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  1. Neither was I, but you made a joke out of it.
  2. No one wins in these situations and making this comical does not say much for your ethics.
  3. No matter the star value, there needs to be some development. Frost staff did very little. Ruhle likes fast athletes. Osborne during his day did the same.
  4. What did that have to do with my response?
  5. Don't know. Just a bad situation that he handled very poorly.
  6. Sorry, not fueling the fire! I don't know the full story, but I have a source that has given me some information that he got from a few of the players.
  7. There is more to the story. What Mickey did is really bad, but I laugh at all the rumors that are being posted with little or no proof!
  8. I like stats, but early in the year some do not mean much for a young team. These guys are still learning to play with each other. Just my opinion, but I think we will continue to get better offensively & defensively. And yes, I think Creighton was over rated!
  9. I watched his tapes. I'm impressed. Strong arm, accurate & good pocket awareness.
  10. Does this kid play an other position besides qb?
  11. I agree. What will be tough is his philosophy of getting athletes & turning them into football players.
  12. Team basketball & confidence! Hopefully this is a winning combination.
  13. They shot the ball bad against TX & AZ. Both top 10 teams and lost by 10 to 15. Creighton is a good team, just not top 10. Good win for the Huskers.
  14. No sure I agree with that quote. The universities are big business, but the players were amateurs until they got paid with NIL
  15. There just needs to be some limitations. NCAA is not longer amateur athletics.
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