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  1. I suspect, he was just repeating what Frost said in their team meeting after the game, that they need to take a little break, heal up and get away from each other for a little bit. Would not over analyze that comment, to mean something more.
  2. Not here much anymore due to travels, but looks like this is going to be Popular with the natives. idk, maybe a Risk v. Reward Situation.
  3. What a surprise to see such a thread from the best fans in CFB. Jeezus, let them get some recruits in the works! No husker fan is happy with what we are seeing, but If you lost your patience, quit spewing your sh*t, jump off your wagon and most importantly, don’t let the door hit you in the a$$!
  4. 84, the bolded, is a true attorneys perspective, but conflicts with the very thing we as fans expect from our players. Expect to win, learn from a loss, be better tomorrow! i don’ have anything to add to the balance of your comment.
  5. I learned that there are varying opinions on the performance that AM had. Actually, I see and hear fans say through all the games, something is off with him. I too see indecision’s and he for some reason doesn’t look as quick in running. Looking at his stats, they do not necessarily reflect what is being stated. One fan was convinced that AM has something happening behind the scenes personally, or he is gambling and working the point spread. I said I would have a hard time believing that, but it was offered up, how do you explain his sudden running speed and decision making starting in the 3rd qt, carrying into the 4th. Same player, two separate levels of play. I said they call that youth, but then the comment after 4 games, the players should be comfortable enough playing at a high level, and the effort should be consistent. AM, did a solid job IMO once he settled in, but had moments of lapse. I saw the BTN interviews and they heaped praise on him. To me, his performance was somewhere in the middle, not as bad as some were saying, but not excellent as some of the press is throwing out there. We won and got the monkey off our teams back in regard to road loss streak. Next week, we find out how we compare to a team who is getting a fair amount of. National respect with ties to the playoffs.
  6. First; nice to see you have returned Walks! But, how dare you come in and share a level headed response, which is what is needed from all fans, in times like this, rather than tearing down the team and staff. Yes, we have had 20 years of chaos, which no one wants, but Capo, you’re wrong if you haven’t read post, of fans saying Frost is on the hot seat, (or similar suggestion) which is just pure ignorance, IMO. Lincoln 84; your statement about how people who are less invested (attendance or $), are more patient than those who vest more in the program, is a fallacy. I have been a donor and season ticket holder for a long while, and those who have sit around me, are also of the same mindset, that we are in this for the long haul. SF, is doing things right, across thee board, and will be given time, to build this. Will it get us to a NCG? Who the hell knows, but we believe he is the right coach, for “all” the right reasons. Our kids took it on the chin last weekend, it hurt us as fans and hopefully hurt all of our players and coaches. I can’t tell you how they will react, but naturally would think it would A) Fuel the fire. or B) Haunt them. It’s on the players and coaches to make their own road map. These kids are not the Huskers of the 90s, or even last year. Their slate started this season, and the results won’t be because they have a “N” on their helmet, it will be based on their efforts and talent. SF will bring in more talent in the coming years, we just need (as walks stated), to allow him some time. I believe he is the right coach, and if our fan base is so fragile, that they push him out the door, I can tell you, we would seal our fate for the duration of CFB, as we know it today.
  7. I wish I could throw out some wisdom, that would rate, but the only people who can fix this, are or should be hurting, a lot more than us fans! If they aren’t hurting, they need to check their ______cards in. As for us fans or our allegiance to the Huskers, we see it all the time. Disappointment causes temporary insanity due to the belief we are, what we are not yet, and a loss throws us into this fit of rage. I get it, my tank feels empty too, but will carry on. Tomorrow will come, and the disappointment will subside, until next time, or until we get it right.
  8. After watching my dvr of the game, my biggest take is (in this game at least), we need MO in our backfield. There is no words to describe how our guys performed as a group. Timing was thrown off for sure on snaps, but lackluster effort can’t be explained by anyone, other then the players themselves. We won ugly, but we won. Let’s get it figured out before this week at CU. Side note: Is there plans to revert back to the way it was before on page numbers? The NEW way, is less than desirable. Sorry!
  9. Did not get a chance to watch but a few minutes here and there (duty called), will watch DVR when I get to destination but what I saw looked extremely vanilla. Not proud of the play but happy with the win. There are some teams that were supposed to win this weekend, that would love to have notched a “W”. Biggest thing I learned was that some of the initial comments (some people made) on how poor Minnesota looked in their win, should be less critical before they know how we will play. Sh*t happens in CFB, let’s hope we were just a little tight and held back before next weeks game. Also saw one comment here in this thread about the high snaps throwing off our timing! Couldn’t agree more, it can definitely remove options that might be there if timing was right. 1-0 with much more to come! GBR!
  10. 1st. Blackshirt; thank you and the crew you have/had selected (mods to admin) for allowing me to park my old a$$ in the forums now and then, throughout the years. I wish you and your family the best going forward. You created a unique board, which I think you can see by the reply’s here, that it was/is, very much appreciated. 2nd. BigRedMax; while my time has become very limited to post, I do lurk and read a lot. A hearty welcome to you, and I appreciate the chance to play in your new sandbox. Here is hoping that the more things change, the more they stay the same, here on the board. See ya around the board, now and then! Go Big Red!
  11. And or, for the choosen one to rally anyone he is looking to possibly bring in.
  12. Well said Knapp and Landlord. +1 to both of you! And +1 to Tim Miles, for embracinng being a Husker and doing things above board! Best to you Coach Miles, I am sure you will land on your feet.
  13. Yes, this. Read this as well.
  14. LOL Nice! +1 Thanks for sharing highly credible, and valued data! Edit~ I can attest, that there are now, multiple positings, pointing out that a 3PM presser is possible! Where there is smoke, there is fire!
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