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  1. Hoiberg is going after Myles Stute of Vanderbilt.
  2. This is on the coaches, leaving a pitcher in there for 90 pitches of relief!
  3. He does not look very big. Looks like more of a slot receiver.
  4. We need to find a Sunday starter for the big 10 season.
  5. Huskers win first game 2 to 1 & leading 4 to 0 in the 5th of the 2nd game
  6. No, we are bigger university with more funds.
  7. Kind of surprise. With 3 Sr leaving, I thought he would be in line for more playing time. Maybe this sayes something about Lloyd & Tominaga coming back.
  8. ND St. - we ran the ball, coaches decision. Oklahoma - Casey got hurt. IL & WI - he played hurt. I also think our offensive play calling had something to do with it. Too many long routes.
  9. Once Rutgers did not make the 64, I figured we were out.
  10. Big 10 officiating is blind. This is why the conference has not had a nationsl champion in 20 years.
  11. Definitely an opinion as 2 of our freshman played meaningful minutes & Lloyd was a good propect before he redshirted. Keita was playing really good in the big10, but had an ankle injury. Yes, we need some help out of the portal, but there is a nice core who have played together. I not sure I could have said that in the past years.
  12. Keeping working, we will get to 100 pages before he commits!
  13. I question his basketball IQ. He definitely needs to hit the weight room.
  14. This is why he is having trouble throwing strikes. A lot of players in college can hit a flat fastball. The staff is most likely trying to get movement. You do this with finger position & release.
  15. Dawson is a good defender, he just needs to work on his shot. Fred went to him earlier in the season before settling on Lawrence. Breidenbach needs to turn the corner or leave.
  16. He does not pop out on 3pt shooters, just stands there. He is good against lesser teams, but his hero ball does not work on major D1 competition.
  17. Not quite. Illinois at home was horrible, as we lost 76 to 50.
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