yard line) which means always having to run the length of the field to score. Constant long drives is not realistic. Watching Nebraska's offense makes me want to call it a 'boom-or-bust' offense. Partially because you see them get a big run or pass, and if it's not a house call, the drive sputters. This results in yardage without points. However, I think a lot of the other factors I listed have such a big impact, I hesitate to call it a true 'boom-or-bust' offense.
  13. Thanks_Tom RR

    CB Shilo Sanders

    Careful, Nebraska's #3 WR fits that billing.
  14. Thanks_Tom RR

    B1G QB Grades from Pro Football Focus

    All I know is Eckrich Smoked Sausage is a crowd pleaser.
  15. What is going on here? 21 is really struggling to play defense.