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  1. 1 hour ago, BIG ERN said:

    I think WR is the most unknown as we have so many kids who aren't proven but could breakout (and need to). JD and Wandale will be fine...


    Noa - He isn't talked about enough. He will make some key catches this year for us 

    Woodyard - I think we see more of Woodyard as he has the speed to make some big plays 

    Williams - Showed a few flashes last season 

    Hunt - His name has come up more this off season as having a role 

    Warner - He has good hands, but lacks the athleticism at this point. Good blocker on the outsides 

    McQuitty - Name has faded a lot since he arrived on campus 

    Jones - The position change from HS is taking more time than coaches thought. Kid has play making ability if he can get it right 

    Nance - I think he starts for us in 20' and contributes some this year. He came in real light and off an injury


    Noa is a DB

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