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  1. No grew up in Central Nebraska and move lincoln area after college.
  2. Now I know why you are so sensitive on this issue. Sorry no disrespect, but you are as stubborn on this issue as I am.
  3. Hixson could be gone after spring, as he will be the backup center as a super senior.
  4. Frost had too much on his plate as there were too many issues. Plus the line was atrocious. Hard to call plays when the tackles could not block. Thanks!
  5. It's a negative for Husker recruiting. Not as the people themselves. In short, I think it's tougher to make them happy and not always the coaches fault.
  6. If Trey comes back, I would think/hope he would be here for 1 more year.
  7. Not at all. Posters are complaining about recruiting in Omaha. I'm just saying that most people in Omaha are not like the rest of the state. They do not live & die red. I deal with customers across the US and from my experience 75% of my Omaha customers are not as down to earth as the rest of the state. In fact, my favorite customers are the good Ole boys in Oklahoma, Texas & Arizona. Minneapolis & the Northeast are my least favorite. I know I will upset someone but never stopped me before. They are just odd ducks.
  8. Omaha & Husker posts have been coming up on this forum for 10+ years. Nothing changes, it's the same ole crap. Why do we lose players from Omaha. It's totally the coaches fault. Sorry I don't believe that. Omaha is in there own world. Period.
  9. You are commenting on a portion of the post. Nothing abnormal.
  10. Do you have any common sense or just spew bs?
  11. Again read my post. I said all people. And I have several customers in Omaha and 90% are high maintenance. You are reading between the lines with very little knowledge
  12. No west of Omaha. They don't understand God's country!
  13. It's just not the kids, it's the people in general. And it's not all, but a lot. My nephew grew up in western Nebraska and he coaches in Omaha. He will tell you the same thing.
  14. You can blame this on the coaches, but Omaha does not have the same pride for the home state college as other towns. The coaches made a big deal about Frost not coming there enough and now they're trilled about a position coach stopping. Hum!
  15. 1. What I see is hero ball, especially at the end of games. This is not one player - starters or bench. 2. There appears to be no upperclassmen leadership or pride in the school. 3. Verge, Trey & walker need to learn how to pass and quit worry about the no calls. 4. Mayen could not start on any other team in the conference. Too slow physically & mentally. 5. We are short a true big man & point guard. This is my 2 cents.
  16. I'm not sure there was radio when was in college. . i like the fact he is getting more hs kids. I can see us going after a pg in portal this year. Instead of building a team with the portal, just grab as needed.
  17. I think several players this year have left due to coaches leaving. It has been a weird year.
  18. Austin got fired due to the lack of fire & toughness in his room. That's desire & I don't give a damb.
  19. Looking for a solution for losing is more than one person. We are not in the room or at practices. Kids today are entitled, I would never have second guess the coach in college or high school. Secondly, it's a b!^@h trying to rebuild a program with our schedule. It's like David & Goliath. I see changes and that gives me hope down the road.
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