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    Next year addition and subtraction

    As many have stated, patience is needed. We don’t have a crystal ball, but things are progressing.
  2. Thanks for the read Saunders. Was not aware. +1 for starting something other than the We Suck threads that our fine fan base seam to be making daily and attracted too.

    Stealing Nebraska's identity

    The bolded I agree with as well. +1 Now the question remains, if it is Frost or bust, does that make us Husker fan’s “Frost-ed Flakes”

    Noah Vedral now eligible, traveled to Northwestern

    Not dissing you here, but while you praise him as a beast, it appears you take away, when you identify his results, as only being against a non-class A nebraska school. IMO, I came from a class A school, (200 years ago ) and I have seen class B, C1, C2, athletes, and there is not much disparity when it comes to those who are at the top. It is purely the numbers of those top players, that is the difference. Yes, which means he is playing against less top players, but the Huskers have had many of star athletes, come form B, C1, C2.

    NU Alternate/Throwback Unis for Illinois

    Old, old, old school look. The first thing I thought of when I saw these, was Riley’s team motivational clip. Hip, Hip Hooray!

    Face facts. This is the worst Husker team in history.

    SAD Thread! But, if this is the type of thread that makes some of you feel better about yourself, about your fandom, about anything, then go for it! Everyone is intitled to have their own opinion, on coaches, players, fans, so by all means, feel free to vent, if it gets you through another day, week, month or season. I don’t like where our record says we are, but I see progress, not perfection, but progress!

    Good bye Greg Bell

    1. Has it been 100% confirmed Bell is gone, or is the rumor they are waiting to talk about it after this weekend? 2. Anyone here, who has played sports, on a program where talent is plentiful, knows that while you might come in as a highly regarded prospect, and you are sure to have all eyes on you, its not gaurenteed that you are going to start, or will remain a starter. That, is something you have to earn, practice by practice, game by game. I have no axe to grind with Bell, and hope he stays and fights for playing time, I think he could make a difference some day.


    Yes, poor reffing has crept up, now and then, but like JJ stated, we need to play well enough to be in the game, moreso than hoping for better calls, even though, bad calls took the air out of any potential come back last week.

    Let us pray...

    Lets get it done boys! Go Big Red! Not sure if we have repped everyone who was involved in our prayer on a week to week basis, but if it is not the norm, thought it needed to be done. All above +1 Hope it makes a difference in the results.
  10. TAKODA

    Good bye Greg Bell

    Probably the most accurate account possible, withou being a fly on the wall. +1 or trophy or whatever that represents.
  11. TAKODA

    Good bye Greg Bell

    Woohoo, I found my SHESHED,. My SHESHED is in the WOODSHED. What a hoot!
  12. TAKODA

    Huskers Hold Players-Only Meeting

    That’s what I heard as well, and it started over what flavor of ice cream they should get.
  13. TAKODA

    Good bye Greg Bell

    Your last sentance was well said. +1
  14. TAKODA

    Good bye Greg Bell

    Someone stole my SHESHED? Where did my post go, LOL.
  15. TAKODA

    Good bye Greg Bell

    Just like some of our current players, a few of our posters have not bought in to the process. Not sure why they carry a constant angst against HCSF and crew, but burying the program looks to be their end game! Sad!