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    Let Us Pray!

    Thank you, Lord, for hearing Husker Nation! What a finish today!!! What cold weather? GBR Yucking yea!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Kicking game could be important today!

    Let Us Pray!

    Dear Lord...

    Riley and Eichorst are off the books.

    Yep, I am not sure either Knapp. Was basing my comments off what was stated previously above (numbers). Not sure what the initial agreement was, vs. any negotiated amounts, should they differ? I believe Moraine was just using hypothetical numbers in her comments, to get the basis of how it works. Sorted this out of the artical above. See full write in intial post. Riley was paid $6,235,393 in a lump sum, covering obligations from Dec. 6, 2017, through the end of his contract term on Feb. 28, 2021.

    Riley and Eichorst are off the books.

    I believe what ColoradoHusk is saying, (correct me if I am wrong here (CH), is to the university, the cost would not have been any different. To BP, had he received the whole amount and vested it, in something that returns at the rates you mentioned, then you are correct. But then, if we are talking about the numbers to BP, you also have to consider taxes, on lump sum vs. payments. Not sure if the tax numbers break out differently when your getting 1m vs 4m per year however. Wish I knew

    Riley and Eichorst are off the books.

    Editied to be politically correct!

    Riley and Eichorst are off the books.

    I know how I feel about it, but such language would have to be said in the shed. But I will present my message to nice guy MR, and incompetent SE, with this jingle! Edit ~ As mentioned below, by TheSker! Add Perlman to the receivership, of these good tidings!

    New Board

    This is a great idea. You wouldn’t need to go back in time, but going forward, I suspect it would solve all sorts of issues. Get rid of anything not related to plus 1, as its just a filler, unless you opted to bring in a negative 1, and show those as well.

    New Board

    Voice your grievances Knapp! 1. The current oval avatar placard, cuts off part of images. 2. Knapp’s, x-mas hats don’t fit. 3. Because! FIFY
  10. TAKODA

    New member

    OK, well, as I drive from one place to another, I listen to the radio and Rush is always on one of the rural channels. I have never cared for his chest thumping “I am better than thou” attitude, thus, his program is not on my favorites list. Maybe others like him, and maybe there is reason, but once I heard how good he was “from his own mouth”, I took an instant dislike. My loss, I guess.
  11. Just get in the Haymarket area, and you won’t have trouble finding what you are looking for. Food, drink, crazy fun people. I am not aware of any visiting fans from other institutions ever leaving here feeling it wasn’t one of the best venues in the BIG. Have fun, be safe, and enjoy.
  12. TAKODA

    New member

    Welcome, unusual name, but if you took your name from Rush Limbaugh’s show, or are the real Snerdly, good luck in the P & R forum. I would bet Moriane caught the Snerdly name, amiright, Moraine? Not that you listen to it, but have heard the name.
  13. This isn’t even in question! Frost would do this to all the other BIG coaches.
  14. TAKODA

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    With each of these types of movement, we simply improve. Sorry to see kids elect to do this, but I get they want to play. Help them find a new home, and put an air freshener in the locker, for the next man up! GBR
  15. TAKODA

    What did we learn: Ohio State

    What I learned: Once upon a time, we were feared, respected, had a very high sense of pride with strong values. I can say we are surly improving day by day, week by week. Yes; we still need to weed out, a few issues here and there, and most of us recognize the process isn’t done yet, but one thing appears to be a solid bet, and that is the progress will continue. Oh, wait, that was my perspective on some of our fans and thier comments to this weeks, and every other performance! The team will be just fine